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ZetaTalk: Circle Simplicity
written Apr 24, 2005

Crop circles started out in the early days with simplicity, single circles or a few simple circles in close proximity to each other. Then complexity set in, increasingly, until breathtaking designs seemingly sending complex messages were discovered and captured on film for the world to ponder. Now, in early 2005, we are back to simplicity! Is there a message in this simplicity? Most certainly, as simplicity focuses the message, eliminates confusion, like a spotlight.

The message is that Planet X is Sun centered as viewed from Earth, standing between the Earth and Sun, and this overlapping influence will soon be apparent. The time is now, not years away. What are the indications in the early 2005 season circles that this is the message? Hoeven has a measured diameter that exactly matches our description of the diameter of Planet X and Earth, which we have described as being 4 times the diameter of Earth, the larger circle 8 meters, the smaller 2 meters. Ripley has a swirl showing a clear clockwise motion, the retrograde rotation of Planet X, this swirl becoming central as it is the clash of rotation direction that is one of the prime factors in rotation slowing. St. Catherineís describes a relationship between 3, the Earth, Sun, and Planet X, with Planet X assuming influence over the Earth in the same manner that the Sun holds influence over Planet X.

In a world dominated by powers that seek to distract mankind, while lying through their teeth about the Earth changes and failing to warn mankind, the simplicity of these circles is saying to not be distracted.

Signs of the Times #1393
The Crop Circle Season 2005 is started! The first European crop circle of 2005 was reported near Hoeven, NL. The largest circle has a diameter of approx. 8 meters and the smaller circle a diameter of approx. 2 meters. [and from another source] Ripley, UK [and from another source] 3 interlocking circles St Catherine's Well