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Re: Planet X Animated GIF

While the Neat NEAT Trick operators were "taking vacation" or otherwise
not heard from, immediately after the Jan 19th announcment, and then the
NEAT images were either unavailable to be downloaded or had serious
errors in them so they could not be displayed ...

In Article <> Nancy Lieder wrote:
> In Article <> Nancy Lieder wrote:
>> Steve Havas ( wrote:
>>>> A second set of infrared images of Planet X was taken 
>>>> on Jan 19, 2002. The Haute-Provence Observatory ..
>>> I see Dave Tholen has not made any comments yet... 
>>> Does this image speak for itself?
>> Dave is waiting for instructions from his handlers.
> And he apparently GOT them! I received a note from 
> Steve Havas regarding a new NEAT image recently 
> taken and trumped by Tholen debunking the Jan 19th 
> imaging of Planet X, claiming that it also shows up a 
> year earlier.
>    Nancy, when I was finally able to bring up the .fits
>    file of the NEAT image (2001-01-17) I was able to 
>    confirm that they do show an existing object exactly 
>    where the object is in the Jan 19/2002 image. The 
>    other object that was shown on the Jan 19, 2002 
>    image (below and left when inverted and rotated) 
>    is not present. 
>          Steve Havas

The OBVIOUS source of comparison was being overlooked!  Open Minded's
Jan 5th infrared image, compared to Pierre's Jan 19th infrared image, of
which we have the ORIGINAL .FITS from the CCD camera. On Jan 5th, the
object identified by the Zetas is NOT at the Jan 19th location, and on
Jan 19th, the object identified by Pierre is NOT at the Jan 5th


This demonstrates that the NEAT images, if they show otherwise, have
been doctored!