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Planet X Temperature

In Article <> Gurdpath wrote:
> Nancy, you cite approvingly a 1983 Washington 
> Post article as evidence for the existence of Planet X,
> but I'm curious how a race of hominids could survive 
> on a planetary body that is 459 degrees F below zero.

They don’t know what it IS but they’re SURE it’s not inbound (scary
thought, otherwise) and because the thought of something close is so
scary, they put it WAY out if big, and dropped the temp to align with
the presumption on brown dwarfs of the day.  From existing ZetaTalk: 

    Planet X does exist, and it is the 12th Planet, one
    and the same. When first sighted via infrared 
    readings and reported by the IRAS team in 1983, 
    the IRAS findings were taken in many ways by 
    the human scientists reading the reports, and thus
    they cast many interpretations on just what 
    [Planet X]'s infrared reading might imply. 
    Infrared heat can be taken to mean many things, 
    depending on distance, size, and composition of 
    the object being sensed. A very hot object far 
    away can be comparable to a barely warm object
    near at hand, or a very large object far away can 
    be considered to be a smaller object close at 
    hand, and as the compression caused by the mass
    of an object is considered to produce infrared rays, 
    then a very heavy but cold object could be 
    considered comparable to a lighter but warmer 
    object. The scientists reading the IRAS findings 
    took the 12th Planet, a.k.a. Planet X, to be larger, 
    colder, and farther away, as the mind does not 
    want to comprehend the alternatives. When first 
    sighted in 1983, it was on the right hand side of 
    Orion, as viewed from your northern hemisphere. 
    It will first move left and up toward the elliptical 
    plane as it nears the Earth's Solar System for its 
    passage, as though to assume a place with the 
    other planets in the Solar System, at this point 
    being slightly to the left of Orion. In 1998 it will 
    veer right, moving toward Taurus and Aries, 
    assuming a retrograde orbit, and will come up 
    through the plane as viewed from above the 
    elliptical plane, in its first passage. ...

    The human mind does not wish to entertain the 
    awful, so most in this group were in denial, 
    though going along with the search as an 
    interesting scientific exercise, not unlike most 
    of the activity NASA et al undertake daily. 
    The discovery of solid proof so stunned most 
    of those involved in the search that their 
    guard was dropped, and thus the reports such 
    as the 1983 Washington Post front page article. 
    Interest in Planet X was roaring along going 
    into the 1983 IRAS search. Had Planet X 
    not been found, interest might still be roaring 
    along, in the media, that is. When the blanket
    of suppression was dropped on the media and
    major observatories, who know just where 
    Planet X is at all times these days, it took 
    some time for an explanation for the silence
    to be concocted. Thus one finds the strange 
    silence, that lasted almost a decade, following 
    the Planet X discovery in 1983. Since JPL 
    and NASA are firmly in hand, doing the 
    bidding of the establishment on so many 
    information issues, they became the 
    designated arm of the explanation. The 
    mystery of why the outer planets appeared 
    perturbed to astronomers for the last 160 
    years was explained away by adjustments 
    in the size and composition of these outer 
    planets discovered by probes. The public 
    gets the conclusion, but not the details, or 
    they get the details in such a manner that 
    an independent conclusion can't be arrived 
    at. All very safe.

        ZetaTalk™, Planet X