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Re: Planet X: Jan 5th Image

One of the images Open Minded has on his web site shows where he located
Planet X on Jan 5th vs Global Coordinates given by the Zetas for that
date vs South-East US Coordinates I had given to someone who claimed to
be in contact with a “receptive” astronomer with access to infrared
equipment.  How did Open Minded come to have these South-East US
Coordinates?  This Receptive SE Astronomer might have contacted him via
e-mail, seeing the sci.astro dicussion, or maybe he IS this person. Both
Open Minded and the Receptive SE Astronomer used Palomar for
comparison.  Both had the SE Coordinates.  To show you how receptive and
Open Minded these folks are, here’s a quote from that supposedly
Receptive SE Astronomer, per my contact.  The game plan, to explain that
it is NOT Planet X but “something else” is clear.  

> The astronomer forwarded me the following dates:
> 13-Dec-01
> 16-Dec-01
> 25-Dec-01
> 3-Jan-02
> 8-Jan-02
> 17-Jan-02

> Regardless of what you think of the astronomical 
> community, this guy is on the level and I believe 
> I have convinced him to take a 45 min. infra-red 
> image.  Could you please look into the discrepancy 
> and tell us what coordinates to use.  If it's a clear 
> night I might be able to get him shoot an image 
> December 8th.

> I am forwarding you the astronomer's reply to the 
> explanation you provided me.  His responses are 
> located under each part of your explantion..

>> I will continue to take my test images with my 
>> system by pointing at the X coords when that is 
>> feasible.  Eventually, of course, I will find something 
>> that is not on the PSS images.  It will be a comet
>> or asteroid, not X, but when that happens I will 
>> certainly let you know.

>> Of course comets and novas come and go ... the 
>> Palomar images (they are images, taken with the 
>> 60inch Schmidt telescope, not "charts") were 
>> carefully selected ... to exclude such things.  The 
>> fact that my image does not show such a transient 
>> object is no big surprise ... a random 3 minute 
>> exposure on 1/60 sq. degree of sky would not be 
>> expected to catch something transient.  As I said 
>> in my last message, eventually, I would catch 
>> something transient and then I would have to figure
>> out what it was ...

And “what it was” on Jan 5th has apparently settled on an existing star,
that GREW larger on that day, MOVED in the sky to a new position,
changed SHAPE so that it became two objects separating like an amoeba,
and then later went back to being a single existing dim star on the Jan
19th image.   Are we reaching here or what?