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Re: Planet X Animated GIF

Greg Neill wrote in message <KrTA8.927$>
> Nancy Lieder wrote in message <>
>> In Article <> Duncan wrote:
>>> I've put together an animated GIF file of NEAT
>>  SKyMorph images of the relevant area of sky,
>> The doctored ones, or undoctored?
> That any images have been doctored is your assertion, which
> is not supported by any evidence.  You cannot claim this as
> a fact upon which to draw valid conclusions.  If memory serves,
> your man Havas has admitted that he mis-operated the image
> selection mechanisms on the site in question.  Yet you continue
> to claim that his difficulties are proof of conspiracy.  Why?
> Are you incapable of integrating non-imaginary facts into your
> world view?
There was never a problem operating the "image selection mechanisms", the
images were simply not available for viewing, ie. serious astrometry errors.