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Issue 695, Sunday January 26, 2020
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Tehran 737 Crash

What caused the Ukraine 737-800 flight 752 to be blown apart in the skies on January 7, just an hour after Iran had launched a missile attack on US bases in Iraq? The flight departed from Tehran, and within minutes became a fireball, falling in pieces to the ground below. Iran at first declared the plane had mechanical problems, but then later declared it was still under investigation. They refused to release the Black Boxes. Was this retaliation by the US for the Iraq base attacks? No US lives had been lost. Was this EMP or a gas tank explosion? The Zetas, as usual, explain.

Boeing 737 Plane Bound for Kyiv Crashes in Iran, Killing all 176 people on Board
January 7, 2020
The Boeing 737-800, which was carrying 167 passengers and nine crew members, was an older model of the Boeing 737 Max that has been grounded worldwide since mid-March after two fatal crashes. Flight 752 crashed shortly after 6 a.m. local time, minutes into the flight. Iran’s Fars news agency reported that the jet crashed due to technical problems, without providing more detail. Ukraine International Airlines said that the aircraft had been carrying citizens of Canada, Iran, Sweden and Ukraine. It has suspended flights to Tehran indefinitely. The timing of the crash prompted speculation that a stray Iranian missile may have downed the plane.
Ukrainian Airlines Plane Crash: 5 Facts you Need to Know
January 8, 2020
Flight 752 hurtled, on fire, into a farm field a few minutes after takeoff from the Tehran airport. Photos and videos from the wreckage scene show the plane was almost completely obliterated and falling from the sky on fire. The flight history shows the plane bound for Kiev. The radar data shows the plane was delayed for an hour. It didn’t get over 7,854 feet in the air when it crashed.

Iranian Leader calls Missile Attack a ‘Slap’ at US Bases
January 8, 2020
Satellite imagery showed at least five impact sites on the Ain al-Asad base in Iraq’s western Anbar province, each leaving charred blast marks that damaged or destroyed buildings. One obliterated a structure in a row of buildings next to a line of helicopters.
Ukrainan Airplane Shot Down by Mistake by Iranian Anti-aircraft Missile, Pentagon Officials Believe
January 9, 2020
The Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran’s international airport was shot down by mistake by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile. Iran has denied that a missile took down the Boeing 737 bound for Kiev, and its officials have blamed a technical malfunction for the aircraft’s demise.

‘I Wish I was Dead’: Senior IRGC Commander Accepts Responsibility for Downing Ukrainian Jet, says it was Mistaken for Missile
January 11, 2020
A top Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) officer has revealed that the Ukrainian jet was mistaken for an incoming cruise missile and that the commander of the anti-aircraft unit had only 10 seconds to make the decision.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/7/2020: The Ukraine airliner that blew up in the sky only minutes after takeoff from Tehran was blown out of the sky by an Iran missile, by accident. The departure occurred shortly after the Iranian missile attack on US bases in Iraq. Standard procedure during such a missile attack is to be prepared for a counter-attack – to counter any missiles aimed at Tehran. These are heat seeking missiles and take down any object in the sky. This was the reason for an hour delay for the Ukraine plane’s departure.

When the defensive counter-attack missile shield was dropped, the OK for takeoff was given, but the Iranian procedure was imperfect. The accident was instantly recognized by the Iranians, but they are unlikely to ever admit guilt. There is deep discontent among the public in Iran, and discord in their military. Soleimani was feared and resented, as he kept hostilities with the US at a fever pitch, thus preventing the sanctions from being dropped. But despite discontent and discord, a change in leadership in Iran is unlikely.

The Great Satan

The US is often called the Great Satan by Iran, but given Iran’s prominence in the Satan worshipers' plans for World War III, who is calling whom the Great Satan? Q implies the Iranian Pasdaran have been behind the Soros group’s mischief. The Pasdaran is Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and Soleimani was a top leader within the Pasdaran. During the run-up to the End Times, the Obama administration was infiltrated by Iranian sympathizers, and then there was the huge cash outlay to Iran, billions per year and cash on a pallet. The Zetas explain the role Iran was to play.

The Rise of the Pasdaran
Assessing the Domestic Roles of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Another possible scenario would be for the IRGC to attempt to run the country without great input from the clergy. If economic deprivation and fatigue with the regime’s top-down religiosity and social strictures worsen, the Iranian people might well support a significant course correction in the form of a non-clerical leader.
Valerie Jarrett
Valerie June Jarrett is an Iranian-American businesswoman and former government official. She served as the senior advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama and assistant to the president for public engagement and intergovernmental affairs from 2009 to 2017. Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran,[1] during the Pahlavi dynasty, to American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara T. Bowman. Her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children in Shiraz in 1956 as part of a program where American physicians and agricultural experts sought to help in the health and farming efforts of developing countries.
John Brennan: My trouble with Trump? ‘His Dishonesty, his Character’
June 8, 201
He first considered attending the American University of Beirut but it closed in 1975 and instead he went to the American University in Cairo. There he learned Arabic and developed a lifelong interest in the Middle East. After completing a masters in governance at the University of Texas in Austin on his return, he saw an advertisement for the CIA and applied.

Lisa Page Praises Iran’s ‘5000 Year Old Culture,’ Fears They Will Remind America They’re a ‘Real’ Country
January 3, 2020
Her former lover, Peter Strzok also had a connection to Iran, in that he attended elementary school at the American School in Tehran prior to the Iranian Revolution when his father who was a US Army Lieutenant Colonel served three tours there.
Lisa Page’s Mother Tamara Najarian
December 31, 2019
Lisa Page's mother - Tamara Najarian - is a naturalized American citizen from Iran. How many members of the FBI are secret sympathizers or supporters of the Iranian mullahs? Peter Strzok was raised in Iran. He speaks fluent Farsi. His father is an open supporter of the Iranian mullahs.
John Kerry’s Secret Talks with Iran after Daughter Married Iranian National; Best Man was Son of Iran’s Secretary of State
January 7, 2020
Former Secretary of State John Kerry has fielded dozens of private meetings and phone calls in recent months in an effort to meddle with U.S. foreign policy in Iran, as President Trump has dropped $200 billion in sanctions against Iran. Kerry was the lead negotiator who handed Iran over $150 Billion in U.S. cash for what was then-spun as a Nuclear deal. Trump dissolved the supposed deal but Iran still kept the money. Kerry’s daughter Vanessa is married to an Iranian national and physician. His best man at the ceremony was the son of Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs — the position comparable to U.S. Sec of State.

Obama Gave Citizenship to Officials Says MP
July 3, 2018
President Barak Obama granted US citizenship to 2500 Iranians while talks on the nuclear deal with Iran were going on. According to Zolnour, Obama did the favor to some Iranian officials in order to “please them” while they were discussing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with US and five other world powers. Zolnour and several other MPs have been conducting an investigation to prove that dual nationals have infiltrated the Iranian government.
The Secret Backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the Hook
June, 2017
The campaign, dubbed Project Cassandra, was launched in 2008. They followed cocaine shipments, tracked a river of dirty cash, and traced what they believed to be the innermost circle of Hezbollah and its state sponsors in Iran. Obama had entered office in 2009 promising to improve relations with Iran as part of a broader rapprochement with the Muslim world.  The man who would become Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser and then CIA director, John Brennan, became CIA director in 2013, went further
Busted Iran Front Group Loaded Clinton Foundation with Cash
January 6, 2020
Prominent legislators have labeled the Clinton Foundation as something resembling a money-laundering and influence-peddling operation. Its critics argue that the foundation was primarily utilized to curry favor with the power Clinton family. They point to instances like the foundation’s disaster-relief fundraising efforts in Haiti, which ended up enriching the Clinton Foundation and not doing anything substantive to relieve the suffering of the people on the ground. When first confronted with the possibility that the Alavi Foundation was an Iranian front group, the Clinton Foundation refused to return its donations.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/31/2020: Given that Obama was a CIA operation, groomed since a young adult to be the Obama born in Hawaii with a false Birth Certificate and destined to be President, what role does Iran have? Obama surrounded himself with Iran sympathizers. Valerie Jarrett was a constant presence. The anti-Trump sentiment of former FBI agents Strzok and Page is well known, but their Iran connects are less well known. They would have preferred the treasonous Hillary who was already allowing her Clinton Foundation to be used to launder Iranian funds.  

Is this mere coincidence, as the assignment of John Kerry as Obama’s Secretary of State, despite his family connections to Iran’s elite? Obama was a CIA operation from the start, so appointing John Brennan, who was radicalized early in the Middle East, was no surprise. But why the Iran connection? A puzzling aspect of the secret wars going on just under the surface of today’s political landscape is the role of Satanism. We have detailed how the Bush/Clinton Cabal assisted N Korea and Iran in their nuclear endeavors, with the ultimate goal of triggering World War III during the End Times.

This is a Holy War, with many tentacles. President Trump and his Junta, and associates such as the UK Marines, are aggressively fighting this war on many fronts – pedophilia and blackmail of those caught in this net, money laundering of stolen funds, gun and drug running for profit and the promotion of terrorism, and human trafficking. The horror of rape and murder of toddlers during Moloch worship shows the depths to which those worshiping Satan will descend. What would lure those cooperating with this agenda?

At the heart of Satanism are highly Service-to-Self entities from other worlds who are answering the Call of those on Earth who are ambitious or enraged at their inability to progress in human society. As we have detailed, Service-to-Self entities thus called can only consult, but in so doing they promise results. Short term operations, such as marrying a rich spouse, can deliver results but soon such converts find themselves directed to work with others of like ilk in order to progress. The larger network of polished Satanists becomes convinced they are invincible.

The end goal of the Satanist overlords is to garner human souls for their ultimate destination – to become slaves on their prison planets. The Transformation of Earth is slowly turning the Earth into a planet for those in the Service-to-Others, with caring for others and sharing resources predominant. But the ambassadors from the Service-to-Self who have been active on Earth for the past few millennia, seek to garner a strong harvest by sowing despair and horror, thus turning young souls toward self-protection – selfishness. This battle is intense at this time, with Iran as a nuclear power capable of triggering World War III the current battleground.

Caribbean Crunch

As the 7 of 10 Plate Movements predicted by the Zetas continue to unfold, the inevitable Caribbean Crunch occurs. This is caused by the S American Roll pushing the top of S America westward, so it slides over the Caribbean Plate, ultimately pushing the Caribbean down and westward during this process. Several islands on the Caribbean Plate may disappear under the waves. Trinidad is torn apart, part clinging to S America and part remaining on the Caribbean Plate. The earthquakes in Puerto Rico show how aggressive this process has been during 2019.

Puerto Rican Natural Wonder, Punta Ventana, Collapses amid 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake
January 6, 2020
One of Puerto Rico’s iconic natural wonders — a soaring stone arch along the southern coast known as Punta Ventana or Window Point — collapsed as a 5.8 magnitude earthquake rattled the island.
Whole Lotta' Shakin Goin on: A very Powerful Mag 6.6 Reduced to a mag 6.5 by USGS Rocks Puerto Rico after a Mag 5.8 Foreshock: Comes just Hours after a Powerful Mag 6.2 Struck Indonesia
January 7, 2020
In 2019 the most impressive swarm of 2019 was the mega-swarm in and around the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Sea. 3,068 magnitude 2.5 quakes or higher were recorded there last year.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: Those living along the border of S America and the hapless Caribbean Plate will experience a great moaning and grinding while the S American Plate glides over the Caribbean Plate, pushing it down with its weight as it does so. Such a gliding action does have catch points where the plates are not smooth, and hesitation and jerking with a sudden release occurs, a type of earthquake that seems to last for most of an hour.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/15/2011: The island chain along the eastern edge of the Caribbean Plate was formed when the Caribbean Plate was pushed up during expansion of the Atlantic. But this is countered by the hump of S America pushing the Caribbean Plate down, overall. A plate, being solid rock in layers, tends to move as one. Thus if the southern part is pushed down, it will tilt, and the northern part will lift up. The larger islands along the northern part of the Caribbean Plate could be assumed to gain elevation except that the entire Caribbean Plate is losing, overall. Thus the southern shores of these larger islands will experience some elevation loss, where beaches may emerge on the northern shores. To the extent that fracturing is occurring in the plate, as occurs for Haiti, fracturing can be expected. This will be a rough ride for all, with sloshing and clashing water and the Caribbean Plate which at first may seem to rise, then drop as the roll proceeds.

The S American Roll has a direct effect on the diagonal rip in the N American continent – the New Madrid adjustment. If Puerto Rico had a massive hammering of quakes on January 7, the New Madrid region had multiple quakes per day during that period. The S American Roll pushes the Caribbean Plate which pushes against the tip of Mexico, which the Zetas described as the trigger for the New Madrid adjustment.

Egyptian Hyksos

That the ancient Egyptians were in contact with aliens is well documented, from the little alien pictograms found by Sir William Petrie in Egypt to the Great Pyramids which clearly were not constructed by man. Now another ancient alien mystery has been solved by the Zetas – the tri-lobe bowl mystery. The Zetas point to the fat snake aliens, known as Pig Dragons by the Chinese and documented on their Dropa stones.  

The Mysterious Egyptian Tri-Lobed Disc
This object is a very fragile and delicate rock, which requires very laborious carving. The introduction of the wheel in Egypt coincided with the invasion of the Hyksos at the end of the Medium Empire, in 1640 BC. They used it, on among other things, their military chariots. It was actually a ritualistic tri-flamed oil lamp. It has been suggested the vessel was meant to be held on a pedestal, the center tube may also have been used as a stand for holding another vessel or object.
The Tomb of Sabu and the Tri-lobed "Schist" Bowl
Another object that resembles the tri-lobed bowl is a clay snakes figurine. The object consists of a round disk with four snakes, in which three are represented as raised heads (possibly cobras) orientated at 120 degrees around a central, round-shaped vessel with a fourth snake appearing to drink from it, and three horn-shaped indentations around the periphery. The three raised snakes each has an extra eye on their backs. Snakes during dry seasons are usually found in close proximity to water, and the Nile during inundation usually flushes them out of the area in great numbers. The biconvex shape is common to the representation of intertwined snakes.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/31/2020: The failure of Egyptologists to identify the purpose of this tri-lobed bowl is due to the reluctance of modern day scientists and archeologists to admit that man is not alone in the Universe as an intelligent creature. Despite the plethora of evidence from ancient cultures, including mummified Snake Men in Peru and the representation of UFOs and space men on cave drawings, the alien presence is debated. Among the most dreadful aliens visiting mankind in the past were the large Fat Snakes which assisted the Annunaki with their gravity lifts, building the Great Pyramids and raising the heads of Easter Island.

The Fat Snakes were known in Egypt also, and were worshiped due to their control of gravity and their ruthless nature. Early examples of the tri-lobed bowls showed the cobra like posture of the Fat Snakes, who stood upright as a norm. The wheel came into use when the Hyksos invaded Egypt at the end of the last Pole Shift, and their use of the wheel gave them military might. The Fat Snakes provided this technology to the ruthless Hyksos, with the lobes allowing the wheels to drive through and disburse water with ease.