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Issue931, Sunday, Jul 14, 2024 Lawfare Loses; Assange Freed; Peru Mummy DNA; Atlantic Sloshing
Issue930, Sunday, Jul 7, 2024 Trump vs Biden; Power Outages; Dangerous Waters; Zetas RIGHT Again!
Issue929, Sunday, Jun 30, 2024 Bibi’s Mind; Zetas RIGHT Again!; Dark Twin Looming
Issue928, Sunday, Jun 23, 2024 Zetas RIGHT Again!; Mount Elbrus; China Blowout Pending, New Madrid Creep
Issue927, Sunday, Jun 16, 2024 Drooping Mainland; Zetas RIGHT Again; Spark of Life, Slowing Rotation Scares
Issue926, Sunday, Jun 9, 2024 Hush Money Trial; Zetas RIGHT Again!; Russian Mothership, Star Jelly Pearls
Issue925, Sunday, Jun 2, 2024 Iran Chopper Crash; Klaus Schwab Resigns; Algeria Drownings, Nibiru Visibility
Issue924, Sunday, May 26, 2024 Truth Wins; Solar Storm Panic; Zetas RIGHT Again
Issue923, Sunday, May 19, 2024 Zetas RIGHT Again!; Alien Groups; Family of Man
Issue922, Sunday, May 12, 2024 College Protests; Africa Roll Dramatics; Emergency Heat and Light
Issue921, Sunday, May 5, 2024 Plate Movement Acceleration; Junta Delays; London Horses
Issue920, Sunday, Apr 28, 2024 911 Outages; Houseboat Living; Spiritual Percentages; Bridges Breaking
Issue919, Sunday, Apr 21, 2024 Eclipse Reveals; Godzilla Rises; SE on the Move
Issue918, Sunday, Apr 14, 2024 Water Jolts; N Atlantic Separation; Eclipse Excuses
Issue917, Sunday, Apr 7, 2024 Eclipse Drama; Moscow Terror; Baltimore Slosh
Issue916, Sunday, Mar 30, 2024 Ides of March; Hands of Man; Distractions
Issue915, Sunday, Mar 23, 2024 Social Media Blackout; SOTU Kidnapped; N Atlantic Swirls
Issue914, Sunday, Mar 17, 2024 Bumbling Biden; Green Beams; Texas Wildfires; Family Gardens
Issue913, Sunday, Mar 10, 2024 House of Rothschild; Moon Probes; Power Plant Deactivation; N Atlantic Swirl
Issue912, Sunday, Mar 3, 2024 Nibiru Visible; AT&T Outage; Buoys Blinded; AI Reliability
Issue911, Sunday, Feb 25, 2024 Putin’s Watch; Signs in the Sky; Africa Roll Crunch
Issue910, Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 Scorched Chile; Dark Twin Approaches; Tucker's Interview; New Madrid Result
Issue909, Sunday, Feb 11, 2024 Azores Asteroid; Jordan Drone; EBS Warnings
Issue908, Sunday, Feb 4, 2024 Border Battle; Distraction Dangers; Methane Stink; Tian Shan Shifts
Issue907, Sunday, Jan 28, 2024 New Madrid Finale; Spiritual Paths; Separation Anxiety; Geophysicists Baffled
Issue906, Sunday, Jan 21, 2024 Alien Invasion; Confused Media; Africa Roll Signs
Issue905, Sunday, Jan 14, 2024 New York Crumble; UFO Warnings; New Madrid Jitters
Issue904, Sunday, Jan 7, 2024 Orange Snow; Hydro-Electric Vulnerable; Magnetic Trimesters
Issue903, Sunday, Dec 31, 2023 Leave the World Behind; Southern Border; New York City Crumble; Pixel Analysis
Issue902, Sunday, Dec 24, 2023 Nibiru Announcement; Lake Michigan Triangle; Self Sufficiency Sources
Issue901, Sunday, Dec 17, 2023 MH370 Revisited; Chicago Bend; Montreal Drama
Issue900, Sunday, Dec 10, 2023 Petrol Funnels; Beijing Pneumonia; AI Agenda; Bridge Slips
Issue899, Sunday, Dec 3, 2023 SkyFire Predicted; San Francisco Show; Prepping Advice
Issue898, Sunday, Nov 26, 2023 Iceland Quake Swarm; New Madrid Process; Voyager 1 Reveals; Right Mindset
Issue897, Sunday, Nov 19, 2023 Banking Battles; Data Nexus; Emergency Shelters
Issue896, Sunday, Nov 12, 2023 Motherships in View; Finding ZetaTalk; Beijing Blowout
Issue895, Sunday, Nov 5, 2023 Putin Rumors; Kraken Returns; Caribbean Crunch; Self-Sufficiency
Issue894, Sunday, Oct 29, 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse; Israel for Last; Gog and Magog; Fault Line Unravels
Issue893, Sunday, Oct 22, 2023 Israel False Flag; Clean Water; Plate Movements
Issue892, Sunday, Oct 15, 2023 Crunch Locations; Border Agenda; China Belly Blowout
Issue891, Sunday, Oct 8, 2023 Nibiru Visible; Color Coded; Fed Death; Mississippi Salt Water
Issue890, Saturday, Sep 30, 2023 F-35 Down; Panama Canal Clog; Immigration Policy
Issue889, Sunday, Sep 24, 2023 Dark Twin; Mad Max; Libya Floods
Issue888, Sunday, Sep 17, 2023 Burning Man; Pandemic Plans; Severe Wobble
Issue887, Sunday, Sep 10, 2023 Trump’s Mugshot; String of Pearls; EBS Admissions
Issue886, Sunday, Sep 3, 2023 BRICS Bash; Moon Landings; Prigozhin Escape; Beijing Blowout
Issue885, Sunday, Aug 27, 2023 Boiling Fault Lines; Great Depression Lessons
Issue884, Sunday, Aug 20, 2023 Measuring Plate Movement; Pacific Compression; Alien Invasion
Issue883, Sunday, Aug 13, 2023 UFO Hearings; Hot Hemisphere; New Madrid Delays; Crop Circle Mysteries
Issue882, Sunday, Aug 6, 2023 Africa Roll Disasters; New Madrid Pending; Political Duplicity
Issue881, Sunday, Jul 30, 2023 Doubles Revealed
Issue880, Sunday, Jul 23, 2023 Silent Stretch; Tsunami; Bridge Watch; Surveillance
Issue879, Sunday, Jul 23, 2023 Rupture Runs; Crop Circle Messages; Nibiru’s Touch
Issue878, Sunday, Jul 16, 2023 Wagner Agenda; Blinken Agenda; Herbal Meds
Issue877, Sunday, Jul 9, 2023 New Madrid HOT
Issue876, Sunday, Jul 9, 2023 Titanic Redux; Magnetic Whammies; Two Suns; China Burning
Issue875, Sunday, Jul 2, 2023 Nibiru Closeups; Bank Battles; Eurasia Stretch; Military Mobilization
Issue874, Sunday, Jun 25, 2023 The Movie Script; Trump Indictment; Erdogan's Double; Spontaneous Fires
Issue873, Sunday, Jun 18, 2023 Plate Movement Disasters; Crop Circle Season; Disclosure Pending
Issue872, Sunday, Jun 11, 2023 Senate Role; Moon Swirls; Disaster Creep
Issue871, Sunday, Jun 4, 2023 Loyalty Island Swarms; Memorial Day Mystery; Ukraine Mischief
Issue870, Sunday, May 28, 2023 3 Gorges Dam; Transformative Change
Issue869, Sunday, May 21, 2023 Bank Failures; Options for USD; 7 of 10 Status
Issue868, Sunday, May 14, 2023 Beresheet Redux; Hoover Dam; Eating Bugs; Vitamins in Nature
Issue867, Sunday, May 7, 2023 Starship Grounded; Making Soap; Wood Gas Wheels; Talking Heads Demise; Dark Twin Approaches
Issue866, Sunday, Apr 30, 2023 China Burning; Making Clothing
Issue865, Sunday, Apr 23, 2023 mRNA Livestock Feed; Nibiru Excuses; Saving Seed
Issue864, Sunday, Apr 16, 2023 New Currency; Self Sufficiency
Issue863, Sunday, Apr 9, 2023 China Quake Pending; Political Games; Trannie Tool
Issue862, Sunday, Apr 2, 2023 Mississippi River Bridges; Swirl Swarms; Mainland Drop
Issue861, Sunday, Mar 26, 2023 Russia Wins; Rebuilding with Junk; Pacific Compression
Issue860, Sunday, Mar 19, 2023 New Madrid Clues; Nibiru Cover-up; Chickens and Goats
Issue859, Sunday, Mar 12, 2023 New Madrid 1811-1812; Zetas Right Again!; ChatGPT
Issue858, Sunday, Mar 5, 2023 Prongs Revived; Tsunami Fears; North America Battered
Issue857, Sunday, Feb 26, 2023 China Balloons; Train Derailment; Bridge Watch
Issue856, Sunday, Feb 19, 2023 Turkey Quakes; Dam Cracks; Bridge Watch
Issue855, Sunday, Feb 12, 2023 New Madrid Excuses; Bank Failure
Issue854, Sunday, Feb 5, 2023 Biden Bashing; Nibiru Influence
Issue853, Sunday, Jan 29, 2023 MORE New Madrid Surveilance; Silent Stretch; Bridge Watch
Issue852, Sunday, Jan 29, 2023 Covid Vax Demise; Davos Despair; ISS Dangers; New Madrid Brink
Issue851, Sunday, Jan 22, 2023 New Madrid Clues; Alien Space Junk; McCarthy's 15 Roll Calls
Issue850, Sunday, Jan 15, 2023 The Finale; Rock Bridge Focus; Wobble at Work
Issue849, Sunday, Jan 8, 2023 Doubles Script; Free Speech; Emergency Power and Heat; STO Actions; JOLT Predecessors
Issue848, Sunday, Jan 1, 2023 The JOLT; Lula's Double; Russia's Far East
Issue847, Sunday, Dec 25, 2022 Deagel Report; Siberian Thaw; End Times Battles; Nibiru Visibility
Issue846, Sunday, Dec 18, 2022 Global Rebellion; Artemis Agenda; Daily Finale Drama
Issue845, Sunday, Dec 11, 2022 New Madrid Timeline; Circling Criters; SO2 Tells the Tale; ZetaTalk Takedowns
Issue844, Sunday, Dec 4, 2022 FTX Reveal; RSV Epidemic; Light Towers
Issue843, Sunday, Nov 27, 2022 Mid-Terms; Dark Twin Looms; Bolides
Issue842, Sunday, Nov 20, 2022 Collateral Damage; Election Season; BRICS Rising
Issue841, Sunday, Nov 13, 2022 Martial Law Creep; European Politics; New Madrid Signs
Issue840, Sunday, Nov 6, 2022 Asia UFO Warnings; Africa Roll Brink; Big Picture; Covid Workforce
Issue839, Sunday, Oct 30, 2022 Nibiru Admissions; Feed the Family
Issue838, Sunday, Oct 23, 2022 Ukraine Finale; 2023 Scam; Signs in the Sky
Issue837, Sunday, Oct 16, 2022 Bangladesh Outage; Nord Stream 2; New Madrid Warnings; Space Force Demo
Issue836, Sunday, Oct 9, 2022 Africa Rolling; Denial vs Panic; September 24 Speculation
Issue835, Sunday, Oct 2, 2022 Queen Elizabeth; New Madrid Brink; Ukraine Snare; Covid-19 Collapse
Issue834, Sunday, Sep 25, 2022 Zelensky Kidnapped; Hitler Returns; Earthworm Benefits; Waggling Leaves, September 24
Issue833, Sunday, Sep 18, 2022 Internet Blocks; New Madrid Rising; Europe’s Cold Winter
Issue832, Sunday, Sep 11, 2022 China Burning; Fauci Resignation; Twisted Timelines; Second Sun
Issue831, Sunday, Sep 4, 2022 Double Whammy; Drought and Deluge; FBI Raid; Good Karma Bad Karma
Issue830, Sunday, Aug 28, 2022 Covid Capitulation; Nibiru is Real; ZetaTalk Targeted
Issue829, Sunday, Aug 21, 2022 Wobble Proofs; Ultimate Ukraine; Truth Will Out; Pelosi Taiwan Trip
Issue828, Sunday, Aug 14, 2022 Tsunami Preview; Military Might; Odessa Maneuver; St. Louis Flooding
Panic, Tuesday, Aug 2, 2022 Panic!
Issue827, Sunday, Aug 7, 2022 Continental Drift; Changing of the Guard; Ivana’s Fall
Issue826, Sunday, Jul 31, 2022 Brink of Revolution; Off the Grid; FAA Blindfold; Birth Rate Decline
Issue825, Sunday, Jul 24, 2022 Guidestones Demise; Doubles Demise; Bugout Bags
Issue824, Sunday, Jul 17, 2022 Q Returns; Gates Farm Lands; Conspiracy or Not?
Issue823, Sunday, Jul 10, 2022 Global Flooding; Sri Lanka Collapse; EMP Spikes; Farm Guards
Issue822, Sunday, Jul 3, 2022 Survival Basics; Global Stretch Zone
Issue821, Sunday, Jun 26, 2022 Nibiru Admissions; Nibiru Coverup; Juan o’Savin
Issue820, Sunday, Jun 19, 2022 Washington Post Reversal; Food Shortage; Mysteries and Debate
Issue819, Sunday, Jun 12, 2022 School Shootings; UN Power Grab; Wobble Torque; Nibiru Visibility
Issue818, Sunday, Jun 5, 2022 New Madrid Sequence; Sri Lanka Elite; Monkeypox; Pumpkins
Issue817, Sunday, May 29, 2022 Market Crash; Bigfoot Introductions; Nibiru Excuses; Roe vs Wade
Issue816, Sunday, May 22, 2022 Hepatitis Spike; Prophetic 7; St. Lawrence Seaway; Putin's Health
Issue815, Sunday, May 15, 2022 Twitter Buyout; Positive Changes; New Madrid Sequence; Dark Energy Survey Redux; Floating Cities
Issue814, Sunday, May 8, 2022 Undeniable Nibiru; New Orleans Watch; Plate Bumping; Happy Easter!
Issue813, Sunday, May 1, 2022 Twitter Takeover; Africa Roll; New Madrid Watch; Shanghai Lockdown
Issue812, Sunday, Apr 24, 2022 Ukraine Horrors; Nibiru View; New Madrid Anticipation; USS Kearsarge UFO
Issue811, Sunday, Apr 17, 2022 Airplanes Grounded; New Madrid Creep; Price of Oil; Dollar Death
Issue810, Sunday, Apr 10, 2022 Russia Bay Rip; New Madrid Creep; Justice Thomas Poisoned; Survival Bible
Issue809, Sunday, Apr 3, 2022 China MU5735; New Madrid Creep; 7 of 10 Status
Issue808, Sunday, Mar 27, 2022 Japan Quakes; New Madrid Creep; Trump Plane; Ukraine Lies; Nibiru Revelations
Issue807, Sunday, Mar 20, 2022 Nibiru Speculation; Frame Russia; DC Convoy; New Madrid Creep
Issue806, Sunday, Mar 13, 2022 Dark Twin Huge; Ukraine Conflict; New Madrid Creep
Issue805, Sunday, Mar 6, 2022 Life Recall at Death; New Madrid Separation; Tasmania Lightning
Issue804, Sunday, Feb 27, 2022 Starlink Loss; Martial Law Excuses; mRNA Horrors
Issue803, Sunday, Feb 20, 2022 #SaveRayan; mRNA Vax Horrors; New Madrid History
Issue802, Sunday, Feb 13, 2022 Canada Truck Convoy; Reading Clues
Issue801, Sunday, Feb 6, 2022 Black Eyed Children; Covid-19 Demise; False Alarms
Issue800, Sunday, Jan 30, 2022 Kazakhstan Revolution; Banking Demise; Wild Weather
Issue799-Addendum, Friday, Jan 21, 2022 Pemex Explosion and Tehuantepec Ridge
Issue799, Sunday, Jan 23, 2022 Nibiru Symbols; James Webb Scope; China Viral Overload; Ukraine War Drums
Issue798-Addendum, Sunday, Jan 16, 2022 Pacific Compression; Countdown Days
Issue798, Sunday, Jan 16, 2022 Travel Cautions; Vaccine Wars
Issue797-Addendum, Saturday, Jan 8, 2022 SW Slide; Gulf Heaving
Issue797, Sunday, Jan 9, 2022 Planet of the Crossing; Continent Drift; Subconscious Knowledge
Issue796-Addendum, Friday, Dec 31, 2021 3 Week Period; Chicago Bend
Issue796, Sunday, Jan 2, 2022 Transhumanism; Wobble Storms; Birth Rate Decline
Issue795, Sunday, Dec 26, 2021 Graphene Hydroxide; Council’s Nudge; Twitter CEO Resigns; Omicron Variant
Issue793, Sunday, Dec 12, 2021 Klaus Schwab Arrest; Covid-19 Scam Failing; 7 of 10 Status
Issue792, Sunday, Dec 5, 2021 Tagging People; Mid-Atlantic Tension; Liar Liar
Issue791, Sunday, Nov 28, 2021 Depopulation Plans; Trump Return
Issue790, Sunday, Nov 21, 2021 Sudden Death; Canary Grid; Brave New World
Issue789, Sunday, Nov 14, 2021 Rebellion Grows; Celebrities in Space; Orion Confusion
Issue788, Sunday, Nov 7, 2021 Immune Exhaustion; Blame the Sun; Canary Islands Partner
Issue787, Sunday, Oct 31, 2021 S China Seabed; Bow Relaxing; True or False; Purple Skies
Issue786, Sunday, Oct 24, 2021 Facebook Outage; Media Gains; Commonwealth Crackdown; Shortages Increase
Issue785, Sunday, Oct 17, 2021 Space Blobs; Russia Coup Attempt; Africa Roll Uptick; New Madrid Pending
Issue784, Sunday, Oct 10, 2021 Lockdown Backlash; Canary Islands Worry; Australia Torque
Issue783, Sunday, Oct 3, 2021 Monster!; Robert David Steele; 2020 Conundrum; General Milley
Issue782-Addendum, Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021 Wave#3 SE Portion Freed
Issue782, Sunday, Sep 26, 2021 China Real Estate; Myths and Mysteries; Internet Threats
Issue781, Sunday, Sep 19, 2021 Silent Victories; Vax Safety; Wobble on Film
Issue780-Addendum, Sep 8, 2021 Wave#2 Slo-Mo; Wave#3 Begins
Issue780, Sunday, Sep 12, 2021 Revolution Triggers; Delta Variant; Petrol Displays
Issue779, Sunday, Sep 5, 2021 Denial; Fall of Kabul; The Americas Twerk
Issue778, Sunday, Aug 29, 2021 Lockdown Game; Nibiru’s Embrace
Issue777, Sunday, Aug 22, 2021 Turkey Squeeze; Announcing Nibiru; Crop Circle Simplicity
Issue776-Addendum, Aug 15, 2021 August 13th
Issue776, Sunday, Aug 15, 2021 N American Lurch; Petrol Contortions; Flying Cars; Church Membership
Issue775, Sunday, Aug 8, 2021 Global Flooding; Double Puzzles; Council Rules
Issue774, Sunday, Aug 1, 2021 Wave#2 Anticipation; Sun Pulse; Chupacabra in Africa; Covid-19 Assassinations
Issue773, Sunday, Jul 25, 2021 Mexico Connection; Liar Liar; Bank Failure
Issue772, Sunday, Jul 18, 2021 Dragons are Real; New Madrid Footsteps; Secrets Revealed
Issue771, Sunday, Jul 11, 2021 UFO Increase; mRNA Demise; Schumann Resonance Blackout; Council’s Plan
Issue770, Sunday, Jul 4, 2021 Eclipse Reveals; Aftertime Control; Media Wars
Issue769, Sunday, Jun 27, 2021 Manna from Heaven; UFO Warnings; Plate Stress Clues; Crop Shortages
Issue768, Sunday, Jun 20, 2021 Silent Victories; New Madrid Grip
Issue767, Sunday, Jun 13, 2021 mRNA Mutants; Magnetic Arms; Trump Returns; Africa Rips
Issue766, Sunday, Jun 6, 2021 Headless Men; First Wave; China Rocks; Motherships
Issue765, Sunday, May 30, 2021 Colonial Pipeline Closure; 2023 vs 2026; Mars Mushrooms
Issue764, Sunday, May 23, 2021 India Emigree Ban; Severe Wobble; 2026 Date
Issue763, Sunday, May 16, 2021 mRNA Abortions; Submarine Dangers; Crop Circle Alive; Nibiru Excuses; Lumber Gouging
Issue762, Sunday, May 9, 2021 Point of Passage; Sky Fire; Junta’s Firm Hand
Issue761, Sunday, May 2, 2021 Petrol Fires; Nibiru Clarity; Self-Sufficiency Steps
Issue760, Sunday, Apr 25, 2021 Plates on the Move; Photo Captures; Petrol Skies; Covid-19 Lepers
Issue759, Sunday, Apr 18, 2021 Great Clarity; Seaway Traps; Herd Immunity
Issue758, Sunday, Apr 11, 2021 Dark Twin Erupts; Petrol Ground Fires; South Atlantic Anomaly; Suez Squeeze
Issue757, Sunday, Apr 4, 2021 Biden Green Screens; Political Fallout; 7 of 10 on Steroids; Honorable Mention
Issue756 Adendum, Mar 28, 2021 Nibiru Emerges
Issue756, Sunday, Mar 28, 2021 Vaccine Safety; 90% Reduction; Ancient Mysteries
Issue755, Sunday, Mar 21, 2021 CCP in DC; New Zealand Quakes; Sky Fire
Issue754, Sunday, Mar 14, 2021 Sun Block; Race to Mars; Nibiru Excuses
Issue753, Sunday, Mar 7, 2021 MedBeds; Nibiru Presentations; New Madrid Awakens
Issue752, Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 New Madrid Pending; GameStop; Petrol Monster
Issue751, Sunday, Feb 21, 2021 The Buddha’s Warning; Dark Twin Closer; The Biden Movie
Issue750, Sunday, Feb 14, 2021 Control via Covid-19; Slave Camps; EBS Blocks
Issue749, Sunday, Feb 7, 2021 The Interim; ZetaTalk Twitter Ban; Alien Presence
Issue748, Sunday, Jan 31, 2021 Martial Law Precursors; Biden Inaugurated; European Resignations; Clone Myths
Issue747, Sunday, Jan 24, 2021 Insurrection Act; Disappearing Democrats; Art of War
Issue746x, Sunday, Jan 17, 2021 Twitter Attacks; Counter Offensives; War
Issue746, Sunday, Jan 17, 2021 China Crackdown; Assange Extradition; European Stretch
Issue745x, Sunday, Jan 10, 2021 Pence Card Fails; Options and Outcomes; Q’s Message
Issue745, Sunday, Jan 10, 2021 Nashville Attack; Nibiru Undeniable; 7 of 10 Status
Issue744y, Sunday, Jan 3, 2021 Rumors
Issue744x, Sunday, Jan 3, 2021 Sidney’s Summary; Pence Card
Issue744, Sunday, Jan 3, 2021 Covid-19 Panic; China Desperation; CCP Infiltration
Issue743x, Sunday, Dec 27, 2020 Insurrection Act; or NOT
Issue743, Sunday, Dec 27, 2020 US Invasion Threat; Disclosure Progress; Monolith Copycats
Issue742x, Sunday, Dec 20, 2020 SCOTUS Engaged; Kraken Lacking; Parallel Electors; Military Intervention
Issue742, Sunday, Dec 20, 2020 Petrol Mass; Council’s Hand; Arecibo Collapse
Issue741x, Sunday, Dec 13, 2020 Fair Election Fail; SCOTUS Status; Military Intervention
Issue741, Sunday, Dec13, 2020 New Madrid Delay; Power Plant Worries; Vaccine Cometh
Issue740x, Sunday, Dec6, 2020 Deep State Arrests
Issue740, Sunday, Dec 6, 2020 Erdogan’s Plan; Great Reset; Nibiru Obvious
Issue739x, Sunday, Nov 29, 2020 SCOTUS Bound
Issue739, Sunday, Nov 29, 2020 Black Sea Worries; B-52 Sniffers; Intervention Rules
Issue738x, Sunday, Nov 22, 2020 2020 Options
Issue738, Sunday, Nov 22, 2020 2020 Election Status, Election Outlook
Issue737, Sunday, Nov 15, 2020 Election Fraud; Sting Operation; Recounts Pending; Putin's Health
Issue736, Sunday, Nov 8, 2020 Election Surprise; Debt Relief Programs; Doubling Up; Antarctica Reveals
Issue735, Sunday, Nov 1, 2020 October Surprise; Lockdown Frenzy; China Invasion; Khalaktyrsky Beach
Issue734, Sunday, Oct 25, 2020 New Madrid Hot; Militia Pro and Con; Pence’s Fly; Protecting the Pres
Issue733, Sunday, Oct 18, 2020 Mail-in Ballot Fraud; Debate Reveals; President Trump Positive; Nibiru Magnetics
Issue732, Sunday, Oct 11, 2020 Early Man; Moon Rust; Prong History; Tribunal Progress
Issue731, Sunday, Oct 4, 2020 September 18; West Coast Fires; Schumann Blackouts
Issue730, Sunday, Sep 27, 2020 Covid-19 Agendas; Navalny Poisoning; Nibiru Petrol; Mail-in Ballot Solution
Issue729, Sunday, Sep 20, 2020 Abe Resigns; Kim Jong Un Rumors; Zuckerberg Falls; Poisonous Food
Issue728, Sunday, Sep 13, 2020 2020 Desperation; Magnetic Migration; Middle East Accord
Issue727, Sunday, Sep 6, 2020 Biden Takeover; Plate Border Distress; Martial Law
Issue726, Sunday, Aug 30, 2020 Mail-in Ballots; Beirut Explodes; China’s Motives
Issue725, Sunday, Aug 23, 2020 Covid-19 Fade Rate; HCQ Wars; Doubles Galore
Issue724, Sunday, Aug 16, 2020 Biden’s Aneurysms; Nibiru’s Visibility; Twitter Wars; Bow Tip Blowouts
Issue723, Sunday, Aug9, 2020 Herd Immunity; Doubles Lists; Crop Circle Season
Issue722, Sunday, Aug2, 2020 Buoys Blinded; SOHO Capture; China Floods; Wayfair Traffic; Bonhomme Richard Burns
Issue721, Sunday, Jul 26, 2020 China Dragon; Puerto Rico Quakes; Iran Sabotage; Wobble Weather
Issue720, Sunday, Jul 19, 2020 Perpetual Cover-up; Black Hat Doubles; Compressing Pacific; Albinos Everywhere
Issue719, Sunday, Jul 12, 2020 Protection and Healing; General Patton; Retrograde Clash
Issue718, Sunday, Jul 5, 2020 Tsunami Alerts; Solstice CC; T-Mobile Outage
Issue717, Sunday, Jun 28, 2020 Sedition; Banshee Screech; Transformation Confusion
Issue716, Sunday, Jun 21, 2020 Insurrection Act of 1807; Nibiru Announcement; Covid-19 Debates
Issue715, Sunday, Jun 14, 2020 Biblical Weather; Saving Seed; White Hat Reach
Issue714, Sunday, Jun 7, 2020 West Coast Quakes; Musk Ventures; Epic Alien Battles
Issue713, Sunday, May 31, 2020 6666; Gates Fortune; Dr. Fauci; Nibiru Confirmation
Issue712, Sunday, May 24, 2020 Strobe Clues; Announcement Steps; Covid Autoimmune
Issue711, Sunday, May 17, 2020 Enjoy the Show; Heads of State; UV Spotlight
Issue710, Sunday, May 10, 2020 Patient Zero; Death Rates; Convenient Lies
Issue709, Sunday, May 3, 2020 Rules of Engagement; Bye Bye Boris; Eurasia Warnings
Issue708, Sunday, Apr 26, 2020 10 Days of Darkness; New Madrid Reminder; Earth Wobble Influence
Issue707, Sunday, Apr 19, 2020 Digital Dollars; Double Trouble; Fire in the Sky
Issue706, Sunday, Apr 12, 2020 Gates is Gone; Peak Analysis; Antarctica Evil
Issue705, Sunday, Apr 5, 2020 Mid-Summer Easing; Lockdown; New Madrid Pending; Victory Gardens
Issue704, Sunday, Mar 29, 2020 Pandemic Explosion; Blame Trump; Martial Law Opportunists; Nibiru Worse
Issue703, Sunday, Mar 22, 2020 Martial Law; Pandemic Prophecy; Acknowledged
Issue702, Sunday, Mar 15, 2020 Pandemic Containment; Pandemic Impact; Spring Planting; Pole Shift Timeline
Issue701, Sunday, Mar 8, 2020 Assassin Bullet; Tartaria; Space Force Agenda
Issue700, Sunday, Mar 1, 2020 Locust Swarms; Jet Stream Wobble; New Madrid Twitch; The Collapse
Issue699, Sunday, Feb 23, 2020 Wuhan Virus Origin; Satanism Decline; Iowa Debacle
Issue698, Sunday, Feb 16, 2020 Snow Bombs; Caribbean Tilt; New Madrid Locked; Saudi Boot Turns
Issue697, Sunday, Feb 9, 2020 Pandemic Scare; Russia’s Reorg; Lomonosov Returns; 3 Strikes Out
Issue696, Sunday, Feb 2, 2020 Dance of the Doubles; Volcanos Awaken
Issue695, Sunday, Jan 26, 2020 Tehran 737 Crash; The Great Satan; Caribbean Crunch; Egyptian Hyksos
Issue694, Sunday, Jan 19, 2020 Australia Burning; The Pope’s Ring; Soleimani Drone Kill; China in Africa
Issue693, Sunday, Jan 12, 2020 Drone Patrol; Hidden Agendas
Issue692, Sunday, Jan 5, 2020 Superyacht Conclave; Christmas Hammer; Las Vegas UFO; 7 of 10 Progress, Eclipse Reveals
Issue691, Sunday, Dec 29, 2019 China’s Social Credits; Prophecy of the Popes; Gold Standard; Greta Gambit
Issue690, Sunday, Dec 22, 2019 Brexit Wins; Antarctica’s Past; Mr MBB33’s Nibiru; Impeachment Circus
Issue689, Sunday, Dec 15, 2019 Melania’s Christmas Message; China Sub Accident; New Madrid Explosions; Bibi Indicted
Issue688, Sunday, Dec 8, 2019 Pelosi Double; President Trump Poisoned; 7 of 10 Update; New Madrid Brink
Issue687, Sunday, Dec 1, 2019 Blending of the Seasons; Global Crop Shortage; Power Centers; The Dark Judge
Issue686, Sunday, Nov 24, 2019 Bolivia Coup; New Madrid Warnings; Trinidad Bubble; Earthquake Alerts
Issue685, Sunday, Nov 17, 2019 New Madrid Heaving; Cash Crunch; Handbag of the Gods; Obama’s Double
Issue684, Sunday, Nov 10, 2019 Tacit Admission; Uluru Legends; Nibiru’s Day; Mermaids Debunked
Issue683, Sunday, Nov 3, 2019 Elijah Cummings Dead; Brazil Beach Oil; Worldwide Riots
Issue682, Sunday, Oct 27, 2019 New Madrid Begins; Turkey Attacks; PG&E Outages; Dunford’s Farewell
Issue681, Sunday, Oct 20, 2019 Marines Deployed; Safe Locations; Ezekiel’s Wheel
Issue680, Sunday, Oct 13, 2019 Impeachment Trap; Climate Change Morph; S American Roll; Tribunal Progress
Issue679, Sunday, Oct 6, 2019 Area 51 Bust; Deflecting Asteroids; Magnetosphere Assault; Aftertime Partners
Issue678, Sunday, Sep 29, 2019 Saudi Refinery Attack; Nibiru Disguised
Issue677, Sunday, Sep 22, 2019 India Welcomed; Informal Announcement; Udumbara Flowers
Issue676, Sunday, Sep 15, 2019 Transformation Process; Lightning Increase; EMP Increase
Issue675, Sunday, Sep 8, 2019 London Bridge Down; Amazon Burning; Fedor
Issue674, Sunday, Sep 1, 2019 Hong Kong Riots; San Andreas Zig-Zag; Declass at Last; Greenland Purchase
Issue673, Sunday, Aug 25, 2019 Blame Trump; Increasingly Obvious; Epstein Suicides
Issue672, Sunday, Aug 18, 2019 DC Evac Pending; Severe Wobble Confirmation; Humpbacks Return; Hongze Lake Mirage
Issue671, Sunday, Aug 11, 2019 Mueller Fumbles; Puppet Master Tools; Erdogan’s Double; City Killer Asteroid
Issue670, Sunday, Aug 4, 2019 Manhattan Blackout; Severe Wobble; The Squad; Pole Shift Emphasis
Issue669, Sunday, Jul 28, 2019 N America Snaps; Sargassum Conundrum; Eclipse Reveals; Severe Lean
Issue668, Sunday, Jul 21, 2019 July 4th Reveals; Putin’s Plans; Losharik Accident
Issue667, Sunday, Jul 14, 2019 Kraken Rises; Disclosure Contradictions; Zeta Report Videos
Issue666, Sunday, Jul 7, 2019 Perfect Politicians; 2020 Jitters; Floating Power Plants; More Nibiru Excuses
Issue665, Sunday, Jun 30, 2019 Dominican Republic Mystery; Straits of Hormuz Mystery; Argentina Power Outage
Issue664, Sunday, Jun 23, 2019 Suicide Weekend; Crop Circle Season
Issue663, Sunday, Jun 16, 2019 Bucket Lists; Social Media Wars; Chimera Dangers
Issue662, Sunday, Jun 9, 2019 Mueller Madness; Black Sun Symbol; 7 of 10 Signs
Issue661, Sunday, Jun 2, 2019 Cascade of Disasters; UFO ‘Phenomena’
Issue660, Sunday, May 26, 2019 Starvation Alternatives; End Time Battles; Social Media Checkmate
Issue659, Sunday, May 19, 2019 Measles Vaccine; Exploding Factories; Zetas Right Again
Issue658, Sunday, May 12, 2019 Playing God; Holy War; Nibiru Closer
Issue657, Sunday, May 5, 2019 Zetas Right Again: Earth Changes, Scientific Principles, Nibiru
Issue656, Sunday, Apr 28, 2019 Notre Dame Burns; Beresheet Crash; Assange “Arrested”
Issue655, Sunday, Apr 21, 2019 C. Auris Superbug; Ocean Cities; Nibiru Faces; Homo Luzonensis
Issue654, Sunday, Apr 14, 2019 Food Shortages; Robot Reproduction; Biden Bind
Issue653, Sunday, Apr 7, 2019 Nibiru’s Influence; Mueller Report; New Madrid Foreboding
Issue652, Sunday, Mar 31, 2019 Bolide Blitz; New Zealand Slaughter; Cloud Lines
Issue651, Sunday, Mar 24, 2019 Venezuela Blackouts; Boeing 737 Max 8; Solid Survival Groups; Jonah and the Whale
Issue650, Sunday, Mar 17, 2019 The Awakening; Back Room Discussions; Hillary’s Doubles
Issue649, Sunday, Mar 10, 2019 Ecuador Crunch; Tribunals Timeline; Mars Water Confirmed; Telepathy
Issue648, Sunday, Mar 3, 2019 Lomonosov Explosions; New Madrid Moan; Death Squads
Issue647, Sunday, Feb 24, 2019 Secret War; Internet from Space; Sneaker EMP
Issue646, Sunday, Feb 17, 2019 Weather Wobbles; Telecom Wars; Nuclear Treaties
Issue645, Sunday, Feb 10, 2019 Ginsberg Rumors; Venezuela Civil War; Asteroid Traffic
Issue644, Sunday, Feb 3, 2019 Shutdown Agendas; Sneaker Quakes; S Pole Visibility
Issue643, Sunday, Jan 27, 2019 Bezos Fortune; Radio Contact; Birth Rate Factor
Issue642, Sunday, Jan 20, 2019 N Pole Migration; Nibiru Excuses; Ode to Alberto
Issue641, Sunday, Jan 13, 2019 Neon Cloud Touchdown; Electronic Screech; Nibiru Lightning; Dark Side of the Moon
Issue640, Sunday, Jan 6, 2019 Space Blob; Christmas Hammer; DC Triangle; Federal Reserve Agenda
Issue639, Sunday, Dec 30, 2018 2019 Tribunals; End Times Signs; NASA Reveals; Moon Reveals
Issue638, Sunday, Dec 23, 2018 New Land Rising; Announcement Creep; Globalism Decline
Issue637, Sunday, Dec 16, 2018 Bush 41 Funeral; Anchorage Travel; French Revolution; Contact Rules
Issue636, Sunday, Dec 9, 2018 Ancient China; Double Helix Symbolism; Magma Slosh
Issue635, Sunday, Dec 2, 2018 Atlantis Found; Earth Cracks; Snake Man DNA; Flat Earth Believers
Issue634, Sunday, Nov 25, 2018 California Burning; Ural Mountains Hot Rip; EMP Defense
Issue633, Sunday, Nov 18, 2018 Q’s Stealth Bomber; Nibiru Secrets; Mysterious Rocks
Issue632, Sunday, Nov 11, 2018 Empathy; EMP Redux; San Andreas Creep
Issue631, Sunday, Nov 4, 2018 Democrat Demise; Caravan Confrontation; Mars Plume
Issue630, Sunday, Oct 28, 2018 Asteroid Worry; Russia Arkancide; Khashoggi; Crimea Massacre
Issue629, Sunday, Oct 21, 2018 ISS Stranded; Nibiru Excuses
Issue628, Sunday, Oct 14, 2018 Biblical Prophecies; Baal Arch Revival; Maharashtra Artwork
Issue627, Sunday, Oct 7, 2018 Point of Passage Refresher; 7 of 10 Crunch; Ode to the Junkman
Issue626, Sunday, Sep 30, 2018 Coverup Crazies; ZetaTalk Rising; Ancient Raptors
Issue625, Sunday, Sep 23, 2018 SDO Reveals; Retrograde Swirl; BATSRUS Reveals; Wobble Moments
Issue624, Sunday, Sep 16, 2018 S America Slam; Lake Baikal Alien; Nibiru’s Grip; Prongs Again; ISS Come Home
Issue623, Sunday, Sep 9, 2018 Russia Purge; Magic Sword; Antarctica Reveals
Issue622, Sunday, Sep 2, 2018 McCain’s Death; STEVE; Worthless Currency
Issue621, Sunday, Aug 26, 2018 Infographics Video; Smoke Screen; 7 of 10 Expedited
Issue620, Sunday, Aug 19, 2018 Pole Shift Startle; Nibiru Faces; Economic Wars
Issue619, Sunday, Aug 12, 2018 Venezuela Spiral; Trump Derangement Syndrome; Jomon Pottery
Issue618, Sunday, Aug 5, 2018 FaceBook Crash; Pole Shift Blues; Fault Line Fires
Issue617, Sunday, Jul 29, 2018 Prongs Revived; Siberian Darkness; JFK, Jr Nostalgia
Issue616, Sunday, Jul 22, 2018 Power of Love; Merkel’s Hands; Nibiru 2003 Arrival
Issue615, Sunday, Jul 15, 2018 Mexico Swings Left; Venezuela Hell; Self Sufficiency
Issue614, Sunday, Jul 8, 2018 Obama is Missing; Q’s Popularity
Issue613, Sunday, Jul 1, 2018 Space Force; Save the Children; East/West Wobble
Issue612, Sunday, Jun 24, 2018 Nibiru Spotlight; Rainbow Clouds; Schumann Resonance Battering; Scandinavia on Guard
Issue611, Sunday, Jun 17, 2018 Volcanoes Awakening; European Pout; Moloch Suicides
Issue610, Sunday, Jun 10, 2018 Dark Twin Distance; I-19 Rape Camp; Retrograde Nibiru
Issue609, Sunday, Jun 3, 2018 Moloch Worship; Hurricane Season; Announcement via Blue Angels
Issue608, Sunday, May 27, 2018 Project Maven; Stereo Reveals; Aboriginal Warnings; N American Plate Stress
Issue607, Sunday, May 20, 2018 Iran Secrets; Uranium One; Soros Agenda
Issue606, Sunday, May 13, 2018 Deep State Wars; Korea Surprise; 7 of 10 Progress; Looming Nibiru
Issue605, Sunday, May 6, 2018 Media Lies; Annunaki in Antarctica; Houseboat Living Redux; Alien Disclosure Push
Issue604, Sunday, Apr 29, 2018 Announcement via Eric Trump; DNA Tracking; Permaculture Salute
Issue603, Sunday, Apr 22, 2018 FaceBook Outrage; McCain in Syria; The Howling Earth
Issue602, Sunday, Apr 15, 2018 Antarctica Desalination; Trump Tower Burns; Voyager 1 Awakens
Issue601, Sunday, Apr 8, 2018 China Stability; FAA Monsters; Self-Sufficiency Advocates
Issue600, Sunday, Apr 1, 2018 Planet 9 Revived; Ode to Putin; Hillary Flounders; Nessie on Film
Issue599, Sunday, Mar 25, 2018 Nibiru’s Face; Britain Murders; S Africa Revenge
Issue598, Sunday, Mar 18, 2018 N Korea Capitulates; Wobble Flip; Watch the Water
Issue597, Sunday, Mar 11, 2018 Military Tribunals; Gulf Hot Spot
Issue596, Sunday, Mar 4, 2018 Parkland Shooting; Shooter Personalities; Changing Face of Nibiru
Issue595, Sunday, Feb 25, 2018 Announcement via Q; 7 of 10 Progress; Pole Shift Wildfires; Ode to Jimmy Carter
Issue594, Sunday, Feb 18, 2018 Cancer Cure; Flu Hype; Nefarious Agendas
Issue593, Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 666 Dow Plunge; Gowdy Amtrak Warning; Wobble Tsunami Warning
Issue592, Sunday, Feb 4, 2018 Greenbrier Train Crash; Cryptocurrency Craze; Cashless Society
Issue591, Sunday, Jan 28, 2018 Murder Rate; 7 of 10 Resumes; Immigration Surprise
Issue590, Sunday, Jan 21, 2018 Zuma; Hawaii False Alert; West to East Quake Roll
Issue589, Sunday, Jan 14, 2018 Undeniable Weather Wobbles; Korea Uncertainties; New World Order Agenda
Issue588, Sunday, Jan 7, 2018 Deep State Cleanup; 2018 Predictions; Thunderbird Real
Issue587, Sunday, Dec 31, 2017 2017 in Review
Issue586, Sunday, Dec 24, 2017 Atlanta Airport Fire; Creeping Disclosure; Media Mergers; Nibiru Moon Trash
Issue585, Sunday, Dec 17, 2017 End Times Terminology; Solar Simulators; California Burning
Issue584, Sunday, Dec 10, 2017 Nibiru’s Moons; Russia Independence; Zeta Report Videos
Issue583, Sunday, Dec 3, 2017 String of Pearls Arrives; Russia Rip; Patriarch Kirill Speaks; Leap Second Excuse
Issue582, Sunday, Nov 26, 2017 Space X Zuma; Judging Distance; Zombie Obsession
Issue581, Sunday, Nov 19, 2017 Side Door Announcement; Saudi Plate Roll
Issue580, Sunday, Nov 12, 2017 Black Death Returns; Saudi Coup; Nov 4th a Dud
Issue579, Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 Dark Twin Features; Siberian Swirls; Nibiru Obsession
Issue578, Sunday, Oct 29, 2017 JFK Files Released; Nibiru Complex Visible; Hawaii Safety
Issue577, Sunday, Oct 22, 2017 MIMIC Clumping Patterns; Diablo Winds; Announcement Maneuvers
Issue576, Sunday, Oct 15, 2017 Political Mysteries; Radar Clues; Continent Shifts; Rohingya Squeeze
Issue575, Sunday, Oct 8, 2017 Mississippi River Heaving; Nibiru Huge; Las Vegas Shooter; 7 of 10 Volcanoes
Issue574, Sunday, Oct 1, 2017 End Times Dates; Nibiru Tail Throbbing; Africa Roll Rips; Aftermath Lessons; USA Emergency Broadcast Network Survival Tips
Issue573, Sunday, Sep 24, 2017 Storm Clash; N Korea Brink; Cuba Sonic Attacks; Snake Man in Mexico
Issue572, Sunday, Sep 17, 2017 Mexico Quake; Katrina vs Harvey
Issue571, Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 N Korean Ambitions; Failed Predictions; Nibiru Waffles
Issue570, Sunday, Sep 3, 2017 Harvey’s Wobbles; Flat Earth Confusion; LA Urban Gardener
Issue569, Sunday, Aug 27, 2017 Nibiru Appears!; Path Wrong; Establishment Nervous
Issue568, Sunday, Aug 20, 2017 S American Roll; Black Sky Event; Charlottesville Agenda
Issue567, Sunday, Aug 13, 2017 Schumann Resonance; Migrant Surveillance; Prong3 Revived
Issue566, Sunday, Aug 6, 2017 Snake Man Aliens; Nibiru Daily; Planetary Protection Officer
Issue565, Sunday, Jul 30, 2017 Eclipse Expectations; Electrical Meltdown; Russia Leads
Issue564, Sunday, Jul 23, 2017 NASA Paintbrush; Nibiru Visibility; Dark Twin Illumination; Global Warming Hoax
Issue563, Sunday, Jul 16, 2017 Blue Whale Cult; 7 of 10 Progress
Issue562, Sunday, Jul 9, 2017 NASA Resurgence; Peru Alien Bonanza; Power Outage Blitz
Issue561, Sunday, Jul 2, 2017 USGS Blooper; End Times Uncertainty; Planet 10 Redux
Issue560, Sunday, Jun 25, 2017 Wobble Sunsets; Wobble Warships; London Ablaze
Issue559, Sunday, Jun 18, 2017 Same Message Many Voices
Issue558, Sunday, Jun 11, 2017 Paris Accord Discord; Earth Wobble Change; Crop Circle Season; London Attacks
Issue557, Sunday, Jun 4, 2017 Nibiru Visibility; Drip Drip Announcement; ISIS Retaliates; Albinos on the Increase
Issue556, Sunday, May 28, 2017 WannaCry Hero; Trump Impeachment Talk; Dome Advantages
Issue555, Sunday, May 21, 2017 Comey’s Dilemma; Syrian Refugees Returned; UFO vs Tornado
Issue554, Sunday, May 14, 2017 US Survivor Camps; Pole Shift Slosh; Losing Control
Issue553, Sunday, May 7, 2017 EMP on the Increase; Family of Man Confirmed; Plastic Eating Bugs
Issue552, Sunday, Apr 30, 2017 Strongman Appeal; Deep State Agenda; Kim Fizzles; Wobble Proofs
Issue551, Sunday, Apr 23, 2017 The Fog; Terrorism Postures; EMP Incidents Rise
Issue550, Sunday, Apr 16, 2017 Prong 3 Fail; Venezuela Dictatorship; Sculpting Migration; The Helping Hand
Issue549, Sunday, Apr 9, 2017 Drone Accidents; Alien Envy; Valid Prophecy
Issue548, Sunday, Apr 2, 2017 Plate Roll Signs; Old World Order; Earthquake Cover-up
Issue547, Sunday, Mar 26, 2017 Trump’s Junta; Magnetosphere Scramble; Purple Skies and Green Ice; Crevasse Clues
Issue546, Sunday, Mar 19, 2017 Gibraltar Shifts; CIA Spyware; Taut N American Bow; Escape from NYC
Issue545, Sunday, Mar 12, 2017 Prong Wars; American Heroes; Personal EMP
Issue544, Sunday, Mar 5, 2017 Cover-up History; Critter Clues
Issue543, Sunday, Feb 26, 2017 Vault 7; UFO Increase; Nibiru Excuses; All Dams Fail
Issue542, Sunday, Feb 19, 2017 Global Warming Revisited; Rich vs Poor Preppers; Alien Hands
Issue541, Sunday, Feb 12, 2017 Antarctica Cities; Dr Zakharovich Controversy; Bigfoot Encounters
Issue540, Sunday, Feb 5, 2017 Spot the Double; Inauguration Milestone; Bow Tension
Issue539, Sunday, Jan 29, 2017 Prong 3 Reintroduced; Silk Road Revived; On the Border
Issue538, Sunday, Jan 22, 2017 House Arrest; Megaquake Glitch; Magnetosphere Spaghetti
Issue537, Sunday, Jan 15, 2017 Russian Hacking Claim; Obama’s Secrets; Faux Prong 3
Issue536, Sunday, Jan 8, 2017 PizzaGate; Red Sky; Sochi TU-154 EMP
Issue535, Sunday, Jan 1, 2017 World War III Trigger; Trump Survives; Earth Sings
Issue534, Sunday, Dec 25, 2016 Blinding the Public; Gamma Ray Burst; Protecting Trump; Magnetic Sickness
Issue533, Sunday, Dec 18, 2016 New World Order Fails; The Quickening
Issue532, Sunday, Dec 11, 2016 More Honesty; Musk Lust; Aussie Asthma
Issue531, Sunday, Dec 4, 2016 China Passport Confiscation; Fake News; Soros is Dead; Weather Wobble Poles
Issue530, Sunday, Nov 27, 2016 Cashless Society; Denver Rats; Supermoon Increase
Issue529, Sunday, Nov 20, 2016 What’s Next?; Polar Interest
Issue528, Sunday, Nov 13, 2016 Trump Triumphs; Hillary’s Broken Cheekbone; Hillary the Witch; Nibiru Visibility
Issue527, Sunday, Nov 6, 2016 FBI Email Reopens; DDOS Cripples Soros; $1.8 Billion to Qatar
Issue526, Sunday, Oct 30, 2016 Magnetosphere Collapse; Obama’s 120 Days; Assange Escapes
Issue525, Sunday, Oct 23, 2016 Wikileaks Cites ZetaTalk; Jerusalem Trumpets; Hillary’s Fly
Issue524, Sunday, Oct 16, 2016 Hoboken Crash; Russian War Drums; Prong 3 Nudge
Issue523, Sunday, Oct 9, 2016 Bolides are Back; Fight or Flight; ICANN Control
Issue522, Sunday, Oct 2, 2016 Democratic Dither; Alabama Precursor; Musk’s Bragado
Issue521, Sunday, Sep 25, 2016 Hillary Fails; Reading the Wobble; Putin’s Assassination Attempt
Issue520, Sunday, Sep 18, 2016 Peru Blue Alien; FaceBook Gets Spanked; New Madrid Precursor
Issue519, Sunday, Sep 11, 2016 Ministry of Truth; Rigged Polls; Election Fraud, Prong History
Issue518, Sunday, Sep 4, 2016 Severe Wobble Implications; Prong 3 Nudge; Pole Shift Denial
Issue517, Sunday, Aug 28, 2016 Hacking DNC DCCC; Hacking Soros; Hacking Clinton Foundation
Issue516, Sunday, Aug 21, 2016 Australia GPS Reset; Prong 3 Bonanza; Hillary Health Lies; Delay 2016 Elections
Issue515, Sunday, Aug 14, 2016 Nibiru Visibility; Clinton Body Count; Hillary's Dementia; Halting Hillary
Issue514, Sunday, Aug 7, 2016 Pole Shift Timeline; What to Do?
Issue513, Sunday, Jul 31, 2016 Erdogan’s Grip; Nibiru Looming; Wobble Weather; Hillary's Seizure
Issue512, Sunday, Jul 24, 2016 Prong 3 Cast of Characters; Soros Race War; More Wobble Proof; Leak Project Interview
Issue511, Sunday, Jul 17, 2016 ISIS Trantrum; Hillary’s Plea Deal
Issue510, Sunday, Jul 10, 2016 Brexit; Prong 2 Creep; Jet Stream Wobble
Issue509, Sunday, Jul 3, 2016 Bracing for the New Madrid; Venezuela Case Study; Nibiru in Alaska
Issue508, Sunday, Jun 26, 2016 Small Planes Crashing; Bilderberg 2016; Suburban Gardens
Issue507, Sunday, Jun 19, 2016 2016 Delay; Crop Circle Season; Pointed Preparations
Issue506, Sunday, Jun 12, 2016 Prong 2 Progresses; Pyrolysis Fireball; Transformation Governance
Issue505, Sunday, Jun 5, 2016 MS804 Mystery; TSA Delays; Fly by Wire Connection; UFO Transponder
Issue504, Sunday, May 29, 2016 Fort McMurray Fires; ISS Dangers; Slooh Admissions
Issue503, Sunday, May 22, 2016 ZetaTalk by Proxy; Survival Centers
Issue502, Sunday, May 15, 2016 Second Prong Starts; Elite Exodus; Devastating Blackouts
Issue501, Sunday, May 8, 2016 Bumbling Announcement; SOHO Revelations
Issue500, Sunday, May 1, 2016 7 of 10 Restarts; Prong Prep Signs; Announcement Reactions
Issue499, Sunday, Apr 24, 2016 Nibiru Media Blitz; Zetas Right Again!; Sci.Astro Debates
Issue498, Sunday, Apr 17, 2016 Panama Papers; Tidal Basin Houses; Wobble Winds
Issue497, Sunday, Apr 10, 2016 Prong Pending; Magnetosphere Blasts; Antarctica Focus
Issue496, Sunday, Apr 3, 2016 Announcement Fail; New Sheriff in Town; Far East Promise
Issue495, Sunday, Mar 27, 2016 Political Chess; Gibraltar Swarms
Issue494, Sunday, Mar 20, 2016 Cleaning Up Earth; Brilliant Brazil; Wobble Worsens; Eclipse Revelations
Issue493, Sunday, Mar 13, 2016 West Coast Gassed; Nibiru Daily - Year in Review; Pope vs Trump; New Life for Convicts
Issue492, Sunday, Mar 6, 2016 Fire in the Sky; Soap and Water; Kim Implodes
Issue491, Sunday, Feb 28, 2016 Zika Virus; Syria Ceasefire; Gravity Waves
Issue490, Sunday, Feb 21, 2016 Wobble Obvious; Homeopathic Doctors Warned; Empathy
Issue489, Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 Iowa Election Fraud; Taiwan Under-Reported; Inner City Heroes
Issue488, Sunday, Feb 7, 2016 Gibraltar Rips; New Jersey Booms; Orientation Detection
Issue487, Sunday, Jan 31, 2016 Planet 9; Dark Twin Emerges; Goggle and the Pope
Issue486, Sunday, Jan 24, 2016 Shipping Slowdown; Wal-Mart Closures; Booms are Back
Issue485, Sunday, Jan 17, 2016 Nibiru Naked Eye; Signs in the Sky; 8 of 10 Overview; Permafrost Melting
Issue484, Sunday, Jan 10, 2016 Vitamins in Nature; Wild Winter Weather; Race to the Moon
Issue483, Sunday, Jan 3, 2016 Instant Karma; Obvious Intervention; The Veil Drops
Issue482, Sunday, Dec 27, 2015 Antarctica Moving; Space X History; Second Sun Bonanza
Issue481, Sunday, Dec 20, 2015 Climate Change Games; Hillary’s Grin; Reviving Planet X
Issue480, Sunday, Dec 13, 2015 Carving Turkey; Saudi Connection; Sealand Skull
Issue479, Sunday, Dec 6, 2015 Announcement Clues; Turkey the Villain; Nibiru Visibility
Issue478, Sunday, Nov 29, 2015 Barter Economy; Europe Erupts; Growing Body Parts; Spontaneous Human Combustion
Issue477, Sunday, Nov 22, 2015 Netanyahu’s Fall; Debunking Nibiru
Issue476, Sunday, Nov 15, 2015 Death by Airplane; Face the Facts; Chupacabra Mystery
Issue475, Sunday, Nov 8, 2015 Sinai 7K9268 Crash; Continental Divide Awakens
Issue474, Sunday, Nov 1, 2015 Pre-Announcement Trends; Moon Watchers; Ceres Lights
Issue473, Sunday, Oct 25, 2015 Banking Battles; Siberian Pithovirus
Issue472, Sunday, Oct 18, 2015 Social Media Outages; NASA Grabs the Mic
Issue471, Sunday, Oct 11, 2015 7 Steps Examples
Issue470, Sunday, Oct 4, 2015 Chile Plate Rocker; Signs in the Sky; Revolution of the Heart; Puppet Master’s War
Issue469, Sunday, Sep 27, 2015 Family of Man; Indonesia Man; China Man; Neanderthal Man; Gypsy Man; Annunaki
Issue468, Sunday, Sep 20, 2015 Heaven; EMP Walloping; Light Towers
Issue467, Sunday, Sep 13, 2015 European Migration Crisis; Panama Locks Crack; Spencer’s Light
Issue466, Sunday, Sep 6, 2015 Trump’s Agenda; September Rumors
Issue465, Sunday, Aug 30, 2015 Increased Visibility; Survival Tips
Issue464, Sunday, Aug 23, 2015 Global Swelter; Asia Sinking Denial; Ode to Duckweed
Issue463, Sunday, Aug 16, 2015 Sunda Slumber Ends; Caribbean Awakens; 7 of 10 Pace; NuWa Legend; Obama’s Third Term
Issue462, Sunday, Aug 9, 2015 World of Debt; Rising Seas; $100 Million Dollar Lie
Issue461, Sunday, Aug 2, 2015 Dark Clouds; Pope’s Rant; Rush to Closure
Issue460, Sunday, Jul 26, 2015 Council of Worlds Wins; Pluto as Space Port; Jamaica Sinking; Nancy’s YouTube Channel
Issue459, Sunday, Jul 19, 2015 Evidence of Nibiru; Africa Restless; Train Derailments; Space X Demise
Issue458, Sunday, Jul 12, 2015 Arctic Burning; Tracking Nibiru; Proof of Alien Life; Putin and the Pope
Issue457, Sunday, Jul 5, 2015 Element of Doubt Fades; Nukes Affected; Rich and Poor
Issue456, Sunday, Jun 28, 2015 Manhattanhenge Fail; End Times Posturing; San Andreas Movie
Issue455, Sunday, Jun 21, 2015 Incite Martial Law; Texas Flooding; Venus Looming
Issue454, Sunday, Jun 14, 2015 Council of Worlds vs Space Shuttles; Texas Ranch Sale; Trumpets Trumpeted; Nibiru Visibility
Issue453, Sunday, Jun 7, 2015 Amtrak Surge; Electromagnetic Pulse Denial; Migrants Not Welcome
Issue452, Sunday, May 31, 2015 China Ghost Cities; Cameron’s Victory
Issue451, Sunday, May 24, 2015 Yoda was Real; Silent Slides; UFO Warnings
Issue450, Sunday, May 17, 2015 Earth Plates Collide; Calbuco Explodes; Pyramid Mercury; Marshall Fails Again
Issue449, Sunday, May 10, 2015 Anticipating the New Madrid; Tail Bombardment
Issue448, Sunday, May 3, 2015 DC Goes Dark; Cheyenne Mountain Returns; Amazon Goes Dark; ZetaTalk Respected
Issue447, Sunday, Apr 26, 2015 X-Files Returns; Nibiru Daily; Drought and Deluge
Issue446, Sunday, Apr 19, 2015 Europe Goes Dark; Post Announcement Expectations
Issue445, Sunday, Apr 12, 2015 Eclipse Revelations; Germanwings Crash
Issue444, Sunday, Apr 5, 2015 Putin’s Mysterious Absence; Netanyahu Power Grab; Blame the Sun Redo
Issue443, Sunday, Mar 29, 2015 Methane Mediterranean; 7 of 10 Volcanoes; Rescuing Infants
Issue442, Sunday, Mar 22, 2015 Mars Seas; NASA Assassinations; 7 of 10 Progress; O’Reilly’s Lies
Issue441, Sunday, Mar 15, 2015 Extinction Caves; Ceres Lights; Wobble Worsens; Interviews on YouTube
Issue440, Sunday, Mar 8, 2015 Seismograph Stories; Mars Lies Die; Double Helix Again; Drudge Warning
Issue439, Sunday, Mar 1, 2015 Magnetosphere Eddy; Dusting the Earth; New Madrid Animation; Cover-up Wars
Issue438, Sunday, Feb 22, 2015 Escanaba Light Show; Aussie Bend; Trinidad in Pieces; Zetas Right Again!; Words of Wisdom
Issue437, Sunday, Feb 15, 2015 Rising and Sinking Land; 675 Foot Sea Level Rise; Houseboat Living
Issue436, Sunday, Feb 8, 2015 Creeping Disclosure; Nemesis Revived
Issue435, Sunday, Feb 1, 2015 Je Suis Charlie; Mossad Signature; Viewing Instructions; Swiss Franc Jolt
Issue434, Sunday, Jan 25, 2015 Punching Out Harry Reid; New Madrid Precursors; Aftertime Teams
Issue433, Sunday, Jan 18, 2015 Pedophile Reveals; Quake Patterns; Electro-Magnetic Pulse
Issue432, Sunday, Jan 11, 2015 Council of Worlds Rules; Pocketbook Hits; ISS UFOs
Issue431, Sunday, Jan 4, 2015 Magnetic Sickness; Planet X Visibility; Pope Francis as Advocate
Issue430, Sunday, Dec 28, 2014 Wobble Data; De Ja Vu Little Alien; De Ja Vu LA Airport; Conquering Gravity
Issue429, Sunday, Dec 21, 2014 Flash and Parry
Issue428, Sunday, Dec 14, 2014 Alternatives 1-2-3; Atlantic Booms
Issue427, Sunday, Dec 7, 2014 Tunguska Redo; Fergusen Riots
Issue426, Sunday, Nov 30, 2014 Rosetta Revelations; Public Face Confusion
Issue425, Sunday, Nov 23, 2014 Whither the Cities; Forced Labor; Martial Law; Alternatives
Issue424, Sunday, Nov 16, 2014 Mangrove Island; UFO Credibility Wars; Konstantin’s Animations; IRIS Downtime
Issue423, Sunday, Nov 9, 2014 Announcement War; The Rules
Issue422, Sunday, Nov 2, 2014 Solar Eclipse Revelation; Inactive Volcanos Awaken; Secession
Issue421, Sunday, Oct 26, 2014 Famous UFO Stories
Issue420, Sunday, Oct 19, 2014 Secret Service Fail; Black Sea Tsunami; Georgia Guidestones
Issue419, Sunday, Oct 12, 2014 Halted Orbit Proof; Scotland Independence
Issue418, Sunday, Oct 5, 2014 Noah’s Arc; Deluge Descends; Magnetic Crop Circles
Issue417, Sunday, Sep 28, 2014 Dark Twin Passing; Russia Adjusts; US Prepares
Issue416, Sunday, Sep 21, 2014 Double Helix Redo; N American Bow; Launch Failures
Issue415, Sunday, Sep 14, 2014 Apollo Space Blob; Fort Knox Gold; Magnetosphere Wobble
Issue414, Sunday, Sep 7, 2014 Moon Man; Planet X Visibility; Crop Circle Proof; UFOs in the News; BRICS
Issue413, Sunday, Aug 31, 2014 Tunisia Sinking; Putin’s Double; Reading Google; Lightning Drama
Issue412, Sunday, Aug 24, 2014 Aliens on Film; Toxic Algae; MH 17 Investigation
Issue411, Sunday, Aug 17, 2014 Ebola Outbreak; Taiwan Sinking; Double Helix; Crop Circle Messages; New Video Clips
Issue410, Sunday, Aug 10, 2014 Crashing Planes; Seaway Wobble; Peru Skulls; Element of Doubt
Issue409, Sunday, Aug 3, 2014 Ukraine Tragedy; Moscow Metro Zapped; Wobble Ship Disasters; Planet X Unfiltered
Issue408, Sunday, Jul 27, 2014 Chinaman; 8 of 10 Evidence; Elite Karma
Issue407, Sunday, Jul 20, 2014 Annunaki Allies; Blinding the Public; Migration Horrors; New Video Clips
Issue406, Sunday, Jul 13, 2014 Stopped Rotation Alarmists; Earth’s Magnetic Field; Magnetic Wobble; Homo Habilis in Himalayas
Issue405, Sunday, Jul 6, 2014 Planes off Radar; ZetaTalk in Crop Circles; Continuous Movement
Issue404, Sunday, Jun 29, 2014 Alien Technology Envy; Transformation Goals; Planet X Visibility; Timeline Anxiety
Issue403, Sunday, Jun 22, 2014 Slender Man Possession; Population Control
Issue402, Sunday, Jun 15, 2014 Howling Earth; Double Helix Swirls; Grasdorf Pictogram; Obama’s Double
Issue401, Sunday, Jun 8, 2014 Arming Agencies; Signs from the Sea; Russian Rocket Failures
Issue400, Sunday, Jun 1, 2014 Insidious 7 of 10; Climate Change Debate; Snake Mythology
Issue399, Sunday, May 25, 2014 The Tail Cometh; Quake Cover-up; Wealth Distribution
Issue398, Sunday, May 18, 2014 Disaster Preparation; Afghanistan Landslide; Disclosure Hints
Issue397, Sunday, May 11, 2014 Vatican Admission; Secession; Nessie Discovered
Issue396, Sunday, May 4, 2014 Korea Ferry Disaster; GLONASS Failure; Blood Moons; Earth Orientation Graphs; Planet X Looms Closer
Issue395, Sunday, Apr 27, 2014 Ancient Maps; Genocide
Issue394, Sunday, Apr 20, 2014 India Steadily Sinks; Chile 8.2 Quake; Egyptian Records; Last Passage Dating
Issue393, Sunday, Apr 13, 2014 Increased Visibility; Philippine Plate Fold; Landslides; River Danger Zones; New Video Clips
Issue392, Sunday, Apr 6, 2014 Australia’s Min Min; Reinventing NASA; Malaysia 066
Issue391, Sunday, Mar 30, 2014 Alberto’s Technique; Bait and Switch; Noah and Exodus Movies
Issue390, Sunday, Mar 23, 2014 Malaysia 370 Vanishes; Electro-Magnetic Pulse; NASA’s Apologies
Issue389, Sunday, Mar 16, 2014 Annunaki Bloodline; Aftertime Postures; ZetaTalk Outreach
Issue388, Sunday, Mar 9, 2014 Internet Options; Atlantic Droop; Second Sun; Weather Wobble Shift
Issue387, Sunday, Mar 2, 2014 California NightWalkers; Dead Bankers; Life in the Volcano Zone
Issue386, Sunday, Feb 23, 2014 Visitor Traces; Planet X Correlation; Kepler Wobble; 8 of 10 Changes
Issue385, Sunday, Feb 16, 2014 Burning Snow; Remote Viewing; Wobble Landings
Issue384, Sunday, Feb 9, 2014 Mars Rock; Banking Restrictions; Drudge Warning
Issue383, Sunday, Feb 2, 2014 Tall Whites Engage; Google Moon; Building with Trash
Issue382, Sunday, Jan 26, 2014 UFO Excuses; Circular Logic; Nibiru Drum Roll
Issue381, Sunday, Jan 19, 2014 Crop Circle Crisscross; N America Trail Wrecks; Making Soap
Issue380, Sunday, Jan 12, 2014 Screaming Earth; Karen Hudes Revelations; Weather Wobble Intensifies
Issue379, Sunday, Jan 5, 2014 Google/Amazon Robots; Russian Rip; S African Assassin; Wobble Obvious
Issue378, Sunday, Dec 29, 2013 Planet X Surprise; Satellite Battles; Media Battles; Rioting Triggers; Bitcoin Future
Issue377, Sunday, Dec 22, 2013 ISON Disintegrates; Replacement Homes; Military Purge
Issue376, Sunday, Dec 15, 2013 Buoy Blackout; Pole Shift in Legend; Land Cracks
Issue375, Sunday, Dec 8, 2013 Second Sunrise; Killer Storms; Killer Asteroids; Yemen Yawn; Life in the Submerged Zone
Issue374, Sunday, Dec 1, 2013 Eclipse Revelations; Japan Trends; National Geographic Again!; Rescue Expectations; Malala’s Light
Issue373, Sunday, Nov 24, 2013 National Geographic Channel; Mad Max Maneuvers; Planet X Photo Captures
Issue372, Sunday, Nov 17, 2013 Wobble Moment; Venus Ghosts; Oarfish Warnings; UK Stretch Hum
Issue371, Sunday, Nov 10, 2013 Reading Sir Richard; Philippine Plate Tilts; New Madrid Preamble; EBS Riot Test
Issue370, Sunday, Nov 3, 2013 Caribbean Tilting; Bugs as Food; Earthquake Increase; Announcement Posturing
Issue369, Sunday, Oct 27, 2013 Bigfoot Hybrids; Comet ISON Hype; Sunda Plate Flooding
Issue368, Sunday, Oct 20, 2013 Green Bay Split; Trinidad Sinking; African Roll History; Pakistan Mud Islands; Cover-Up Lies
Issue367, Sunday, Oct 13, 2013 Cover-up Bloopers; Global Warming Contested; Dead Sea Sinkholes; Navy Yard Shooting
Issue366, Sunday, Oct 6, 2013 Syria Resolution; Antarctic Plate Roll; Louisiana Sinkhole Growing; Making Garments; Spinning; Weaving
Issue365, Sunday, Sep 29, 2013 European Migration; Asian Migration; Americas Migrations; Fish Kills; Legitimate Crop Circles
Issue364, Sunday, Sep 22, 2013 Survival Tips Refresher; India Sinking; N Pacific Crunch; UFO Lore Unraveling
Issue363, Sunday, Sep 15, 2013 Hercolubus; Whirlpools; Urban Gardening
Issue362, Sunday, Sep 8, 2013 Moon Orbit Extremes; Continuous Quake Zones; Antarctica Roll; Maggots; Chickens and Goats
Issue361, Sunday, Sep 1, 2013 Gorgeous Second Sun; Elysium Future or Now; BATSRUS Revelations; Announcement History
Issue360, Sunday, Aug 25, 2013 Bow Stress in the Americas; More Wobble Proof; Thermal Image; Magnetic Trimester; Grabbing the Stage
Issue359, Sunday, Aug 18, 2013 Man Not First; Evidence of Wobble; Bankruptcy Binge; Distracted Drivers
Issue358, Sunday, Aug 11, 2013 8 of 10 Visibility; 8 of 10 Expectations; Minor Tsunami; Pole Shift Severity; New Video Clips
Issue357, Sunday, Aug 4, 2013 Mass Hysteria; Wobble Focus; White House Down
Issue356, Sunday, July 28, 2013 Half Past Human Demise; HAARP Demise; Neil deGrasse Tyson Humility; Australia Maneuvers; SOFIA
Issue355, Sunday, July 21, 2013 Belated Apologies; Africa Obsession; Marshall Islands Swamped; Stretch Flooding
Issue354, Sunday, July 14, 2013 Hastings Assassination; Atkinson Bunker; Moon Torque; Media Awareness
Issue353, Sunday, July 7, 2013 Sun North and Bright; Title 14 Expose; Canadian Disclosure; Bleeding Trees
Issue352, Sunday, June 30, 2013 Long-Exposure Proof; Bilderberg Plans; Google Maps; Russian TV
Issue351, Sunday, June 23, 2013 Bahamas Stalagmites; Wobble Ice; Larry King on RT; Russian’s Borders
Issue350, Sunday, June 16, 2013 Eurasian Plate Rattled; Magma Storms; Mummy’s Curse; ZetaTalk Frauds
Issue349, Sunday, June 9, 2013 Star Trek Revelations; Military Matters; Moon Meteors
Issue348, Sunday, June 2, 2013 ISS Crisis; Annunaki Evacuation; Sinking Feeling; Anticipating the End Times
Issue347, Sunday, May 26, 2013 Neil deGrasse Tyson; Gravity at the Core; Citizen Hearing on Disclosure; Louisiana Sinkhole
Issue346, Sunday, May 19, 2013 Egypt’s Sunken Cities; River Booms; Kolbrin History; Switcheroo on Planet X; Stereo Proof
Issue345, Sunday, May 12, 2013 Creeping Disclosure; Greers False Claims; Earthquake Lies; Red Dust and Hawks; Boston Bombing
Issue344, Sunday, May 5, 2013 Global Warming Assassinations; Critter Quake Predictors; African Roll Footprint; Dark Lightning
Issue343, Sunday, Apr 28, 2013 PPP Survey; Weather Wobble; Sequester Debunking; Biogas Power; Dog Attack Increase
Issue342, Sunday, Apr 21, 2013 Imperfect Union; Who to Trust; Dinosaurs Among Us
Issue341, Sunday, Apr 14, 2013 Weather Channel Special; Cyprus Cash Grab; Undeniable; Urban Farms
Issue340, Sunday, Apr 7, 2013 America Bow Booms; GodlikeProduction Demise; Plague of Locusts; Pope Francis
Issue339, Sunday, Mar 31, 2013 Chinese Espionage; Comet Confusion; Chavez Death; Conscious Contact; New Video Clips
Issue338, Sunday, Mar 24, 2013 Transparent Excuses; Wobble Patterns; Where the Beef?
Issue337, Sunday, Mar 17, 2013 Escape to Mars; Rising Birth Defects; Spontaneous Combustion
Issue336, Sunday, Mar 10, 2013 Checkmark Close; Tail Blitz; Bolide Blitz; North Sea Stretch; Iraq Squeeze; Annunaki in Antarctica; Above Top Secret Interview
Issue335, Sunday, Mar 3, 2013 7 of 10 Domino; Trinidad Shelf; Great Lakes Drought; 8 of 10 Overlap
Issue334, Sunday, Feb 24, 2013 General Allen Resigns; Super Dome Blackout; Zombie Apocalypse; Pope Benedict Resigns
Issue333, Sunday, Feb 17, 2013 Morph to Climate Change; Russian Disclosure; Greer’s Tiny Alien
Issue332, Sunday, Feb 10, 2013 Eurasian Stretch; Nazca Crush; Last Week Heat
Issue331, Sunday, Feb 3, 2013 Obama as Lincoln; Sandy Hook Conspiracies; Sunda Still Sinking
Issue330, Sunday, Jan 27, 2013 Eclipsed Moon Swirl; Asteroid Watch; Weather Extremes; Annunaki
Issue329, Sunday, Jan 20, 2013 Volcano Excuses; Wandering Planet Admissions; Cracking Crust; Looming Venus/Dark Twin
Issue328, Sunday, Jan 13, 2013 New Year’s Fireworks; Wobble Confirmation; Mars Gold; Elite Exodus
Issue327, Sunday, Jan 6, 2013 Brilliant Brazil; Jupiter/Saturn Tilting; Medvedev Disclosure
Issue326, Sunday, Dec 30, 2012 Planet X Path; Path Step-by-Step; Christmas Hammer; 2012 Panic; New Video Clips
Issue325, Sunday, Dec 23, 2012 In Plain Sight; Fire Fog; Wobble Hurricanes; Orion Wrong; Bigfoot DNA
Issue324, Sunday, Dec 16, 2012 Sandy Island Disappears; Decommissioned Buoys; When Liars Confess; Paper Filter
Issue323, Sunday, Dec 9, 2012 Sinking Admissions; Christmas Hammer; Moon Swirl Correlation; Petraeus Affair; Mars Admissions
Issue322, Sunday, Dec 2, 2012 Polar Ice Conundrum; Dark Twin Crowds Close; Plates on the Move; Internet Slowdown
Issue321, Sunday, Nov 25, 2012 Ode to Nate Silver; Big and Bold; Bow Stress; Mammoth Teen Unthaws
Issue320, Sunday, Nov 18, 2012 Mice on Mars; Sandy's Aftermath; Dead Phones
Issue319, Sunday, Nov 11, 2012 Frankenstorm Cause; Cylindrical UFO Duet; Sunda Soggy; Spain Cracking
Issue318, Sunday, Nov 4, 2012 Direct Tail Blast; Buoy Murder; Tending the Dead; Space Port Earth; New Video Clips
Issue317, Sunday, Oct 28, 2012 Wobble Crop Circles; String of Pearls; Strategic Petroleum Reserves; Billionaire Solutions
Issue316, Sunday, Oct 21, 2012 Focus Groups; Costa Rica Plate Shift; South Sea Worries; Bores and Bears; Led by Children
Issue315, Sunday, Oct 14, 2012 Setting the Stage; Oval Office Address; Africa Rolls On; Political Connections
Issue314, Sunday, Oct 7, 2012 Announcement Stumbles; Dipole Clues; Jupiter Explosions; Eating Rodents
Issue313, Sunday, Sep 30, 2012 Council of Worlds Push; False Starts; Drip-Feed Disclosure; Announcement Concerns; Disclosure Panic
Issue312, Sunday, Sep 23, 2012 Trojan Asteroid Excuse; Red Skies; Goats on Mars; Isaac’s Lessons; Fog Water
Issue311, Sunday, Sep 16, 2012 Scooby Doo Leads the Way; Wobble Temps; S America Rolls On; Overview Interview
Issue310, Sunday, Sep 9, 2012 Pending Announcement; Planet X History; Things of Worth
Issue309, Sunday, Sep 2, 2012 Louisiana Sinkhole; Annunaki History; Mawson Coverup; Harvest Time
Issue308, Sunday, Aug 26, 2012 Great Wall Collapse; Handicapped? Not Me!; Manila Goes Under; Farm Guards
Issue307, Sunday, Aug 19, 2012 Rover Curiosity; Moon Swirl Correlation; Madagascar Chevrons; Without Meat
Issue306, Sunday, Aug 12, 2012 Second Sun at Mawson; Wobble Obvious; Life Without Electricity; Ebola Outbreak
Issue305, Sunday, Aug 5, 2012 Moon Cities and Domes; Dark Knight Possession; 7 of 10 Crunches On; Olympics Opening UFO
Issue304, Sunday, Jul 29, 2012 Moon Wobbles; Second Great Depression; Cover-up Collapse; Drought and Deluge
Issue303, Sunday, Jul 22, 2012 Signs in the Sky; Triangulating Planet X; Krymsk Flash Flood; Polarized End Times; Kudzu Self Reliance
Issue302, Sunday, Jul 15, 2012 Shrinking Britain; Black Sea Stretch; Derecho Develops; Fireball Increase; Costa Rica Crush
Issue301, Sunday, Jul 8, 2012 Crop Circle Frauds; Himalaya Swirl; NASA’s New Eyes; N American Bow Stress; NancyLieder Tweets
Issue300, Sunday, Jul 1, 2012 Media Phone; India Steady Sink; UFO Plethora; Tornados Worldwide
Issue299, Sunday, Jun 24, 2012 The Boat People; Without Satellites; Photo Confirmation
Issue298, Sunday, Jun 17, 2012 Venus Transit Wobble; Zombie Attack; June 6-7 Global Slam
Issue297, Sunday, Jun 10, 2012 Frankenstein Monster; Venus Transit Veers; Sunda Settling
Issue296, Sunday, Jun 3, 2012 Nemesis Revived; Drone Swarms; Beyond 2012; Argentina Bend
Issue295, Sunday, May 27, 2012 Eclipse History; May 20-21 Eclipse; Planet X Personas; Rain Blame Game
Issue294, Sunday, May 20, 2012 Blinding the Public; Polarized Cover-up; Sunda Crunch
Issue293, Sunday, May 13, 2012 Cover-up Capers; Elephant in the Room; Arabian Plate Grind; Mountain Floods; More Albinos
Issue292, Sunday, May 6, 2012 Wobble Washed Poles; Starvation Alternatives; Salt Lake Safety; Satellite Failure
Issue290, Sunday, Apr 22, 2012 Dark Twin Rising; Aceh Slip-Slide; Red Filter How-to; Jelled Water and Air
Issue289, Sunday, Apr 15, 2012 Viva the Mexican Heart; N America Diagonal Yin-Yang; Buoy 46419 Waves; Fiji Flooding; Red Filter Revolution; Slowing Rotation
Issue288, Sunday, Apr 8, 2012 Direct Hit; Red Filter Video; SOHO Confirmation; Explaining Planet X; Trench Curiosity; Safe Locations on iPad
Issue287, Sunday, Apr 1, 2012 Cover-up Battle; Cocos Plate Crunch; Wisconsin Stretch; Ameritrade Alternative; Mount Safety
Issue286, Sunday, Mar 25, 2012 Asteroid Threat; Wobble Temps; Pacific Compression; FEMA Demoted
Issue285, Sunday, Mar 18, 2012 Red Filter Revolution; Mirror Site Attack; NASA's Desperation; Banned in China; Tornado Plague; Domino Quakes; Malaysia's Embarrassment
Issue284, Sunday, Mar 11, 2012 Torn Internet Cables; Wyoming vs Kyrgyzstan; Americas Buoys; Neanderthal Implications; Safe Locations on iPhone
Issue283, Sunday, Mar 4, 2012 Sunda Sunk; Sakurajima Erupts; Agulhas Whirlpool; Evidence of Aliens; USGS Disclaimers
Issue282, Sunday, Feb 26, 2012 Fault Line Boxes; Red Filter Revolution; Looming Venus Redux; Jakarta Sinking; New Disinformation Campaigns
Issue281, Sunday, Feb 19, 2012 Half-Time Commercials; Wobble Figure 8; Philippines Hammering; Wiki's Shame
Issue280, Sunday, Feb 12, 2012 Annunaki Traces; Wobble Worsens; Photo Confirmation; Australia Awash Again; Contactee Battleground
Issue279, Sunday, Feb 5, 2012 Solar Maximum Arrives; SOPA and PIPA; S American Roll Ongoing; Blinding the Public; Albino Increase
Issue278, Sunday, Jan 29, 2012 Planet X Photos; Antarctic Plate Lifting; Cartagena Smoking; Mediterranean Stretch; Cruise on the Rocks; Borneo Rumble; Hong Kong Tsunami
Issue277, Sunday, Jan 22, 2012 Costa Rica Drums; S America Flooding; Turkey Sinkhole; Wobble Switch; Obama's Military
Issue276, Sunday, Jan 15, 2012 Codex Alimentarius; Africa/Australia Land Grabs; NASA Lies Again; Norway Stretch
Issue275, Sunday, Jan 8, 2012 Mariana Trench Collapse; 7 of 10 Year in Review; Africa Roll Prelim
Issue274, Sunday, Jan 1, 2012 Mindanao Tsunami; Newgrange Sun South; Methane Madness; Two Moons
Issue273, Sunday, Dec 25, 2011 Java Cockpit View; North Sea Hurricanes; IRIS 7 of 10 Revelation; Fracking Earthquake Excuses
Issue272, Sunday, Dec 18, 2011 Mercury UFO; Senate Bill 1867; Sunda Sinks / Australia Tilts
Issue271, Sunday, Dec 11, 2011 Olsen the Amateur; 2012 Revisited; Atlantic Stretch; NASA Attacks Nancy Lieder Again
Issue270, Sunday, Dec 4, 2011 Christmas Hammer; Asian Capitols Relocate; Asia Crumbles; Troops Home
Issue269, Sunday, Nov 27, 2011 Alien Skulls; Sunda Sinking Admissions; S America Bow; Wings and Tails
Issue268, Sunday, Nov 20, 2011 Plate Movements; Pakistan Then and Now; Zuma's Bunker; Puppet Master's Plans
Issue267, Sunday, Nov 13, 2011 Living in the Flood Zone; Military Millay Panic; EAS Coincidence; Mars Water
Issue266, Sunday, Nov 6, 2011 Arabian Roll; Red Auroras; Wobble Sloshing; Good Samaritan; Bangkok Goes Under
Issue265, Sunday, Oct 30, 2011 Thailand Accordion Fold; Caribbean Quash; Gadhafi Gone
Issue264, Sunday, Oct 23, 2011 Bangkok/Manila/Jakarta Soggy; Rena Stranded; Hoover Dam Flutters; Insurance Faltering
Issue263, Sunday, Oct 16, 2011 NASA's Body Language; Elite Plans; Populous Paralysis; Occupy Wall Street; Gas Line Explosions
Issue262, Sunday, Oct 9, 2011 Africa Trembles; Asia Drowning; Planet X Viewing; Faster than Light; New Video Clips
Issue261, Sunday, Oct 2, 2011 Blackouts Return; Guatemala Crosshairs; Disinformation Patterns
Issue260, Sunday, Sep 25, 2011 Latitude 14° N; Caribbean Muzzle; NASA's Mega Storm; Tatooine Redux; Venus Lingers
Issue259, Sunday, Sep 18, 2011 Dark Twin Looms; Venus Looms; Faces of Planet X; New Madrid Quakes
Issue258, Sunday, Sep 11, 2011 Sea of Azov Squeeze; Saltwater Intrusion; Swift Moon
Issue257, Sunday, Sep 4, 2011 Florida Howl; Bending Plates; Luzon Sinks; DC Panic
Issue256, Sunday, Aug 28, 2011 Gaddafi Falls; Moon's Face Torque; Windsor Rumble; Paul as Skinny Bob
Issue255, Sunday, Aug 21, 2011 Kiev Trumpets; Trail Derailments; Prospecting Antactica; London Riots
Issue254, Sunday, Aug 14, 2011 Earthquake Increase; India to Puero Rico; Disclosure vs Distraction; Debt Crisis
Issue253, Sunday, Aug 7, 2011 Pisgah Panic; Promoting Nancy; Sao Paulo UFO; Bangkok Sinking; Aftertime Borders
Issue252, Sunday, Jul 31, 2011 Executive Order 13575; Rogue Waves Explained; Stretch Zone Rivers; Sea Monsters; Wobble Documentation
Issue251, Sunday, Jul 24, 2011 Bow Tightens; Brilliant Planets; Elenin Gullibility; Snow in Summer
Issue250, Sunday, Jul 17, 2011 7 of 10 Creep; Signs in the Sky; Elite Hideaways; Kerala Cobra Curse
Issue249, Sunday, Jul 10, 2011 Falcon Lands on Luzon; Cornwall Tsunami; Noah's Arc; Seaway Stretch
Issue248, Sunday, Jul 3, 2011 Pacific Compression; Methane Death; Global Warming Fail; Surging Clocks
Issue247, Sunday, Jun 26, 2011 Indo-Australian Tilt; Lack of Warning; Lens Flare Confusion; Omaha Close Call
Issue246, Sunday, Jun 19, 2011 Chile's Boiling River; Domino Plates; Sinking Cities; Hot and Cold
Issue245, Sunday, Jun 12, 2011 Plates on the Move; Crop Circle Focus; USGS Shell Game
Issue244, Sunday, Jun 5, 2011 Wild Weather; Alien Threat; Planetary Clash; Two Months in Indonesia
Issue243, Sunday, May 29, 2011 Easing Toward Truth; SOHO/Stereo Evidence; S America Grind; Hong Kong Flooding
Issue242, Sunday, May 22, 2011 Fort Worth Lightning; Sunda Plate Bend; Indonesia Press Awakens; Annunaki Dollars
Issue241, Sunday, May 15, 2011 Magnetic Dance; Caribbean Borders; Borneo as Preview; New Video Clips
Issue240, Sunday, May 8, 2011 Zetas on Video; Pacific Heap; 7 of 10 Twinning/Dunking; Clean Water; Caribbean Sinking
Issue239, Sunday, May 1, 2011 April 20 Arrives; FBI Memos; UFO Blitz; Second Sun Sex
Issue238, Sunday, Apr 24, 2011 St. Vincent Sinks; Giant Whirlpools; Lingering Floods; Planet X Twist; Horseshoe Asteroid
Issue237, Sunday, Apr 17, 2011 Pacific Pingpong; Rescue Exhaustion; Blue Spirals
Issue236, Sunday, Apr 10, 2011 80 Foot Elevation; Fukushima's Slow Death; New Geography Confusion; Andrew's Video
Issue235, Sunday, Apr 3, 2011 Wishful Thinking; Indonesia Reality; Food Prices Rising
Issue234, Sunday, Mar 27, 2011 India Dropping; Sunda Plate Analysis; Americas Cracking
Issue233, Sunday, Mar 20, 2011 Japan Disaster; Nuclear Nightmare; Giant Whirlpool; Drowning in 1"
Issue232, Sunday, Mar 13, 2011 Taiwan Media; Signs in the Sky; Cracks and Crevases; Java Admissions
Issue231, Sunday, Mar 6, 2011 Andes Shifting; Caribbean Tilt; NYC Exploding Manholes; Indonesia Rain Blame Game
Issue230, Sunday, Feb 27, 2011 80 Foot Mark; Debunking Exposed; Prediction Relationships
Issue229, Sunday, Feb 20, 2011 Folding Pacific Confirmed; Jakarta at Risk; Singapore at Risk; Stars Speak Out
Issue228, Sunday, Feb 13, 2011 China Ghost Cities; S America Tugging; Jakarta Admissions; India Squeeze
Issue227, Sunday, Feb 6, 2011 Egypt Explodes; Plate Undulation Explained; Sinking Deepens; Obama's Stance
Issue226, Sunday, Jan 30, 2011 Sunrise Early; Australia Awash; Flooding Status; Sea Waters Admitted
Issue225, Sunday, Jan 23, 2011 ADDENDUM 20 Foot Elevation Drop in Java Confirmed by Google Satellite
Issue224, Sunday, Jan 23, 2011 Burma Plate Rising; Flooding Excuses; Flooding Status
Issue223, Sunday, Jan 16, 2011 Fiji Flooding; Coral Sea Snapshot; Undulation Delays; Japan Precursor
Issue222, Wednesday, Jan 9, 2011 INTERIM S America Cracking; Plate Tilting; Flooding Intensifies; More Excuses
Issue221, Sunday, Jan 9, 2011 Dead Birds/Fish; Excuses Galore; Borneo/Thailand/Bali Sinking
Issue220, Tuesday, Jan 4, 2011 INTERIM Philippines Sinking; Malaysia/Sumatra Buckling; North Java/Bali Sinking
Issue219, Friday, Dec 31, 2010 ADDENDUM Undulating Plate; Malaysia Sinking; Java Crumbling
Issue218, Friday, Dec 31, 2010 EARLY 7 of 10 Arrives!; Java Sinking; Plates Tilting
Issue217, Sunday Dec 25, 2010 Calm Before; Christmas Hammer; Media Silence; Pakistan Admitted; Folding Pacific; Pacific Wash
Issue216, Sunday Dec 19, 2010 Magnetic Twists; Finland Wobble; NASA's Deception
Issue215, Sunday Dec 12, 2010 Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign; Moon Tilt; Panama Sinking
Issue214, Sunday Dec 5, 2010 Magnetic Eddy; Greased Plates; Trimester Approaching
Issue213, Sunday Nov 28, 2010 Second Sun Rising; Mother Shipton; Javanese Prophecy; European Floods
Issue212, Sunday Nov 21, 2010 Africa Roll Hints; Pakistan Elevation; Jet Stream Gyrations; Denver Dangers; Service Unavailable, New Video Clips
Issue211, Sunday Nov 14, 2010 N Andes Crunch; Indonesia Buckling; Glen Beck's Warnings
Issue210, Sunday Nov 7, 2010 Sitchin RIP; Caribbean Crunch; Indonesia Volcanoes
Issue209, Sunday Oct 31, 2010 Magma Waves; Wobble in the Media; Great Lakes Cyclone; Webbots Twist
Issue208, Sunday Oct 24, 2010 7 of 10 Drum Roll; Indonesia Elevations; Sierra Scramble
Issue207, Sunday Oct 17, 2010 7 of 10 Sequence; S America Roll; Seaway Rip
Issue206, Sunday Oct 10, 2010 Texas Horror; Trimesters Confirmed; World Awash
Issue205, Sunday Oct 3, 2010 Ancient Salt Flats; Satellite Wobble; UN Disclosure
Issue204, Sunday Sep 26, 2010 Jakarta is Sinking; Iraq Smoldering; NASA's Eraser
Issue203, Sunday Sep 19, 2010 Fault Line Explosions; 7 Steps; Rattled Wobble
Issue202, Sunday Sep 12, 2010 Asteroid Excuse; New Zealand Tumble; Moon Oddities
Issue201, Sunday Sep 5, 2010 Pakistan Floods; N American Fracture; Red Lakes
Issue200, Sunday Aug 29, 2010 Public Access Denied; Chemtrails Disappear; Japan Crunch
Issue199, Sunday Aug 22, 2010 UFO Warnings; Last Weeks Timeline; Folding Pacific
Issue198, Sunday Aug 15, 2010 Earthquake Increase; Blooming Planets; Crop Circle Comparison
Issue197, Sunday Aug 8, 2010 Deforming Magnetosphere; NASA's Cover; G1.9 Cover
Issue196, Sunday Aug 1, 2010 July 20 Predictions; July 20 Happenings; Crop Circle Progression
Issue195, Sunday Jul 25, 2010 Light Towers; Second Sun Captures; NASA Contradictions
Issue194, Sunday Jul 18, 2010 Eclipse Revelations; Heatwaves; Serpentine Dance Ends
Issue193, Sunday Jul 11, 2010 Coral Sea Rising; India's Grim Fate; Snow in Summer; Moon Orbit Extremes
Issue192, Sunday Jul 4, 2010 Second Sun Visibility; NASA Warnings; Gulf Evacuation
Issue191, Sunday Jun 27, 2010 N American Bow; Increasing Deluge; Crop Circle Season
Issue190, Sunday Jun 20, 2010 China Sinkholes; Thunderbolts of the Gods; Flash Floods
Issue189, Sunday Jun 13, 2010 Crop Circle Bonanza; Oil Well Explosions; Solar Confusion; Spiraling Fireball
Issue188, Sunday Jun 6, 2010 8 of 10 Hints; Trumpeting; Guatemala Crunch
Issue187, Sunday May 30, 2010 Impassable Roads; Spiral Hoax; Atlantic Shifting; Pole Shift Survival
Issue186, Sunday May 23, 2010 Moon Watching; Double Whammy; ZetaSquawk Demise
Issue185, Sunday May 16, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill; Sudden Sinkholes; Media Suppression; New Video Clips
Issue184, Sunday May 9, 2010 Second Sun Explosion; Blue Clues; Haiti Aftermath
Issue183, Sunday May 2, 2010 Synchronicity of Clues; Dancing Partners; Pipeline Dangers
Issue182, Sunday Apr 25, 2010 Coral Sea Rise; China Hammered; Iceland Volcanoes
Issue181, Sunday Apr 18, 2010 Dark Twin Looms; Magnetosphere Clues; Earth Stop Show
Issue180, Sunday Apr 11, 2010 Baja Bow Breaks; Slum Survival; Toyota Recall Cause
Issue179, Sunday Apr 4, 2010 Evidence of Wobble; South Atlantic Cyclone; Caribbean Crunch
Issue178, Sunday Mar 28, 2010 Nemesis Returns; 7 of 10 Baseline; 7 of 10 Progress; Jet Stream Twists
Issue177, Sunday Mar 21, 2010 Blood Falls; Pyramid UFO Warnings; Cloud Signs
Issue176, Sunday Mar 14, 2010 Listing Left; Satellite Evidence; Oarfish Omen; New Video Clips
Issue175, Sunday Mar 7, 2010 Future Maps; Chile Quake; 7 of 10
Issue174, Sunday Feb 28, 2010 Submarine Safety; SOHO Editing; SOHO Checkmarks; Pole Shift Ning
Issue173, Sunday Feb 21, 2010 CEO Resignations; Compass Confusion; Wobble Worsening
Issue172, Sunday Feb 14, 2010 NASA Excuses; String of Pearls Redux; Volcano Uptick
Issue171, Sunday Feb 7, 2010 Moons Astray; Shiva; Europe Awash
Issue170, Sunday Jan 31, 2010 NASA Cover-up; Radar Circles; S America Roll
Issue169, Sunday Jan 24, 2010 Haiti Quake; Armageddon Week; N Pole Migrating; String of Pearls
Issue168, Sunday Jan 17, 2010 Second Sun in Clouds; Official Resignations; Winter Weather
Issue167, Sunday Jan 10, 2010 Tail of Planet X; Asteroid Defense; San Diego Quakes
Issue166, Sunday Jan 3, 2010 Inuit Observations; In the News; Snow Circle
Issue165, Sunday Dec 27, 2009 USDA Double Speak; Crop Failure; Fake Gold
Issue164, Sunday Dec 20, 2009 Spiral Warnings; Moscow Tetrahedron; SOHO Downtime; New Video Clips
Issue163, Sunday Dec 13, 2009 SOHO Says So; Planet of the Crossing; Neon Swirls
Issue162, Sunday Dec 6, 2009 ClimateGate; Al Gore's Role; Internet Future
Issue161, Sunday Nov 29, 2009 Asteroid Blitz; Fireball Clouds; Weather Records
Issue160, Sunday Nov 22, 2009 2012 Movie; Disclosure; New Video Clips
Issue159, Sunday Nov 15, 2009 Brazil Blackout; California Cringing; SOHO Revealed
Issue158, Sunday Nov 8, 2009 Magnetic Twist; Ukraine Plague; July/August 2010
Issue157, Sunday Nov 1, 2009 Puerto Rico Blast; Slowing Rotation; Media Hoaxes
Issue156, Sunday Oct 25, 2009 Magnetic Trimesters; Italy Landslips; Moscow Halo Cloud
Issue155, Sunday Oct 18, 2009 Earth Roar; Moon Bust; Dollar Death
Issue154, Sunday Oct 11, 2009 Samoa/Sumatra Slam; S Pole Missing; Reverse Evolution
Issue153, Sunday Oct 4, 2009 End Time Preview; Russia Disclosure; New Zealand View
Issue152, Sunday Sep 27, 2009 Financier Suicides; Sunspot Dearth; Cover-up Consternation
Issue151, Sunday Sep 20, 2009 China UFO Disclosure; Alien Skulls; Drought Impact
Issue150, Sunday Sep 13, 2009 Crazed Cows; Internet Survival; Water Main Breaks
Issue149, Sunday Sep 6, 2009 Swine Flu Vaccination; North Star Wobble; Phobos Monolith
Issue148, Sunday Aug 30, 2009 Sajano-Shushenskoj; Second Sun Confusion; Collapsing Bridges
Issue147, Sunday Aug 23, 2009 Taiwan Typhoon; Crop Circle Repetition; Wild Dog Packs
Issue146, Sunday Aug 16, 2009 Brujas of Monterrey; Birther Movement; Magnetosphere Nausea
Issue145, Sunday Aug 9, 2009 Cataclysm Crazies; Noctilucent Clouds; Unstable Dams
Issue144, Sunday Aug 2, 2009 Wobble Tides; Wobble Weather; Magnetic Blast
Issue143, Sunday Jul 26, 2009 Earthquake Lights; Sinking/Rising Land; Flaming Water
Issue142, Sunday Jul 19, 2009 Mexico UFO; Homelessness; Yemen Airbus Crash; Disney Monorail Crash
Issue141, Sunday Jul 12, 2009 Quake Patterns; Second Sun Struggle; Falling Down
Issue140, Sunday Jul 5, 2009 Moon Phases; Telepathy Envy; Crop Circle Blitz
Issue139, Sunday Jun 28, 2009 Bombing the Moon; Classified Bolides; Brooklyn Building Collapse; DC Metro Crash
Issue138, Sunday Jun 21, 2009 Michelle's Harvest; One Billion Starving; Finegan Fine; Ode to Fans
Issue137, Sunday Jun 14, 2009 Wobble Clouds; Winged Globe Flight; Crop Circle Creatures
Issue136, Sunday Jun 7, 2009 Air France Disaster; Atlantic Rift Magnet; Scripted Drama
Issue135, Sunday May 30, 2009 2012 Warnings; N Korea Aggression; Iran Defense; Crop Circle Warning
Issue134, Sunday May 23, 2009 GPS Failure; Magnetosphere Anomalies; Falling Down
Issue133, Sunday May 16, 2009 Moon Angels; Sweden Disclosure; Moscow Gas Explosion; Video Clip on Pandemics
Issue132, Sunday May 9, 2009 Black Sea Video; Swine Flu Fizzle; Crop Circle Season
Issue131, Sunday May 2, 2009 Swine Flu; Quake Ramifications; Self Sustaining Homestead
Issue130, Sunday Apr 26, 2009 Second Sun Returns; Crop Circle Warning; Area 51 Defense
Issue129, Sunday Apr 19, 2009 Chemtrails; Going Local; Italy Quake
Issue128, Sunday Apr 12, 2009 G20 Discussions; Mark-to-Market; Migration Surge
Issue127, Sunday Apr 5, 2009 Blame the Sun; Winged Globe; Tent Cities Return
Issue126, Sunday Mar 29, 2009 Imploding Buildings; Submarine Crash; World Currency; ZetaTalk Weekly Radio
Issue125, Sunday Mar 22, 2009 ISS Close Call; Victory Gardens; Gun Bans
Issue124, Sunday Mar 15, 2009 The Grudge; Pandemic Attempts; Plate Roll
Issue123, Sunday Mar 8, 2009 Mexico Drug Wars; Booms and Shaking; Martial Law Agenda
Issue122, Sunday Mar 1, 2009 Atlantis Discovered?; Economic Black Hole; Solar Confusion
Issue121, Sunday Feb 22, 2009 Satellite Collision; Canadian Disclosure; Job Loss; Video Clip on Yellowstone
Issue120, Sunday Feb 15, 2009 Food Shortage Looming; North America on the Rack; Planet X During Eclipse
Issue119, Sunday Feb 8, 2009 Barter System; Frying and Freezing; Somalia Adrift
Issue118, Sunday Feb 1, 2009 Fireballs Increase; Waterworlds; Continental Drift
Issue117, Sunday Jan 25, 2009 Mike Connell; 3,600 Years Ago in Peru
Issue116, Sunday Jan 18, 2009 Hard Landing; Continental Divide; Quake Statistics
Issue115, Sunday Jan 11, 2009 Harmonic Tremor; Caldera Eruptions; New Madrid Booms
Issue114, Sunday Jan 4, 2009 ADDENDUM Video Clip on Quake Warnings
Issue113, Sunday Jan 4, 2009 Shifting Ground; Quake Uptick; 6 on 1-10 Scale
Issue112, Sunday Dec 28, 2008 Internet Cable Breaks; New Guinea Tides; Snow as Wobble Proof
Issue111, Monday Dec 22, 2008 ADDENDUM Video Clip on 2012
Issue110, Sunday Dec 21, 2008 Signs of the Second Great Depression; Magnetic Breach; Chemtrail Patterns
Issue109, Sunday Dec 14, 2008 Posse Comitatus; Food Snatch; Chickens as Pets
Issue108, Sunday Dec 7, 2008 Mars Wood; Mumbai Attack; Disclosure Progress
Issue107, Sunday Nov 30, 2008 Quake Patterns; New Madrid Warnings; Survival Steps; Canada Fireballs
Issue106, Sunday Nov 23, 2008 Pirates; Chicago Canals; Weather Wobble
Issue105, Sunday Nov 16, 2008 Killer Kids; Caribbean Crunch; Obama as Lincoln
Issue104, Sunday Nov 9, 2008 Election Results; Wobble Readings; Yellowstone Frogs; Video Clip on Great Depression Redux
Issue103, Sunday Nov 2, 2008 London Pink Cloud; Lean to the Left; Double Whammy
Issue102, Sunday Oct 26, 2008 Failure in Iraq; Election Fraud Fears; Yosemite Melting
Issue101, Sunday Oct 19, 2008 Cylee's Murder; President Obama; Martial Law Unit
Issue100, Sunday Oct 12, 2008 International Panic; International Rescue; Stressed Out
Issue 99, Sunday Oct 5, 2008 Out of Gas; Washed Out to Sea; Depression Patterns
Issue 98, Wednesday Oct 1, 2008 ADDENDUM Video Clip on Obama vs McCain
Issue 97, Sunday Sep 28, 2008 Israel Attack Plans; China Milk; Solar Wind Reduced
Issue 96, Sunday Sep 21, 2008 Ike's Lessons; Wall Street Crash; McCain's Confusion
Issue 95, Sunday Sep 14, 2008 Quake Patterns; Freddie and Fannie; Haiti Flooding
Issue 94, Sunday Sep 7, 2008 Arctic Melt; Fay's Path; 2008 Hurricane Season
Issue 93, Sunday Aug 31, 2008 Palin as VP; Video Clip on ZetaTalk Accuracy
Issue 92, Sunday Aug 24, 2008 Bigfoot Corpse; Robot with a Living Brain; Moon Phases
Issue 91, Sunday Aug 17, 2008 Russia Reacts; Seaway Snapping; Utah Crumbling
Issue 90, Sunday Aug 10, 2008 Anthrax Storyline; Beheading Blitz; Timeline Crop Circle
Issue 89, Sunday Aug 3, 2008 Green Bay Hum; Astronaut Disclosure; Coffin Panic
Issue 88, Sunday Jul 27, 2008 Mad Cow in US; 2012 Crop Circle; March 13 Closed Door Session
Issue 87, Sunday Jul 20, 2008 Life on Mars; Great Depression Redux; Alien Intervention
Issue 86, Sunday Jul 13, 2008 Magnetic Disruption; Bank Failures; Secklendorf Crop Circle; Video Clip on Survival Tips
Issue 85, Sunday Jul 6, 2008 California Burning; Sunspot Enigma; Iraqi Oil
Issue 84, Sunday Jun 29, 2008 N Pole Melt; Furze Crop Circle; The Clinton Path
Issue 83, Sunday Jun 22, 2008 Clean Water; Korean Crop Circle; Earth Changes Excuses
Issue 82, Sunday Jun 15, 2008 Hillary's Exit; Gardening Boom; Midwest Flooding; Video Clip on Safe Locations
Issue 81, Sunday Jun 8, 2008 Crane Accidents; June Quake Patterns; Crop Circles
Issue 80, Sunday Jun 1, 2008 Tornado Record; Shark Attack Increase; Alien Video
Issue 79, Sunday May 25, 2008 Plague of Frogs; Quake Predictors; Price of Oil
Issue 78, Sunday May 18, 2008 China Quake; Rainbow Clouds; Tornado Season
Issue 77, Sunday May 11, 2008 Burma Cyclone; Chile Volcano; Texas Sinkhole; Video Clip on New Madrid
Issue 76, Sunday May 4, 2008 Reno Quakes; Maryland Booms; Edwards' Endorsement
Issue 75, Sunday Apr 27, 2008 Food Rationing; Food Prices; Aftershocks
Issue 74, Sunday Apr 20, 2008 Airline Inspections; N America Awakens; Quake Precursors
Issue 73, Sunday Apr 13, 2008 Seeking Planet X; Inbound Denial; Cover-up Lies
Issue 72, Sunday Apr 5, 2008 Food Shortages; Food Stamps; Food Riots; Global Cooling
Issue 71, Sunday Mar 30, 2008 Antarctic Melt; Wobble Worsens; Mississippi River Bridges
Issue 70, Monday Mar 24, 2008 ADDENDUM Video Clip on 2008 Election
Issue 69, Sunday Mar 23, 2008 Booms are Back; McCain's Senility; Obama Breach
Issue 68, Sunday Mar 16, 2008 Fallon Falls; Bushwhacked Bush; Switch Timing
Issue 67, Sunday Mar 9, 2008 Winter Hurricanes; Democratic Dilema; ZetaTalk Analysis; Planet X Disinfo
Issue 66, Monday Mar 3, 2008 ADDENDUM Video Clip on Market Crash
Issue 65, Sunday Mar 2, 2008 Quake Patterns; Florida Outage; Stealth Crash
Issue 64, Sunday Feb 24, 2008 Texas Stretch; Indiana Stench; Siberia Explosions
Issue 63, Sunday Feb 17, 2008 Blackberry Outages; Sugar Fire; Russian Rumbles
Issue 62, Sunday Feb 10, 2008 Alexandria Cable Breaks; Dubai Cable Breakd; China Ice Storm
Issue 61, Sunday Feb 3, 2008 Satellite Crash; Wobble Confirmed; Albino Fawn
Issue 60, Sunday Jan 27, 2008 Light Towers; Cloned Meat; Manna
Issue 59, Sunday Jan 20, 2008 UFOs in the News; Travel Restrictions; Signs in the Sky
Issue 58, Sunday Jan 13, 2008 Winter Tornadoes/Hurricanes; Drought and Deluge; Bush Lite; Gulf of Tonkin Redux
Issue 57, Sunday Jan 6, 2008 Mercury's Shroud; Dance of the Moons; NASA Excuses; Bhutto's Assassination
Issue 56, Sunday Dec 30, 2007 Christmas Hammer; Planet X Visible at Right; Video Clip on the Passage
Issue 55, Sunday Dec 23, 2007 Cheney Ablaze; Banking Freeze Creep; Grain Stocks Depleted
Issue 54, Sunday Dec 16, 2007 Ocean Whirlpools; Hailstorm Evidence; Christmas Quakes?
Issue 53, Sunday Dec 9, 2007 Iran Victorious; William Fallon Example; Nebraska Massacre; Prison Planet Application
Issue 52, Sunday Dec 2, 2007 Essex Inundated; Indonesia Awash; Stress on the Seaway; China River Tides
Issue 51, Sunday Nov 25, 2007 The Wobble Worsens; Ion-Plume; Predatory Icebergs; Video Clip on the Visitors
Issue 50, Sunday Nov 18, 2007 UFO Disclosure; Lakshmi Goddess Child; Seaway Bridge Collapse
Issue 49, Sunday Nov 11, 2007 Wanta's Trillions; China Dollar Dumping; Tabasco Floods; Israeli Lies; Video Clip on Bush Clones
Issue 48, Sunday Nov 4, 2007 Comet P17/Holmes; Nazko Cone Awakes; Cheney's Snoozies; Kucinich UFO
Issue 47, Sunday Oct 28, 2007 California Firestorm; Atlanta Goes Dry; Bush Clones; Video Clip on Steve Fossett
Issue 46, Sunday Oct 21, 2007 Oil Agenda; Ottoman Empire Redux; Turkey Troubles; Iran Alliances
Issue 45, Sunday Oct 14, 2007 South Africa Mine; La Jolla Sinkhole; TOPOFF4 Exercises; Artificial Life; Video Clip on New York City and Miami
Issue 44, Sunday Oct 7, 2007 Quickening Quakes; Red Sea Volcano; Council for National Policy
Issue 43, Sunday Sep 30, 2007 Vietnam Bridge Collapse; Bush on the Bottle; Syria Demonized
Issue 42, Sunday Sep 23, 2007 Military Assassinations; September 14 Stand Down; Blackwater Expelled; Gore's Plans; Peru Meteor Sickness; Video Clip on the Insanity of King George
Issue 41, Sunday Sep 16, 2007 Sumatra Quakes; Cayce Predictions; Earth Torque; IRIS Charts; Scripted Drama
Issue 40, Sunday Sep 9, 2007 Stolen Nukes; Iraq Status; Pakistan Bridge; Bin Laden Trade; Hurricane Pinch
Issue 39, Sunday Sep 2, 2007 Gonzales Resigns; Replacement Candidates; White House Exodus; Memphis Bridge
Issue 38, Sunday Aug 26, 2007 North American Union; Inflation Nation; Withdrawal Brakes; Mayan Crop Circle; Video Clip on 911 Insiders
Issue 37, Sunday Aug 19, 2007 Rove Resigns; New York City Bomb; UFO Fraud
Issue 36, Sunday Aug 12, 2007 Yuan Yin-Yang; Housing Bubble Bust; Utah Mine Collapse; German Circles; Orangutan Charades; Red Dust Evident
Issue 35, Sunday Aug 5, 2007 Bridge Collapse; Worldwide Flooding; Hospice Cat; Middle East Arms Race; Lost in Space; DOW Hickups
Issue 34, Sunday Jul 29, 2007 UFO Blitz in the UK; Japan Breach; New York City Imploding; Bush on the Brink
Issue 33, Sunday Jul 22, 2007 Baby Mammoth; Fire the Grid; Chertoff's Gut; Crop Circles; Video Clip on Peru/Chile UFOs
Issue 32, Sunday Jul 15, 2007 Roswell Revisited; Libby Pardon; Putin's Artic Grab; Oil Axis; Pink Dolphin
Issue 31, Sunday Jul 8, 2007 False Flag Operation; Martial Law Attempt; City Dwellers Beware
Issue 30, Sunday Jul 1, 2007 Planet X Photos; Oceans Lush; Chili's Disappearing Lake; Increasing Insomnia
Issue 29, Sunday Jun 24, 2007 Volcanoes Awakening; ISS Insecurity; Fat Nation; Bin Laden Alive and Well
Issue 28, Sunday Jun 17, 2007 Drought and Deluge; China Floods; Albanian Hug; Crop Circle Warnings
Issue 27, Sunday Jun 10, 2007 G8 Russian Roulette; Crop Circles; N Hampsire Booms; JFK Bomb Threat; Video Clip on LA Safety
Issue 26, Sunday Jun 3, 2007 Dictator for Life; the FEMA Card; the 911 Card; Doomsday 2012
Issue 25, Sunday May 27, 2007 Seismograph Patterns; N American Rip; Rogue High Tides; Red Dust in Russia; Military Rebellion; Video Clip on Spiritual Orientation
Issue 24, Sunday May 20, 2007 Evacuate Australia?; Antartica Melt; Feeling Charged?; Bush Oops Blair Resigns; Plunge Protection Team; Video Clip on China UFO's
Issue 23, Sunday May 13, 2007 White Hot Sun; National Guard Away; The Queen's Visit; Rock Stars for Contact
Issue 22, Sunday May 6, 2007 New Earth Discovery; UFO Warnings in the UK; Secret Service Shootout; Ghost Ship; Video Clip on N American Rip
Issue 21, Sunday Apr 29, 2007 Annunaki Evidence; NASA Going Postal; Scientists Muzzled; UFO Disclosure
Issue 20, Sunday Apr 22, 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre; Video Clip on Cho; Sun North; UFO Warnings Validity
Issue 19, Sunday Apr 15, 2007 Tidal Lurch; GPS Lurch; IERS Flatlined; Sinking and Rising Land; Video Clip on Iran
Issue 18, Sunday Apr 8, 2007 Solomon Islands Pummeled; 12 Hour Shudder; Bush Decapitation; Iran Standoff; China UFOs
Issue 17, Sunday Apr 1, 2007 Gonzales Saga; Video Clip on Gonzales; China Sinkholes; Indianapolis Crossroads; Saturn's Hexagon
Issue 16, Sunday Mar 25, 2007 UFO's Over Moscow; Russian Rumbles; Phoenix Frying; Poisoned Pet Food; Video Clip on Signs in the Sky
Issue 15
, Sunday Mar 18, 2007 Fire in the Sky; Global Warming in Disfavor; Ocean Whirlpools; Cloud Holes; Earth Wobble Lurch
Issue 14, Sunday Mar 11, 2007 Iraqi Failed Coup; Iran/Syria to the Rescue; Cheney at Risk?; Atlantic Rift Spreading; Daylight Savings Change
Issue 13, Sunday Mar 4, 2007 Chemtrail Cover-up; Signs in the Sky; Cover-up Desensitization Process; Guatemala Sinkhole
Issue 12, Sunday Feb 25, 2007 Martial Law, is Bush Getting Ready?; What's Killing Bees and Cracking Windshields; Democrats, the Zeta Take
Issue 11, Sunday Feb 18, 2007 Iran Confrontation Failing; Phoenix Lights a Warning
Issue 10, Sunday Feb 11, 2007 Fireballs Around the World; Orange Snow; Oil's Revenge;Tailfire in Legend
Issue 9, Sunday Feb 4, 2007 Cover-up Twists; When Lies Fail
Issue 8, Sunday Jan 28, 2007 Questioning 2012; Kentucy Disasters; Feeling Dizzy?
Issue 7, Sunday Jan 21, 2007 Earthquake Clouds; UFO's over New Madrid; Weather Wobbles; Weather Damaged Crops
Issue 6, Sunday Jan 14, 2007 8+ Quakes in Japan and Uzbekistan; Iran Antagonism; Tail Returns
Issue 5, Tuesday Jan 9, 2007 ALERT Worldwide Earth Farts
Issue 4, Sunday Jan 7, 2007 UFO's in the News; Dropping Dollar; Wah'ziz about Wanta?
Issue 3, Sunday Dec 31, 2006 Saddam Hussein Hanged; Whither the Weather; Snow in Summer; Submerging and Emerging Island
Issue 2, Sunday Dec 24, 2006 USGS Muzzled; X9 Solar Flare; Planet X on SOHO; Midwest Chaos; Belgium Test
Issue 1, Sunday Dec 17, 2006 N American Rip and Quake Increase

Prior to the Newsletter, Nancy had regular monthly presentations on the Lou Gentile hour. These are the web pages prepared for those presentations.

June 29, 2005 - Signs of Planet X, Kolbrin, Survival Techniques
May 27, 2005 - Stretch Zone, Signs of Planet X, Survival Techniques
April 29, 2005 - Yellowstone, Zetas RIGHT Again, Survival Techniques
March 29, 2005 - Moon Extremes, Dust Cloud Photos, Jupiter/Saturn Tiltling, Survival Techniques
February 25, 2005 - Torque Revisited, Dying Catholics, Survival Techniques, Mother Shipton
January 28, 2005 - Edgar Cayce Predictions, Tsunami, Cover-up Cracks, Torque the Earth, Earth Wobbled
December 23, 2004 - Ode to Debunkers, SWAN Song, ISS Evacuation, Polar Wobble
November 24, 2004 - Lurching into Darkness, Vote Fraud, Puppet Defiance, Earth Disasters Increasing
October 27, 2004 - Are We Alone?, Second Sun is Back, 3 Days of Darkness, Earth Disasters Increasing
September 24, 2004 - 1983, Footprint of the Gods, Planet X, SOHO Says So
August 27, 2004 - Cold Spot Migration, Wild Ride Ahead, Hurricane Charlie Lessons
July 24, 2004 - Time Line Clues, Prophecy, Earth Wobble, Multi-Prong Disasters
June 24, 2004 - Meteors, Kolbrin, Sweeps, Crop Circles
May 25, 2004 - Dark Twin Visible, Enoch, Sweeps, Iraq
April 7, 2004 - Fireballs and Debris, Martial Law Tests, Passover, Leaning Tilting Orbits
March5, 2004 - Worldwide Photo Correlation, Comets Come Early, Tiltling Leaning Dropping
January 30, 2004 - Nebra Disc, Earth Now
December 12, 2003 - 2003 Year in Review