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ZetaTalk: 2006 Season
written June 26, 2006.

Can the Zeta's comment on the absence of crop circles so far this year?

In the past, crop circles have been laid down over immense areas and with great complexity, involving hundreds of items. This presented challenges to the hoaxers, claiming to have laid them by boards and string. In the past, we resisted explaining the meaning of crop circles, encouraging the public to come to their own conclusions and listen to their subconscious while gazing at the circles. But in 2004, this changed, and we did a series of analyses on their meaning. By late 2004, a different kind of hoax emerged, to mute the threat that crop circles represent to the establishment. Rather than try to duplicate circles while hoaxing, they would violate original circles, distorting their meaning! In 2005, the circle makers reacted to this disinformation technique by returning to extreme simplicity, returning to complexity only late in the season with designs that would be difficult to deface.

In that Earth changes have intensified, and thus the threat circles represent have likewise intensified, the circle makers have once again returned to extreme simplicity for the 2006 season. Overton, in the UK, is an example of hoaxers attempting to fog the issues and confuse people. Where seeming to adopt some of the symbolism of the circle makers, it is attempting to contort the message of the circle makers. But the themes have not changed. Orbit Lock is represented in Blue Bell Hill, which is stating that though the dominating magnetic presence of Planet X has almost supplanted the Sun, nevertheless the Earth will not leave her orbit to escape. Serpentine Dance is represented in Belgium, showing that the clash of rotation and orbit direction, where Planet X has a retrograde rotation and orbit, has not yet engaged the Earth to the point where rotation slowing in the Earth has begun, but it has created a wobble in the Earth. This message is repeated in Cress Road, showing a single rotation direction. Magnetic Resonance is represented in Italy, where the relationship of the trimesters to the Earth's four seasons is shown. Engulfing Circles are represented in Silbury Hill, showing once again the stages of magnetic dominance as Planet X begins to supplant the Sun's magnetic dominance. Flow Lines showing stages and magnetic alignment between the Earth and Planet X during those stages is represented in Finland. The message here is that as Planet X begins to pierce the Ecliptic and complete his 270 roll, the Earth and Planet X will assume a side by side alignment, the point where rotation slowing will begin. The time line in France implies the extreme tilting the Earth will assume during the 270 roll, mirroring the contortions that Planet X must assume, as Planet X forces the Earth to dance with it during these magnetic contortions.