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Lou Gentile Show (Part 3)
October 27, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [ Are you getting criticism from amateurs and astronomers?]

NANCY: What do you mean by criticism. I get a lot of information, I get information from astronomers but I will not, and cannot, because their life will be put in danger, tell you who, and what they said, but I can tell you, it is not my imagination that astronomers know about this and are tracking this, and they know the US government is tracking this, NASA and the like, and they will only tell you verbally. But I can’t provide this to you, I can’t give this to you as proof. But I have heard this from astronomers, yes.

LOU: [Have you talked to the USGS?]

NANCY: Not physically talked to them.We have been watching, I and the people at Troubled Times, way back 1995, 96, 97 we were watching quakes. It was noted well before the year 2000 they were under reporting Richter. The local areas would say ‘this was the Richter’ in China or wherever, and the USGS would report the Richter much beneath that, and once in awhile the message boards or whatever will have a geologist or somebody from NASA say this or that, and you don’t know whether it’s true or not, but it seems like they’re under reporting by at least a Richter on the quakes, and then dropping them. If it happened in someplace that is unpopulated, it didn’t happen. A tree falls in a forest, did it make a noise? Quakes happen under water, did it happen? And they try to do this to keep their databases such that if somebody runs statistics, it looks normal. And then the disinformation that goes out, to suppress any panic, will say ‘you can run statistics on the databases and its the same as it was in 1996’. This kind of thing. Well, they deliberately do that. And people have caught them, gutting the quake databases as they were watching this happen. It gets to the point where people were saying ‘the windows were rattling, everybody in the county was calling the cops’, and the USGS will say ‘oh, no, there was no quake there in that county, sorry’. So, it’s under reported, and they’re dropped.

LOU: [What do you say to people who say you are a disinformation agent?]

NANCY: I can’t imagine the logic of that. One method of silencing someone is to call them what they are, what is your problem. This happens, I won’t reveal my political leanings, but in today’s presidential election, you have people saying the opposite of what the truth is, and pointing the finger at the opponent and saying ‘he’s a such and such’, which is their fault. So why would this be? Look at the evidence I point to, on my page, not only the photos, but photos from news, newspaper articles, all over, USGS charts, HAARP charts, and I’m following the disasters. A disinformation artist is not taking truth and facts and organizing this and saying ‘look at this, folks’. They’re actually trying to have you not look at it. They’re trying to say ‘none of that’s going on, everything is normal’. That’s their tack. It actually is a disinformation ploy to say that I’m a disinformation agent. Why would they have somebody as popular as I am, worldwide I’m known. Look at all the translations, and that went up within 2-4 years of ZetaTalk beginning, all volunteer work. Actually, the CIA’s pattern is to take somebody, a disinformation agent, make them a star briefly, then discredit them and tear them and throw them away. They like information to be thrown out there in a semi-truth kind of thing, then to discredit the spokesperson. Well, ZetaTalk has been out there since 1995 and it’s going strong and it’s picking up. If you take a look at my Media page, I had an opportunity to speak on the morning radio shows in a dozen different cities this last month. It was delightful. The morning commuters, listening on their radios and the like. It’s picking up and it’s going strong, and this is not the tactic or the pattern of disinformation agents who tend to be slipped away. They’re not in the spot light long enough to really get scrutiny. They’re out there briefly and then gone.

LOU: [We people turned off after 2003, did you lose people because of that?]

NANCY: No. Actually, what has happened is that people have seen the logic that the Zetas gave. They said ‘we don’t want Martial Law imposed, we’re trying to show you the claws in the velvet glove, there, just waiting to impose Martial Law under the auspices of terrorism’ or whatever. And likewise, take a look at Iraq, and what a mess it is. Now, one theory, and this is what the Zetas say, about what Iraq was all about, and the Bush administration was determined to go in there even before 911 happened, they were talking about how are we going to make this, how are we going to get into Iraq or start this war. That’s a big oil chunk in there, and Saudi Arabia is right next to it and Saudi Arabia can’t defend its oil, Pakistan has a pipeline that’s going into Russia, and before this period, before this administration, we were buddies with the Taliban, we were buddies with Saddam, certainly Bush Sr. was buddies, I mean we supplied him with anthrax and we supplied him with all this stuff, in the past. Venezuela has oil, and we’re trying to destabilize that country. Nigeria has oil and we had to send 2,000 Marines in there for some reason. It’s about oil. Oil is a commodity that will be here after the pole shift. All paper money can go bafoo and not be worth anything, but oil will be an energy source in the rebuilding of the world, so think some people, and he who sits on top of the oil is going to be king of the world.

So, they took ZetaTalk seriously. Planet X was zooming in, on the opposite side of the Sun on May 15th, at a very rapid clip, and it screeched on its brakes and it’s putzing around the Sun, so slowly compared to its rapid zoom in. But at the time it came in, people could not see it, it was on the other side of the Sun, ZetaTalk had this marvelous, marvelous accuracy track record, pinpointing where it was in the sky, and the RA and Dec which is the X and Y of the spot in the sky. And they didn’t want to take the chance so they rushed into Iraq, and they went in there too soon, and it’s eroded and broken down now to where it’s a mess, all the pipelines are unusable, and the oil grab is defunct. This was accomplished because of ZetaTalk, that they took it seriously. Homeland Security called Operation TOPOFF just days ahead of May 15. 100 different agencies in Canada and the US were mobilized. And when they called level Orange. It was on May 20, right after, on the Lou Gentile hour, we said on May 16th ‘it’s going to be on May 20, May 27 rotation will stop’, bla bla and they took it seriously and went to level Orange. Then again, the next time, December 21st. At that time, the Earth and Planet X looked like they were coming into a collision orbit, and they called level Orange on December 21, 2003. Not since then except for a couple of banks, and very limited, on the East Coast. So, they take ZetaTalk seriously.

LOU: [Let’s take some phone calls. From Karen in MN. Sees a very red and large Moon going down directly West.]

NANCY: We have noticed that there’s a lot of reflection of the light of Planet X. The confusion about the light of Planet X and where is it and why can’t I see it and some people can hold a welder’s lens up and see it and see its moons in swirls. Basically, it’s closely shrouded by a lot of dust, which is that red dust falling in Revelations in the Bible, so that it reflects back to the Sun most of the light that strikes it. It’s between us, a little bit to this side or that, and most of the light that hits that shrouded corpus, which is 4 times the diameter of Venus, so it should be able to be seen by us, reflects directly back to the Sun or bounces to the side. But what also happens in this dust cloud is like through a fog bank, some light comes through or some light deflects around the edges, which is why we often see in photos what we call the Monster, a big dim round orb. And people can visually see this. They put their thumb up over the Sun and say ‘holy cow, what’s that thing next to the Sun’. So it’s not a lens flare because they’re looking basically with their naked eye, or with a welders lens, or through several layers of sunglasses or whatever. So this light also shines on the Moon, at times people have said the Moon looks like a Nike swoop, not the even sliver that it should be, moving to a half, but something lopsided. Or Venus has reflected too much light. It has been too close to the Earth, too large, too brilliant. People look at it in the morning sky and they say ‘boy, is that a plane coming in?’ like a 747, so big, they can’t believe it’s Venus, they’ve never seen it that large. Well it’s reflecting more than just sunlight, and that’s the explanation.

LOU: [Have the Zetas said who’s going to win the election?]

NANCY: Yeah, they’ve been asked this, and have said that Kerry will win the popular vote. Actually, I think that the popular polls like Zogby and the like are being tweaked at the top to represent a closer race than really exists. And there’s a lot of battles behind the scenes. We talk about the Puppets and the Puppet Masters, that the very very wealthy in the world, there are families that literally own countries. Our Federal Reserve, 3/4 of this is owned by the House of Rothchild. They literally own our national debt, and they provide money to us if we need to borrow more money. So they pull a lot of strings. And they get people elected, and because of their stock ownership they appoint people who run companies, and therefore, it’s in their interest who they want in, or not. So, I think they would like to see Kerry win, because it’s been reported that Bush lost the football a year ago last August. Remember that time when they were all down there at Crawford with long faces, his cabinet and Cheney and the like. That the military had said they were not going to consider him their Commander and Chief, and were in revolt serious enough that they weren’t really going to follow his orders. Well, you’re not going to get that back, and if they would like to have a President of the United States whom the military would honor as a Commander and Chief, they could get that with Kerry but they can’t get that with Bush. Also, there is a lack of cooperation among countries. Bush has made Russia nervous, according to ZetaTalk, where there was a battle over Yukos. Yukos is their big oil company. And there was a guy in there who was considered a Rothchild lackey, and he was supposedly selling all this to some arm of Dick Cheney, and all of a sudden Putin grabbed it away, and then it turned out whoops this first guy had sold it all to a Baron or Byron Rothchild just ahead of when he lost it. So now it was Rothchild's, nope, Putin had it back in the courts again, now Putin’s selling it for 10 billion. One guess as to who’s going to buy it. It’s going to be the Rothchild’s again. All of that went on because Bush had made Russia nervous with all this stuff going on in Pakistan and Iraq and the like.

So I think would rather see Kerry. I think Kerry is winning the popular vote big time, and the small polls will tell you that, that are not manipulated at the top. That’s real easy to do, it's like with the vote. How would Bush want to win, or how does he plan to win? It’s not so much at the polls, who gets to vote and who doesn’t, it’s in the central tabulating machines, where they can just swap the votes and say ‘oh, never mind’, and the votes like, flip, as to who won and who didn’t. If that doesn’t work, they’re going to go to the Electoral College, they’re going to say ‘a number of electors have decided, never mind the popular vote, we can’t change captains in the middle of a war’. And that’s the next plan, the fall back. And if that doesn’t work, into the courts, and they hope that Renquist doesn’t die before he gets to break a tie and throw it to Bush again. So it’s going to be bloody, but the Zetas have said that Kerry will win the popular vote, but that’s not ensuring who gets into the White House. This is in the hands of man, and aliens do not interfere with that, almost invariably.

CALLER: [Karen from MN, states again, this time on the air, that she has seen a large red moon going down directly in the West.]

NANCY: Yes, it should be following our Ecliptic, and our Ecliptic is not actually where it ought to be. People who are tracking where the Moon is are finding it too far South at times, about a week and a half ago it was too far South but I think it's veering back toward the middle now, so in addition to that, we’re not only getting red dust from volcanoes but we are from Planet X which has a huge tail, and this increases dust which gives that kind of view. And people are noticing, the man on the street notices that the Moon is not where it should be and the Sun’s not where it should be, and the North Star seems a bit off, and the Southern Cross doesn’t seem where it ought to be. They notice this and talk amongst themselves but they can’t get any discussion of this on the media and they can’t get take it anywhere. They can’t take it to observatories, they just get a cold shoulder. So good for you for having your eyes open.

CALLER: [Have you ever seen Planet X with your own eyes?]

NANCY: Yeah, I did. I did on March 26, 2003 when it was first becoming visible, I saw it as a red blur at pretty much the RA and Dec that the Zetas had told us we would see it. I have seen it next to the Sun causing a lopsided Sun at the 6-7 o’clock position, and those have been my observations in general.

LOU: [What is the Zeta plan, where are they going with this?]

NANCY: Yeah, as you notice, anyone who’s been reading the new ZetaTalk, go through the Summer, when the new ZetaTalk has been put out in the Summer, and you can find that on the new ZetaTalk page if you look at the dates. They keep warning what they call the Puppet Masters, if they don’t want to be surprised all the time by what is happening, the Earth wobbles or a sudden uptick in this and that, or oops, 3 days of darkness. They would like to know the timing, which everybody would like to know, if they want that information, it’s only going to be coming out if ZetaTalk is able to be on the media like we are. But this is not worldwide CNN TV prime time, the Lou Gentile radio show, for instance. Putting ZetaTalk on a web page is certainly not an immediate issuance to the common man, because you have to have the Internet and there’s a delay, and you can take the Internet down or take my web site down or block it somehow. They’ve said, ‘Nancy has to be in a position where what she says, our words, related to timing, the common man gets it the same time the elite gets it’. And if we don’t have that arrangement, we’re not giving you that information. They’re holding firm. So, this is their plan. It’s amazing, that ZetaTalk with all its opposition, lived, since 1995, and I’m still here, and we’re still on the radio, and we still have a web site up, but they’re expecting a lot more.

CALLER: [Info about planes using GPS is wrong. Planes do not use GPS.]

NANCY: The only information that I gave, and it’s my understanding and I’ve been told this from people who know navigation systems, that airplanes and ships and the like are not using their compasses to the degree that they did hundreds of years ago, they are using GPS to know where they are located. And I’m reporting that because experts have told me that. And what’s causing the small plane crashes, like the trail derailments, ‘it’s under investigation’, ‘we don’t know’. They’ve reported that their guidance system wasn’t working, or they didn’t get any radio message at all, just went into the side of a mountain, and its been a rash lately.

CALLER: [He’s a pilot of a small plane, he uses his compass, a gyro, a radio, an altimeter, not GPS.]

NANCY: Well I’ve heard from experts that say otherwise. Actually the Zetas said that it would not only be the compasses that would go wacky, but it would be a lot of the guidance systems. In 2002, they said ‘magnetic orientation to guide them, satellites to guide them, and these likewise will either fail on occasion or give invalid readings’, and that’s what they said in 2002.

[Note: the mechanism in cars that allow the driver to see where he is on a map, in any state, in any city, is a GPS guided system. Where the opportunity to discuss this on the air was not present as the show time had ended, this is how very common GPS system use is. The caller mentioned on the air having posted his opinions on tt-watch, quoted here:

Actually, I worked with the FAA not for them. However, I've been involved in aviation
since 1976 and wrote pilot training manuals for eleven years. I now write maintenance 
publications for a large aircraft modification center. 

Her post about GPS is still so full of holes it's pathetic. 

The first civilian GPS products did not appear until the mid 1980's and GPS products 
for the general aviation community did not start appearing until the early 1990's.

Certified for non-precision approach units did not appear until the mid 1990's. 

GPS and civilian aviation have a very short history in relative terms. 

Before that there was radio range (obsolete), VHF-Nav (almost every GA aircraft has one 
or more), ADF (pre-dates VORs), Inertial Navigation System (INS - only the big boys and 
the military have these).

Enough of my rant.

In his own words, he states that 1. GPS for planes was developed, 2. certified, 3. in use but with a short history. GLP has been employed as compasses have been failing, thus, only recently.

Smaller Airports To Get GPS-Like Guidance Systems Early
By Don Phillips, Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S.A., 13 Mar 2002,
7:49 AM CST Regional airlines, business aircraft and small private
planes will be able to land more safely at more than 2,500 small
airports using satellites for guidance under new procedures to be
introduced by the Federal Aviation Administration starting late next
year, two years earlier than planned.

Because the compasses have been failing, GPS has in fact been pushed as a replacement for compasses for small planes and their landing strips.]