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Lou Gentile Show (Part 3)
March 29, 2005
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [Lets take a phone call.]

CALLER: [Doug, in Dayton, Ohio. I have noticed the moon face rotating, but this is the first time I found someone else talking about it. I’m trying to go through your web site now. I don’t understand what the Ecliptic is, and how the personas can merge.]

NANCY: Hi Doug, thank you for the question. A lot of what’s on the web site had been very technical to address a lot of technical debunking. This is a very threatening message to the establishment, who would be happy to tell you after this planet passes that it came close and passed and that the Earth was in danger. But they don’t want people to run screaming in the streets, and leave their jobs, and runs on banks, people pull their money out, they don’t want bank failures. They’re trying to maintain the status quo and therefor this message, with specific pointing and where you look and the like was threatening. We were very specific and detailed in telling people where to look and what to look for. So it gets into a lot of astronomy terms.

The Ecliptic is nothing more than the plain that runs through the Sun’s middle. All the planets are lined out like Saturn’s rings. The Sun has rings which are planets. You can’t see the rings, but we’re lined up out there as though we were in Saturn’s rings and the Sun were Saturn. And that’s the Ecliptic. The Earth is tilted at a slight angle, and that’s why you see the Sun come up in the East and it kind of veers to the South a little bit and then goes down in the West, and that’s why it’s not going directly overhead, Winter and Summer all the time. So that’s what Ecliptic means.

As far as the personas merging, when we were first taking photos, and images early 2002, we saw Planet X in two different places, because one was where white light, which is like star light, comes through more directly, and one was red light which is bendable. Red light is bendable, which is why when the Sun comes up and sets, it turns large and orangish looking. Because you‘re seeing a lot more of that red light which bends toward gravity around the curve of the Earth, as the Zetas described. So we were discussing why it showed up in two places and as it got closer they tended to merge together because less distance was passed in space.

So it is a vast website, and if you click on Photos you see some of the examples that were collected in 2003 and up until the present. Most dramatic were in Summer of 2003 when it was on the opposite side of the Sun, because the Sun’s light rays went toward Planet X and then bounced back toward us. It has a huge dust cloud. One of the reasons we don’t see it like Venus, which is like the Morning Star, and Mercury, is because it’s shrouded in dust and it’s like looking through a fog bank. And so now when it’s standing between us and the Sun, the Sun’s light rays bounce back toward the Sun and we see it only as a dim fuzz ball. And then this huge tail that is has, it has dozens of moons. They don’t go round and around in a nice circular orbit, they trail behind it and they swirl amongst themselves, so it’s called moon swirls. And when they focus so that that tunnel, that swirl, points toward us, and captures the sunlight behind it, the sunlight comes barreling through and bounces back and forth that swirl, and we see it like a bright orb around the Sun.

CALLER: [How can I see Planet X now in the night sky?]

NANCY: Not in the night sky, because in the night time we’re looking out into dark space. You have to do it during the day when the Sun is up. People have found if they use welder’s lens, I think 14 is the right number, 10 is a more dense lens, and if you get too dense you reduce the Sun’s glare where you can hardly see the Sun. Maybe I have it backwards, but I think 14 was best. And then you can see other orbs of light around the Sun. People have taken photos when they do this, you can see a lot of little bright debris, which is probably moons. Depends on what kind of lens they use. We have lots of examples. I think if you explore in the Photos section, and listen to the description of the technique they use, because if they gave me technical information, I put that up there. We have about 100 different contributors at least, from around the world, and their photos. Some are better than others. Some are a lot more dramatic. But I have volume there, and they describe their technique as to how they went about it. But it’s not as dramatic now as it was in the Summer of 2003 when as I said we got the sunlight bouncing off of it and the whole complex was coming toward us and you could have the whole complex. Now its more disbursed.

One of the reasons we’re having more fireballs, zooming in and lighting up the sky and exploding, I’m sure it’s not the regular incidence. We had one last month over Washington and Oregon and Idaho, big fireball crossing the sky, is because this is debris that has come in with this tail. We’re not going to get stuck by one of those moons, but we’re going to get a lot more meteor and debris activity and have had that for over a year or more. So your best indication that Planet X is here and influencing us, is the amount of volcanism, the volcanoes are active, the type of earthquakes we’ve had, we’ve had a real increase, as you know from the one yesterday, and the melting from the glaciers and the poles from the bottom up, the heat is coming from the core of the Earth swirling, not Global Warming pushing down. And the tilting of the Moon is a dramatic evidence.

I’m thrilled with your call, that you’re saying that you’ve noted this. Because we have people that are saying ‘everything’s just normal, I should know where it is, I go out every night and navigate by the Moon, so I should know’. Debunking is rampant, and you’ll hear that the weather is normal, the Moon is normal, the constellations are where they should be. I go out at night, and I check, and I take very careful measurements, and I’m not speaking because people send me email, but because I have personally seen a lot of this. Personally seen the Moon out of orbit, personally seen the constellations not right, and it all fits. So thank you for your call, Doug!

CALLER: [Who are the Zetas, are they aliens?]

NANCY: Yes, yes, they’re visitors from Zeta Reticuli, they have very skinny bodies, the face is on my web site, on the home page, that’s the face. And they’re one of a thousand different life form types. They are a hominoid so they don’t look weird like a greasy toad. I mean, we have an octopus, toads, monkeys and birds, jellyfish and the like around Earth at this time talking to people who are contactees. So they altered me at my request, at my acquiescence, in my late 20’s, with a little bit of their DNA in my head, infused in my brain where humans deal with telepathy so I could hear their concepts better. It’s not something I hear, I’m picking up their concepts and I’m putting English to them. And that’s what ZetaTalk is. If it says ‘ZetaTalk’ at the bottom of the page, this is a concept they relayed to me, and I put English to it. And in fact we can do live ZetaTalk on the Lou Gentile show and we frequently do. And if you have a question for the Zetas, ask away.

CHAT/EMAIL: [Are the Zetas still tipping the Earth so we have the seasons? Orion is too high in the dome.]

NANCY: Absolutely, this is one of the things we’ve noted. I put this in the Orbits section. Noted that last year as well, when the North Pole was tilted toward the Sun to simulate the seasons, because the benign aliens who are concerned with reducing Martial Law panic and slaughter of innocents on the Earth during this time, are trying to simulate the seasons so there’s a gradual awareness of what’s going on and the cover-up fractures and people learn the truth. So, as you tip the North Pole toward the Sun, when it’s in the December position, Orion does remain too high in the dome. We just measured that here, a couple nights ago. Sirius, 17° too high in the dome. Many reports of this. And that cannot, that is not possible if you are tilting normally, like in Winter we’re tilting the North Pole away, and we truck around to Spring, and we’re moving in a counterclockwise manner, and then move over to Summer, it’s like a hat, pushed at an odd angle on your head while you’re walking around a lamp in the middle of the room, which is the Sun. If you are going around that, in a normal orbit, there’s no way for Sirius and Orion to be 17° too high in the dome or more, which people are noting and giving me these measurements, and I have seen myself. There’s no way for that to be occurring. So the only explanation is that we’re in place, the December position, and we’re tilting our North Pole towards the Sun. And that’s why I mention that the Zetas explanation for what is happening fits the observations.

CHAT/EMAIL: [This is from your friend Latimer. Will the two eclipses expected in the new future happen? Everything, including the Moon, is perfectly normal. And if these eclipses happen, will you finally admit ZetaTalk is hogwash?]

NANCY: Absolutely, because dear Latimer needs them to and we don’t want him to go insane. And he’s basically calling Doug, who called in from Dayton, Ohio, a liar. He said he noticed the Moon out of place and the Sun too bright, and then he discovered, I mean, this guy, from what he’s saying on the phone, is a newcomer to this whole concept. This is all new to Doug in Dayton, Ohio. He had noticed the Moon [on the Summary page] and said ‘hoa, that’s what I see’. So Latimer is calling him a liar. The Moon is not where it should be. For those people who want to actually just look, and notice, and are not going to go nuts because they’re insecure or they have no personal recourse to deal with the whole situation, the signs are there. Like the Book of Enoch, which is a Biblical book that was not included in the Bible, says ‘the stars will not be right for the seasons, and only the wise will notice this’. Now why are benign aliens tipping things around so that when you have these distinct Equinox or solar and the like, and we do have, by the way, eclipses, where the Moon is eclipsed. It is not precisely as stated. If you follow what the discussions are on the message boards, people are saying ‘ah, it was supposed to be a full eclipse where I am, and it was only a partial’, or ‘it was supposed to happen at this time, but it happened 45 minutes later and it was off center’, and they describe all this and they even take photos. But what you hear on the official NASA web sites, spaceweather or whatever, everything is perfectly normal and according to. But nevertheless, it will occur to the degree that’s necessary for those people that would go crazy or for where the Bush administration would decide they have to impose Martial Law.

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