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Re: Planet X Animated GIF

During this time NASA and their cronies, which include the NEAT crowd
for sure, were sure that loud screaming by Open Minded and the sci.astro
Shepherds would convince the public that no NEW object was there.  They
assume, as usual, that the Sheep don't do their own looking or thinking,
etc. Perhaps someone showed up and punched Open Minded out.  If they're
hiding the Hubble off-the-reel images from you'all, they're not CASUAL
about this.  And what would that coverup agenda agenda be?  

    AGENDA: Modify the NEAT charts to where
    this object will appear, perferably with enough 
    time to do so without having the public (ala 
    Steve Havas and his excellent sense of timing) 
    discover the manipulations.

    (IMO) Nancy ... how about giving us the 
        mid-summer coordinates
    (NancyL) IMO, not until the Z's are ready, as 
        too much info in the wrong hands gets misused.
    (NancyL) IMO, are you the Southeast US 
        Receptive Astronomer?
    (IMO) Yes
    (NancyL) Hug to you for your honesty!

Chat Log:

    AGENDA: Give a different explanation for 
    what is discovered there: I quote from e-mail 
    forwarded to me by RT from the Receptive 
    Southeast US Astronomer, the game plan from
    the beginning:

    >> I will continue to take my test images with 
    >> my system by pointing at the X coords when
    >> that is feasible.  Eventually, of course, I 
    >> will find something that is not on the PSS 
    >> images.  It will be a comet or asteroid, not
    >> X, but when that happens I will certainly 
    >> let you know. .. As I said in my last message, 
    >> eventually, I would catch something 
    >> transient and then I would have to figure
    >> out what it was ...


    AGENDA: Show that the Jan 5th and Jan 19th 
    were there all along, at least on the NEAT charts!  

    In Article <Pine.BSI.4.02.10204281943350.> Duncan wrote:
    > I've put together an animated GIF file of NEAT 
    > SKyMorph images of the relevant area of sky,

So what are the Sheep of Sci.astro to do?  The Shepherds hope you won't
NOTICE that ... (more, next posting)