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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
October 27, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

NANCY: So the next thing that I’ve prepared, is lately, over this past month, the Zetas did a lot of nattering on about sunrise West and where is Planet X and what’s going to happen during the 270 roll. I must say that this is an evolving description. In the early days of ZetaTalk, going into 2003, they were saying ‘rotation is going to slow to a stop for 5.9 days and then the shift will happen within an hour’ as Planet X zooms over our head and jerks our S. Pole up and the N. Pole away, down, and that’s about all we got. I just assumed it was going to kind of like zoom overhead or zoom by, but oh, not so, because now we have it slowly coming in along the magnetic flow lines, rounding the S. Pole of the Sun and lining up with the flow lines because it’s a big magnet and the Sun is a very intense magnet, so it’s too close to the Sun. It like zoomed in, got too close, creeping by it, going into a head wind on it’s way out, piercing the Ecliptic which from what I understand is such a particle flow it’s practically like a hurricane or typhoon, it’s trying to walk headlong into it, which is why it’s going so slowly right now. And then a lot of crop circle analysis last summer, some of which we shared on the Lou Gentile show. Folks, you can get on that page for today and go down to the bottom and click back and find all the monthly summaries going back to last May. And in one of them, we refer to a lot of these crop circles.

They were depicting what looked like a 270 roll. The Zetas said ‘Planet X does a dual 270 roll and the Earth will participate in these’. So they got specific, and they’re showing right now that today’s situation is the S. Pole of Planet X is like lined up along the Ecliptic, the N. Pole pointing toward the Sun, pretty much on a lateral, S. Pole pointed out toward us. Our N. Pole is straight up and down because we’re sort of listening to the Sun, coming around Planet X, because the S. Pole is not dominating. But Planet X, as it moves above the Ecliptic, is now going to want to align with the magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic, which means it will sling sideways, moving its N. Pole away from the Sun and its S. Pole toward the Sun, at a pretty, relatively rapid pace. That means it’s not going to take months for that to happen, but more likely weeks or maybe even days, and then its going to bop its N. Pole up and stand upright. And during that time, we’re going to swing our N. Pole away from Planet X, cause it’s pointing it’s N. Pole at us and N. Pole’s are like magnetic particle hoses. So when we tip our N. Pole away, that’s the 3 days of darkness mentioned in the Bible. Then we swing around, our N. Pole swings around as Planet X is swinging it’s N. Pole around and up, and as it does so, we find, in the northern hemisphere, that the Sun is seen over the N. Pole, a little bit to the West on rising, and that’s the sunrise West for approximately 6 days that Plato says Heroditos, the Egyptian astronomer told him about, and is predicted in Islam, likewise, to happen this time around. Then, we’re upright, Planet X is upright, and that’s when slowing rotation of the Earth really starts, seriously.

So, I know that’s complicated. It’s a complicated concept, and if you think it’s hard to listen to this, you should try to get it from the Zetas. They make me walk around and draw diagrams and mutter to myself and hold the globe and do drawings and argh! I don’t always get it right the first time, their words are right but my drawings are always right, and I have to struggle. So, it is complicated, but bottom line is, that’s not the time you should quit your job or run for the hills or whatever, but it does seem, that in the past when this happened, according to Jewish Exodus time, which was recorded in the Book of Exodus and also in Papyrus, a papyrus writer from Egypt, there seemed to be a lot of social breakdown during that time. You know, for instance, in researching this, I went into the Bible to see where it talked about the 3 days of darkness in any kind of manner. And I found Matthew and Amos and Revelations referred to this. And I was also looking for the timing and how it might have referred to, because the Bible says, uh, describes a pole shift, it seems to me, because it says ‘a great earthquake, since man never knew’, that big, and ‘every island flew away and the mountains were not found’. Well, that kind of sounds like a pole shift, you know, really radical, but in Revelations they talk about a ‘dark day’, Revelations 8 says ‘a third part of the Sun was smitten, and the day shown not for a third part of it’, like a short day, and dark. But Revelations 16 talks about mountains not found and islands fleeing away. So, that seems to say that there’s a period of time between there. So Matthew says ‘the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give her light’ and Amos says ‘I will cause the sun to go down at noon and darken the earth in the midst of the day’.

Well, in Papyrus, in Egypt, I also look for this to see what the relationship is. It’s numbered. You know, we have, Velikovsky gives us quotes from Papyrus 2, 4, 8, 9, 10 or whatever, so presumably this is sequential in time, he’s recording this like a diary. So he talks about plagues first, then he says ‘the land turns round as does a potter’s wheel’. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a potter working a bunch of clay, but when the clay is lopsided, it looks like a serious wobble. So I’m taking that to be an Earth wobble. Then he talks about ‘the river is blood’, you know, the red dust coming from the tail or Planet X, and all of that’s in the number 2, something. And then he talks about earthquakes starting, and then he says ‘the land is not light’, which I have to presume is the 3 days of darkness. And then he says, even after that, ‘the storehouse has become the common property of everyone’. Nobody is taking the census, the property of the government, the king, is being looted, you know, it’s social disruption. Now, I’m not sure, because we don’t get to what I would refer to in the Papyrus as a pole shift. The Exodus seems to pick up at that point and starts describing everybody escaping. So, from what I gather, we’re going to have this really weird stuff, with the northern hemisphere being too dark, 6 days of sunrise West, and none of that causes everything to go to heck, as far as earthquakes and huge tidal waves, but people kind of get nutsy, you know, they can’t handle it, and we’re probably likely to have a lot of social disruption during that time.

But that is not the time you need to worry about being in a physically safe place. That time is when rotation slows to a stop and 5.9 days are passing. That’s when you need to be in your safe place. Just to let you know, folks, I always say, when things get bad, like when we have a really serious typhoon season, a really serious hurricane season, this is just a kiss, this is not sex yet. And right now we’re getting a nibble on the ear, but it’s not sex yet. And that 3 days of darkness, that may be a pinch on the behind, but that’s not sex yet. So just keep it in mind.

LOU: [Question here, why does the moon seem to form a U in the sky, instead of a C, during the night.]

NANCY: A very good question, and there’s a group of people that are very conscientious, not at all associated with ZetaTalk, I don’t even think they mention ZetaTalk on the message boards, and they have noted, over any number of months, that the phases of the moon are, in one phase, seems to be way far to the North, and in another phase, it seems to be way too far to the South. Now, it’s not the Moon that is off, it’s us. Basically the Moon has 2 masters, one is the Earth, that’s us, it’s generally trying to stick around our middle. It’s a little bit off centered from that by 5 degrees or so, and that’s why we can see a crescent moon or full moon or whatever. If it was actually around our middle we would not have a full moon, ever, really. So we’re tilted, we’re leaning, and we’re leaning under the Moon. So the Moon very slowly goes around us, it only goes around once every 28 days. So that kind of makes sense, that for half the month it’s too far South, for half the month it’s too far North. They’ve documented this. They’ve documented that the Face tilts, where you have dark spots and then light areas, and people say ‘that’s the nose or the eye’ or whatever, the Man on the Moon. And it’s supposed to move only a few degree’s as you pass under it. If you went out and stared at the Moon, the whole night, you would see a slight rotation of this Face, but, I think only, it’s very slight. But they’re noticing like an almost a 90 degree in rotation, which is way extreme, and documenting this in photos. This is because we’re at an angle to the Moon.

And also, you have to add in the Earth wobble. This is something we’ve talked about on the Lou Gentile show a lot, that the Atlantic Rift is jerked and pulled and is attracted to Planet X and it pulls on it. This is why we have the Global Quakes at the Face and the Dark. It also is, the Atlantic Rift is shaped like an S, and the southern part is more open to be a magnet, there’s anomalies down there that have been well recorded. So at certain times the N. Pole of the Earth is tilted toward the Sun, then it’s tilted away, then it’s tilted toward, then away, this happens 4 times a day. And we’ve talked about the Hudson Bay cold spot, and the Nova Scotia cold ocean anomaly. Recently, I’ve documented that the cold spot is over in lower Siberia now, because Planet X has moved retrograde, a little bit, past the Sun, just a tad. So, the Earth is wobbling 4 times a day, this has been recorded, I’ve had people sending me their sunrise sunset times, the Azimuth and Altitude and the like, I look whenever I have a chance, to document this, and you can see this on the weather map, where it’s warm or cold, so we’re dealing with this also. They go out early in the night, and the Moon is maybe at mid-wobble, about to like shift the N. Pole away. So a few hours later, a couple hours later, they go out and whoa! It’s because not only are we tilted under the Moon, but we’re wobbling under the Moon. And that accounts for that U.

LOU: [What are amateurs telling you about this?]

NANCY: Actually, a great number of my photographers in the Photo section of ZetaTalk, or on the web site, click on Photos, are amateur astronomers, and a number of people that worked with CCD images of the inbound object in 2002 were amateur astronomers. They do know there’s something out there. What people should bear in mind is, amateur astronomers have nowhere to go with this information. We know because we tried. Some of the amateurs working in 2002 tried to submit this inbound, we found an object that was as bright as stars, and consistently tracking along where the Zetas said it would move, and tried to report this to the IAU, which names all Sedna, comets, and the like. They’re out of Harvard, they’re a nonprofit, associated there at Harvard, and they’re bright people, and they do all the naming of new objects. No matter how they tried to follow the rules, attach a bitmap, don’t attach, whatever, nothing was right, and they didn’t want to hear it basically. They did not want to hear about this object that we were tracking. And we would compare it to star maps that were taken to show what the sky should look like and the relative magnitude, and this was not on the star maps, it was a new object, it showed up in infrared images, just where the Zetas said it would be. We could not report it.

So where do they go with this information, they go to the observatories and astronomers who are under a, say anything and do anything but play dumb, or it's the needle in the ear or the sudden heart attack or whatever. And there are astronomers that die in strange accidents. There was a Chinese guy just recently who came away from a convention, oops, car accident, 39 years of age, and he worked on all kinds of high level stuff. A whole car load of them went down in Europe, it was like one of these trolleys to the top of a mountain top, oops, cable broke, boom! They all died, so Harrington is another famous case. He went down to New Zealand to look for Planet X. He was associated with the Navy, and died in an accident, got sick, and it was not considered normal. So there’s enough of these stories going around, and enough warnings, that they should just keep their mouth shut. The reason is, national security! Somebody says, ‘we don’t want panic, it’s likely to pass through, we’re telling you, don’t say anything, you’re under a national security’, and they have to sign a national security oath anyway to work in an observatory. What are they looking at? Inbound missiles, UFO’s. Pilots will tell you they can’t talk about UFO’s, and they see them all the time. So, this is a cover-up, so therefore, amateurs don’t have anywhere to go with this information. If they try to, they get enough heat, they notice that their email is being monitored, their phone is being tapped, and they share this with each other. And they know, don’t touch it.

We were actually told, Steve Havis in Vancouver when there to sight it in 2001, 2002, and he was told by a VP of the Royal Astronomical something or other of Canada, this guy was no small guy, he pulled him aside and verbally told him ‘we know about this planet, we’re watching it all the time, keep you’re mouth shut and you can come and look at it with us when we go in our private viewing sessions’. Well, Steve chattered away and shared all of this on the web, and within 2 weeks NASA was up there giving a lecture to them, it was like their presence was known, they gave a free lecture on this or that. Well anyway, Steve was there for the lecture and he met this VP in the hallway and the guy was so rattled he ran into the ladies room to avoid Steve. This is a clue that people are not allowed to speak freely about this. If you know the movies that we watch, Armageddon, Deep Impact, those type of movies that talk about something coming in from space but NASA is going to fix it! They never tell the public until the last minute. The reason given is ‘we didn’t want to tell you about this until we had a solution’. Or, panic is the bigger enemy. More people will die running and screaming in the streets, so don’t say anything. Well, they’re wrong. People in general are a lot more mature, and also, they deserve to know.

We had this whole issue of Planet X on prime time TV in New Zealand for about 10 minutes on December 8 of last year, and it was like Crossfire on CNN, that type of primed time popular show. And it went through what’s predicted, what people are doing to survive, local people who took this seriously, and the steps they were taking. I don’t recall anybody running and screaming in the streets, no bank failures, nobody quitting their jobs, They took the information in and said ‘humm’, so therefore, you deserve to know and the cover-up should not be in place. End of Nancy’s rant.

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