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Re: Planet X Animated GIF

In Article <KrTA8.927$> Greg Neill wrote:
> Nancy Lieder wrote in message <>
>> The doctored ones, or undoctored?
> That any images have been doctored is your assertion, which
> is not supported by any evidence.

What we DO know, as having occurred and been provided for the world to
inspect PRIOR TO OR ON Jan 19th, before there was time to doctor images,
before NASA and the rest of the coverup team expected something like the
when the Haute-Provence image, an original .fits from the CCD camera,
stamped with the observatory, with the brave young gentleman who took it
not hiding behind pseudonyms like "Open Minded" is the following:

 1. Open Minded proffered an infrared which he did 
    NOT expect would contain Planet X, with a matching
    Palomar DSS, also taken in infrared 50 years ago.  
    The object within the red circle the Zetas had me 
    drawn on Open Minded's image showed a round 
    infrared diffuse object, NOT on the Palomar DSS 
    taken 50 years ago.

Jan 5th Image:

 2. Open minded claims that object, stronger on the 
    image he took than on the Palomar even though all
    other objects are DIMMER than the Palomar, is an 
    existing star.  Close examination shows there are 
    TWO objects there, a large NEW one just below 
    the existing star, and the geometry from neighboring
    stars is DIFFERENT for the new object than to the 
    existing star.  Open minded's explanation, "the star 
    moved" and then apparently moved BACK, within

Image Analysis:

 3. Pierre then provided ORIGINAL .FITS from the 
    CCD camera showing the new object at the Jan 19th 
    position, and no longer at the Jan 5th position. He 
    also provided an ESO DSS infrared image.  The
    Jan 19th object was not on the ESO DSS image.

Jan 19th Image:

 4. It's not only a new object, it is MOVING.  From 
    Jan 5th to Jan 19th, the NEW object dropped in 
    Dec as predicted by the Zetas last Nov 2001 and 
    not changing in RA, likewise predicted by the Zetas 
    last Nov 2001. 

Moving Image:

Given this background going into Jan 19th, where do any doctored NEAT
images figure in? (more, see next posting)