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Re: Nancy Leider, Anti-American, etc

In Article <> Ian wrote:
> In Article <> Jim wrote:
>> It is disgusting that she uses this tragedy to take cheap
>> shots at our President and corporate America.
> The reality is always; repeat; always, more complex
> that what the public is led to believe, and may
> sometimes be just as bad as Ms. Lieder and others
> claim. It is not my task to evaluate if Ms. Lieder is
> right about another financial institution being behind
> the WTC attack. I can only say that I would not be
> surprised if such evidence were brought forward. Btw,
> did you hear that they have found Bin Laden accounts
> at a UK bank?

Indeed a UK bank was in volved, and talking about ZetaTalk Accuracy, we
just had a repeat performance this past week on the mailing lists of which Jim is a member and
is alluding to above.

By the 134th
    ZetaTalk had posted the Attack on America explanation, in
    response to many requests for their view.  Bottom line, Bin
    Laden had been the bullet but the gun was held by a rival
    (non American) bank of JP Morgan.

By the 14th
    The Troubled Times tt-watch mailing list was begging to
    know WHICH bank, and I shared what the Zetas had been
    telling me, that it was an English bank.

              From:  Nancy Lieder <>
              Date:  Fri Sep 14, 2001  10:55 am
              Subject:  Re: [tt-watch] So is Bank of America behind it?

              I'm told we should look to England.

By the 15th
    The group was combing through English banks, and guided by
    the Zetas, I suggested Barclays would be the bank to look at.

              From:  Nancy Lieder <>
              Date:  Sat Sep 15, 2001  3:53 pm
              Subject:  Re: [tt-watch] Re: So is Bank of America behind it?

              Lets look at Barclays ...

On the 16th
    The Sunday Times in the UK published an article detailing the
    Bin Laden accounts in Barclays, long a supporter of his money
    laundering activities.
              London Bank used for Bin Laden Cash

              The terrorist mastermind blamed by America for
              carrying out last week's suicide attacks in America is
              thought by the FBI to have partly financed his
              propaganda activities through an account at Barclays
              in Notting Hill, west London.

Now, how was I, Nancy, to know that?  More on how, by attacking JP
Morgan affiliates, the US elite would suffer ahead of the European

     Derivatives Monster
     September 7, 2001, Gold Eagle

     As we plunge through the early years of our new millennium,
     any study of derivates in the United States among leading
     blue-chip financial institutions inevitably leads to one
     conclusion.  Virtually all paths of derivatives inquiry lead to
     the same destination.  Today, more than ever before in the
     short history of derivatives, one leading United States
     institution effectively IS the derivatives market.  This
     company, as we will explore in this essay, is the American
     giant superbank JPMorganChase.