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Issue 789, Sunday November 14, 2021
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Rebellion Grows

In early October we reported on Covid lockdown backlash wherein the public is protesting and refusing to cooperate. Many European countries had declared some vaccinations unsafe and banned them, and many are dropping the mask mandates and allowing unrestricted movement of the public. This goes hand-in-hand with more crackdowns in the Commonwealth countries of Canada and Australia and New Zealand. In this highly polarized setting, resistance to the vax mandates is growing.

There’s still Fire in the Public’s Belly, and we’re Seeing more and more of it as Covid Fatigue Grows
October 17, 2021
There’s a quiet revolution going on across the world. The derogatory use of the word ‘sheep’ – both singular and collective – was herded into vogue over the last couple of years, as Covid-19 debates made easy use of the ovine insult. Regardless of your socio-political and philosophical bent, there’s an assumption in the 21st century zeitgeist that there’s less fighting spirit or rebellious nature in modern culture. In short, people act more like dull-witted, herded livestock than determined, ambitious and intelligent humans with individual souls.

Japan made the news in August when their PM banned the vax because of particles found in the vials. Good move Japan, as now Japan is considered Covid free! This result supports the report that the mRNA vaccine spike proteins actually perpetuate the Covid infection and create an immune deficiency in those vaccinated, at least temporarily. Those countries that allowed herd immunity to be established are now Covid free. Japan can join Sweden, Norway, Denmark and those provinces in India that relied upon Ivermectin. Congratulations Japan!

From 20,000 Coronavirus Cases a Day to Under 500: How did Japan Do It?
October 18, 2021
Almost overnight, Japan has become an extraordinary, and somewhat mysterious, coronavirus success story. Daily new COVID-19 cases have plummeted from a mid-August peak of nearly 6,000 in Tokyo down to fewer than 100 in the densely populated capital — an 11-month low. Yet the bars are packed, the trains are crowded and there’s a general bafflement over what, exactly, is behind the sharp drop.
Japan to Fully Lift COVID-19 Emergency Measures this Week
September 27, 2021
The Japanese government is set to fully lift the COVID-19 state of emergency currently covering Tokyo and 18 prefectures and a quasi-state of emergency for eight regions when they expire, amid a steady decline in the number of infections.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/30/2021: While the lockdown push by the elite is still ramping up, there is simultaneously a counter trend to back away from this stance. Japan announced it was going to halt the vaccine program until the safety of the vaccines could be assured, and now the EU is debating this subject. False statistics have been rampant during the supposed Pandemic, to bolster lockdowns which are frankly used as crowd control during the elite panic over the visibility of Nibiru in the skies.

The airlines got involved in this polarized struggle, with Southwest demanding that all pilots and staff be vaccinated or else and then reversing this stance when their employees staged a walkout that shut down the ability of Southwest to get any planes in the skies. That’s the way- hit them in the profit margin! This technique was used by a hero in the construction business too. The whole crew walked away and boom, the new vax or leave rule was dropped.

Federal Judge in Texas Halts United Airlines’ Enforcement of Employee Vaccine Mandate
October 12, 2021
A federal judge in Texas has halted United Airlines’ vaccine mandate enforcement. The company has been putting employees who claim religious exemptions to forced vaccination on unpaid leave.  While Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued an executive order that bars enforcement of any vaccine mandate in the state, including those issued by private employers, major airline carriers are vowing to defy the order.
“We are Not Going to Fire Any Employees Over This”: Southwest CEO Comes Out in Opposition to Biden Vaccine Mandate
October 12, 2021
Southwest CEO Gary Kelly had a major announcement about the vaccine mandate the airline recently issued: His company won’t be enforcing it.  The CEO said that no employees would be fired over the company’s vaccine mandate. Earlier, the airline announced that all employees needed to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 24 or face termination.

Chicago Police Union Warns of Workforce Shortage, Threatens Suit
October 12, 2021
The chief of the union that represents rank-and-file Chicago police officers warned that the force could be at half-strength over the weekend as a result of a City Hall mandate that officers must be either vaccinated against COVID-19 or tested regularly for the coronavirus.

In the US, the Governors of Texas and Florida and Alabama and S Carolina mounted a firm resistance, countering the Biden Administrations order to max vax everyone everywhere. State’s rights issues took the floor in courtrooms. The mRNA is an experimental drug, not approved by FDA, and this push to vax is frankly not legal. Meanwhile, protests in Italy have brought huge crowds into the streets.

White House Taunts Texas and Florida for Fighting Vaccine Mandates: Joe Biden Will Override State Laws
October 12, 2021
The White House warned Republican governors of Texas and Florida that President Joe Biden would override their efforts to fight coronavirus vaccine mandates in their states.
State Issues Leon County $3.5 Million Fine over ‘Vaccine Passport’ Violations
October 12, 2021
The Florida Department of Health is now making good on Gov. Ron DeSantis’s threats to punish any local government that mandated vaccines as a condition of employment for its workers.
Hundreds of Thousands of Italians Fight Back Against ‘New World Order’ Vax Mandates, Take Over Entire City of Rome
October 12, 2021
Hundreds of thousands of Italians have taken to the streets to protest the government’s attempts to impose vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

Meanwhile, more evidence that the mRNA vax is harmful emerged. The ADE process - whereby variants are created by an incomplete death of the Covid virus - has exhausted the immune system of those who took the vax. Pieces of the Covid virus are incorporated into the immune system and emerge as variants. The spike proteins also are endlessly produced by the mRNA Messenger System, so it is an unrequited infection that likewise exhausts the immune system. Now the statistics are in, proving the immune system damage, and the Zetas state that the elite are using this to make the populace too sick to riot or migrate.

Data Analyst Proves Covid-19 Deaths Increased Dramatically After the Vaccine Roll-Out in over 40 Countries
October 18, 2021
A quantitative data analyst has compiled data from Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center and published a video showing a dramatic spike in alleged Covid-19 deaths after the introduction of the experimental Covid-19 injections in over forty different countries.

ZetaTalk Insight 10/31/2021: We have stated that the elite are terrified of the riots and demands the populace will make when they realize that a Nibiru cover-up has been in place for decades. Meanwhile the elite stocked their enclaves and prepared. Covid-19 like so many flu variants emerged from the drains in the wet markets of China, but the elite quickly snatched the opportunity to force Martial Law early and on the cheap. Perpetual and draconian lockdowns required more than just false reports of Covid-19 deaths. When it became evident that the mRNA vaccines produced variants, then perpetual booster shots were the means to continue the pandemic.

Now it is apparent that more than false death reports and new variants are in the arsenal of the elite. The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome that the spike proteins produce can be enhanced and continued by booster shots. We have stated that all ill effects from the mRNA are temporary, wearing off during the passage of months or perhaps years, but the elite would prefer that the populace be too sick to think about migration or riot. With a weakened immune system, this would certainly be the case. Thus in those countries where the elite are in control, there is the push to have 100% of the populace vaccinated.

Celebrities in Space

Suddenly we have celebrities in space, commenting on the view and perhaps commenting on what is hurtling toward the Earth. Is this part of the Nibiru cover-up or will it become part of the Nibiru admission?  On October 13 William Shatner of Star Trek blasted off as a guest of NASA for a view of the Earth and of space up above the atmosphere.  Tongues back on Earth wagged over Shatner’s comment about a “coming catastrophic event”.  Comments about Global Warming just did not seem to fit. Global Warming is a trend. The Pole Shift is an event. The Zetas explain.

Prince William Slams Space Trips Following William Shatner’s Orbit Flight: We Should Be ‘Trying to Repair This Planet’
October 15, 2021
“The fragility of this planet — the coming catastrophic event, and we all need to clean this act up now.”
William Shatner Struck by 'Fragility of this Planet' during Flight to Edge of Space
October 14, 2021
"It's so fragile," Shatner, who played Capt. James T. Kirk on the original Star Trek series, said on NBC's Today show. "There’s this little tiny blue skin that’s 50 miles wide," he said. "And we pollute it, and it’s our means of living. And I was struck so profoundly by it. The fragility of this planet — the coming catastrophic event, and we all need to clean this act up now," he added.
Freudian Slip
In psychoanalysis, a Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought. Classical examples involve slips of the tongue, but psychoanalytic theory also embraces misreadings, mishearings, mistypings, temporary forgettings, and the mislaying and losing of objects.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/31/2021: Shatner was instructed to talk about Global Warming and to avoid any mention of the obvious Nibiru Complex that can be clearly seen when above the atmosphere. But at 90 years of age, control of his tongue was slipping and he made a Freudian Slip. Global Warming can hardly be called a “catastrophic event” as it is a process. However, the coming crustal shift caused by the passage of Nibiru and happening within the span of an hour could indeed be called an event. Putting celebrities into space is a deliberate ploy so that the cover-up over Nibiru can claim that there is nothing to be seen. But a slip of the tongue went against the plan this time.

Was Shatner in the know about what is coming? This is why he was eager to go up into space, despite the discomforts of space flight. He wanted to see it with his own eyes. How did he learn about Nibiru when there is a cover-up?  Wealthy people learned after Roswell as they were invited to join MJ12, as were politicians and media heads in control of any message the public might get. Heads of State were informed by then President Bush in 2003. Certainly astronomers and the NASA employees who have to doctor the images know. And talking heads in the media know because they are told what not to say.

Simultaneously we have movie production in space, up on the International Space Station! Both Russia’s Channel 1 and Hollywood are rushing to be the first to film a movie using the International Space Station as a movie set. The Russians won, landing the film crew safely back in Kazakhstan in October. The made for TV movie – the Challenge – will be featured early in 2022, and has the backing of the Russian space agency Roscosmos. Not to be outdone, Hollywood is producing a film staring Tom Cruise and backed by SpaceX and Elon Musk. Do you suppose the scripts will include a view and commentary about a huge new planet near the Sun?

Back to Earth: Soyuz Capsule with Russian Crew behind first Space Movie Successfully Lands in Kazakhstan
October 17, 2021
Peresild and Shipenko spent 12 days on board the ISS after traveling to it on the Soyuz MS-19 ship earlier this month. The duo worked on the film ‘The Challenge’, a feature-length drama produced by Russia's television Channel 1 in collaboration with Roscosmos. The plot of the first movie ever shot in space involves a female medic who has to urgently travel to the International Space Station to treat a sick cosmonaut, who can’t be transported to Earth. It’s intended that the scenes filmed aboard the ISS will account for 30 to 40 minutes of the movie’s running time.
The Challenge (2022 Film)
It is the first feature-length fiction film shot in outer space. The plot: Cosmonaut Ivanov loses consciousness while the spacecraft is in flight. Doctors decide that it will be necessary to perform heart surgery right in zero gravity. Cardiac surgeon Zhenya, who does not have time to raise her 3 year old daughter, is preparing for the flight.

Russian Film ‘The Challenge’ Beats Tom Cruise’s Space Epic Partnered with NASA & Elon Musk’s SpaceX
Last year NASA announced that it was partnering with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tom Cruise to shoot a movie that would be partly filmed aboard the International Space Station.
Space Race 2: Russian Actor Bound for ISS in same Month as Tom Cruise
May 13, 2021
The space race appears set for a relaunch following the news that Russia is to send an actor and director to the International Space Station in October, with the ambition of making the first feature film in space. The crew are scheduled to begin their expedition on 5 October 2021. While on the space station they could encounter some fellow film-makers: Tom Cruise and the director Doug Liman, who are also due to travel there in October to make a movie. Plans were confirmed last summer for Cruise, who will be 59 at the time of his mission, to go into low Earth orbit, backed by Nasa and Elon Musk.

How Elon Musk is Helping Tom Cruise go to Space
September 23, 2021
On Monday the Twitter for the Space Shuttle Almanac shared a photo of spacecrafts and countries set to launch from in the next three years, with a surprising revelation—under the October 2021 part of the chart it reads "SpaceX Crew Dragon." It's accompanied by an image of a small spaceship beside it along with three names: SpaceX Pilot Lopez Alegria, Tourist 1 Tom Cruise and Tourist 2 Doug Liman.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/31/2021: Is there a Nibiru announcement race developing between Russia and the US? These productions require a lot of pre-planning and booking celebrities must also be done well ahead of time. That Putin accomplished the Russia filming on the ISS in less than 9 months indeed makes this a rush job. And that the US is planning to release their version in 2022 likewise shows that the race is on. Seeing the approaching Nibiru in the Russian film would not be a surprise given that Russia has led in admitting Nibiru, from the Patriarch Kirill’s statement on the Book of Revelations to the development of the Far East.

Nibiru is so obvious in the many signs in the skies now, that world powers have turned from constant denial to planning how to make an admission. What are called disaster movies have been produced by Hollywood for years, from the crustal shift depicted in the movie 2012 to the references to the Flood in Russell Crowe's movie Noah. There is private and public ISS filming being made, with the private portion depicting the ISS sighting a planet like Nibiru approaching for a pass, with frantic communications to the ground crews. But Nibiru will likely announce itself before any of the ISS films can be released. 

Orion Confusion

Back in early 2003 - when Nibiru was first crossing over the orbit of Earth and heading toward the Sun -  there was an attempt to confuse the Nibiru Complex with Orion. At that time the viewing team would rent a CCD camera and image the sky where the Zeta coordinates indicated the Nibiru Complex could be sighted. On March 6, 2003 there was a ghost image of the Orion Constellation deliberately left in the camera. Debunkers hoped to discredit the team.

Naji has secured a Single Image, which stands on its own! The intensely bright dust cloud noted by Steve and JWilliam also included new large objects not on the comparison USNO chart. However, it appeared that the Preceeding Session left a Ghost Image of the Orion Nebula, in the camera. Oddly, the nebula appears, but the bright Orion Stars do not. The Zetas explain that Sabotage was at play, due to the open Nature of the Rent-a-Scope environment. Bearing that in mind, JWilliam suggests persona Candidates.

ZetaTalk Analysis 3/6/2003: Image ghosts, caused by a failure of the equipment to reset the CCD camera, can be created in more than one way, they can direct one image to superimpose on another. someone had recently taken an image of the Orion nebula, which can be imaged such that star light is filtered out, but the nebula itself is enhanced. This image was retained on the server, as a digitized image, same binning as the team uses. The software was programmed, by a hacker, to superimpose the nebula. Then the program directing this activity self deleted! What this group did not expect was that Naji would plunge in the next two nights and take a barrage of images, for Mar 7 and Mar 8. These are solid images, showing the Moons no longer simply as Avis recognized new objects barely visible, but obvious, in their great numbers.

Using Orion to confuse a photo claiming to be Nibiru has happened again, this time also because of a debunking campaign. Maja of the ZetaTalk Followers team was given a photo by a Croatian photographer who had gotten the photo from a friend of a friend. The Zetas were asked to comment on its validity, and found the Nibiru Complex shown valid but taken years ago, before Nibiru had slowed to allow all the Petrol in its tail to catch up. My my, what is that in the upper left but the Orion Nebula! But a quick exam shows the pixels are not the same, thus Orion or the Nibiru photo was super imposed, a cut-and-paste job.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/17/2021: The clarity on this photo shows what the public is seeing when the Petrol is temporarily burned out or pushed away. The space blobs seen in the skies is evidence of the consumption of the Petrol while in space, so this clarity will on occasion be possible. Nibiru and one of its dominant moons is temporarily free of Petrol, while the second dominant moon is shrouded in Petrol in the process of burning away.