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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
March 29, 2005
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [Many people might be confused by what you were reporting. Can you explain what Planet X is, and how you became involved with the Planet X issue?]

NANCY: Sure. My involvement with Planet X is that I’m a contactee, and was unaware of that until I was 55 years of age, although I’ve been a contactee all my life. I know that I was aware subconsciously about Planet X, because one time it hit the news in the 1980’s and I got a very sickening feeling of fear which was quite outside of my reaction to anything, like ‘some body’s been found in the solar system’. This was in 1983 when JPL and NASA (who are in control of the Hubble and send probes out, and JPL is an arm of NASA I think) had put up an infrared seeking balloon up above the atmosphere to get rid of problems with clouds, looking in the direction of Orion for a body they suspected was out there. There were several reasons they were looking. For centuries astronomers had noted that all the planets had kind of pulled in that direction, as though there was a gravitational pull. And also, they had heard, after Roswell when aliens had been contacting the US Military, they had heard from the Zetas (Zeta Reticuli aliens that speak to me telepathically) that this body was inbound and would pass through our solar system soon and cause great devastation.

Now there’s historical record for this devastation in that every 3,600 years as Zacharia Sitchin discovered in ancient Summerian documents, this planet makes a passage. And by gum, the physical record in our Earth shows, like in the great Flood, or the last time there was a passage during the Jewish Exodus, that time, 1650 or so BC, when there was a huge volcanic explosion in the Mediterranean, reports of red dust, reports of the sea floor heaving so that they could escape across the Red Sea, and the Jewish slaves left their Egyptian captors. Something was very distracting. And Potsdam University in Germany found in fact there was a slight axis shift of the Earth at that time. And then you can look at all the prophecies in the Bible and Quoran and Mother Shipton and Hopi Indians and dozens of examples of folklore and legend and that point to periodic cataclysms. And the geology of the Earth says every 3,600 years, and you can stamp back through that time and find this is where the mammoths got trapped in the polar circle and froze to death even though they had green grass in their mouths and in their tummies.

So, in 1983, they sent up the balloon, infrared, they found it, it hit the front pages of the Washington Post, and Dec 31, 1983, a front page article, you can find that on my web site. And when I was 55 years of age, about 9 years ago, I realized I was a contactee. ZetaTalk started and the first thing that popped out was discussion of a pole shift in our near future that would be caused by the passage of this planet which is a huge magnet. And that’s the reason for wandering poles, our crust shifts when this passage occurs, because this planet that passes through is 4 times our diameter and 23 times our mass. It’s the big bully and we’re the little guy. The little magnet moves when in the presence of a larger one. So they said it was going to come in, and when it would be visible, the X and Y in the sky where people could look for it, when it would be visible, and how it would move as it was viewed from Earth, because it has a retrograde orbit and is about 32 degrees below the Ecliptic.

Very precise descriptions, and by gum, it showed up in early 2001 three different parties went to observatories - in France, Vancouver, Canada, and Flagstaff, New Mexico - and saw it as a dull blur. Then it wasn’t visible until the early part of, or Winter of 2002, January and February, and it was caught in infrared twice - once in France and once by a guy who is John Oliver in Florida who claims it was all kinds of different things but it wasn’t Planet X even though it showed up. Her presented that image and said ‘OK, Nancy, where it is?’ and I put a red circle around it. This was in front of the whole world on the sci.astro Usenets. And within that circle was an object that was not on the star charts. And then about 2-3 weeks later France caught it and it had moved where the Zetas said it would move. So then, in early 2003 it became visible, and people started taking photographs of it. And I have a huge photo section on my web.

Now, the Zetas said it would come in, and it would zoom in very rapidly, which it did, and they said, which was a White Lie about the date, that it would pass ‘shortly after May 15, 2003’. And at that time we were on the opposite side of Orion, where it was zooming in from. And there was all kinds of maneuvering by the US government, such as they called Operation TOPOFF which involved 100 different agencies in Canada and the US as an exercise, to cover the period around May 15 and shortly after and went to level Orange, when, on the Lou Gentile show the Zetas announced that it would be May 20 to May 27 that the pole shift would happen. Boom, they went to level Orange right away, which was the only time they had done so, and then they waited until December to do that again. So it was almost an acknowledgment by the US government that they took the ZetaTalk prediction very seriously and expected people to react and expected something to happen. So it was a White Lie by the Zetas on the date, because they wanted the Bush administration to go into Iraq early, and fail, which they have done. They have not been able to commandeer the oil fields and they have fallen on their face, fallen on their swords, so to speak, which was the design by the Zetas to make that happen.

So, where are we now? It had zoomed in very close to the Sun because of an anti-gravity force, which the Zetas call the Repulsion Force, but it’s kind of like anti-gravity, a crowding of gravity particles. It didn’t smack into the Sun but stayed at a distance like you have a buffer with these gravity particles. And it’s crossing, came slightly to the South and came round in a retrograde orbit which is clockwise, and drift up toward the middle of the Sun. And when we encountered this huge force, we stopped in our orbit on December 2003, December 25, 2003, and have been sitting in this same orbit position, trapped by this massing of particles. And now Planet X is between us and the Sun and we’re locked, really, by this huge particle flow eddy, which wraps around Planet X coming off the Sun and kind of creating a turmoil of particles. So, that’s where we are today. And it’s moving slowly toward us, and it’s going to create all kinds of twisting and turning which has been very intimately described on ZetaTalk.

People have said, ‘if we’re sitting in one place, why do we have the seasons?’. And the Zetas have said they are deliberately tilting the Earth toward the Sun to simulate Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, etc. And in fact the measurements of the constellations exactly fits that description. And I have this in the Orbits section of my web site. So, that’s where we are today. That’s the ZetaTalk accuracy on the matter, the photographic evidence and the reports. And everything the Zetas have said about the weather, in 1995 they described what would happen to the weather exactly. Increasing illness, increasing albinism, the behavior of the US government, increasing volcanism - their accuracy is remarkable.

And I have an example of this on the page, the monthly review for today in the Sun’s magnetism. In which NASA, etc said, ‘every 11 years the Sun reverses it’s magnetic polarity’, North becomes South, etc, in other words it flips magnetically. And they came out and said this in the early part of 2001. But their own probe went trucking by shortly after that in August of 2001, and discovered that the poles had not flipped at all, and it was the same as in 1994 when the probe had gone by earlier. And they were completely bumfuzzeled. Didn’t know what to say. Said ‘maybe it had 2 North Poles’ or ‘maybe it had 2 South Poles’. But we have this Ulysses report, it was the Ulysses probe, in which it said, ‘no, nothing has changed’, and this is what the Zetas said, and it was ‘Zetas RIGHT Again!’. This is an example of their accuracy, and why ZetaTalk has a huge fan club and huge notoriety, and all the debunking attacks that are assigned to it.

Did I do a good enough and broad enough explanation, Lou?

LOU: [What are you hearing form the Zetas, anything new?]

NANCY: Well outside of what I told you, they are just closed mouthed about the date, and the like. But I did want to, if we have just a couple minutes I would just like to mention, every month I’m trying to fit in survival techniques. And I have prepared something on this summary page about ‘what to do when the toilet paper and the gasoline run out’. And for those people, getting down to the real nitty gritty, if you’re a couch potato and you’re living in the city, and you say ‘oh Lord, if I can’t go and shop in the store, how will I survive’. The Troubled Times web site is massive, and you go into it and it has a hub about Shelter and Energy and Food, and how to save seeds, how to eat bugs and believe me they’re highly nutritious, what kind of weeds edible, how you put up sudden shelters, quick shelters, and the like.

In one area, in the Health area, in Hygiene, we talk about what to do when the toilet paper runs out. And folks, anyone who’s been out in the woods and desperate, you don’t have to use the poison ivy, you run your hand along a branch and you have a thick handful of leaves. That works well as does moss, pine cones if you don’t work against the grain, and also, the old corn cob, the staple of the out house works fine too. They’re quite soft once shucked. Or you can have your own personal rag and bar of soap, and just wash off afterwards. And by the way, moss works great for baby diapers too.

Wood gas is a replacement for gasoline. This was used in Finland and Australia too during World War II as an alternative to gasoline because they were having shortages. You can run a car on wood gas, and in fact, I’ve heard from people in Australia, that this is the fall-back if they have problems like emergencies, so it’s in use today. Well, we had a fellow from Finland who got an old Volvo, 1974 Volvo, that had been outfitted with wood gas. And I have a picture of his Volvo and the wood gas chunky stuff on the rear that allows it to run. It doesn’t take off zero to 60 in 2 seconds, 5 seconds or whatever, but it chugs along at a good rate, and reliable. Now, what this amounts to, is you take wood chips and put them in the top, and you have a starter, you start it with charcoal, something hot. And there’s a place for the water vapor to pull away, to condense and drip away. And what you’re doing is creating gasses, carbon monoxide is one of them, that are combustible. And it goes into a tank, and you can use a regular car engine, and convert it to this, and run it. It’s probably Ethanol. When people say, we’ve made gasoline out of corn, it’s probably a similar process. But you’re refinery is some big chunky thing at the back of your car.

We have the drawings on how to build these, combustion units, from this 1974 Volvo, from the World War II kind of specs on the web site. Go and get them! Print them off, have them on paper.

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