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Planet X: Alternate Explanation in JUNE

    Scientists reported Tuesday that other new systems on the 
    upgraded Hubble have performed well. A high-tech 
    cooling system is working and should soon revive an 
    infrared camera that has been broken since 1998. The 
    first images could be released in June.

Last April, 2001, the Zetas predicted:
    It was known that at this time, approximately February 1, 2001,
    [Planet X] would be visible without question to an observatory.
    This activity is outside of US control, establishment control,
    they are braced for it. They cannot stop it, and know this, thus
    are not trying to do so. But will offer countering explanations
    for what has been found.
        ZetaTalk™, Coordinates

Pierre-Eric took more infrared images on Jan 19, 2002, getting the
original CCD from the camera and providing a comparison DSS from the

The reaction of the cover-up team to the Jan 19th images taken by Pierre
at Haute-Provence was to huddle and then the NEAT images taken on Jan
19, 2002 shows odd contradictions, indications of a poorly done
doctoring job, and were unavailable from the NASA web site for a month. 
So WHY would they be bothering to change the NEAT chart, when the object
is moving and they'd be chasing it, an unknown path, with the Zeta
coordinates only being given out six weeks or so in the future at a

Check the Path diagram, showing roughly where the Zetas have predicted
Planet X would be from now until March 3, 2003.  The point where Planet
X is NOW, in it's path, is darn close to where it will appear (per the
Zeta prediction) on March 3, 2003! Very little motion expected!  So,
safe bet to build in an "existing object" on the NEAT charts, claim it
was there all along.  This should last for a YEAR, if they are lucky, so
they can continue to shore up the carry-on government in bunkers,
stockpile food for the rich and powerful in their enclaves, talk up the
economy, and keep the little man dumb and happy until the last minute!

And if the Alternate Explanation comes out now, Zeta RIGHT Again!