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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK (D12)

Use an abstract of mass, not reality of granite, in Newton's laws.
   Article: <6l91j9$>
   5 Jun 1998 15:07:21 GMT
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In article <6ko22i$> Eric George writes:
> From above:
> F = 1.98296e+20 N Force due to gravitational attraction
> F = 2.20229E+20 N Force due to orbital velocity
>> Does F=mA=mAr mean that you've pre-balanced your
>> equation by saying mass equals mass, and thus the aceleration
>> OUTwards equals the aceleration DOWNward - ah, Newton
>> works?
> No, I'll expand for the math challenged:
> F = mA : Newton's second law
> A = Ar : Stating that the acceleration we are concerned
>          with is the angular acceleration (Ar)
> F = mAr : Putting the two together
> I dare you to find something wrong with that.

    Well, what's wrong with that is that is ASSUMES that A = Ar. Both
    these quantities are abstract and cannot be grasped, so you are
    discussing how many angels are on the head of a pin! Once having
    stated something unprovable, you add THE SAME QUANTITY to both sides of
    the equation and go home smug!

    This is what allows such absurd statements as the one made by Jim
    Scotti and David Tholen, that a planet can orbit both its binary suns
    by going WAY out there so that the barycenter becomes the gravitational
    giant it is orbiting. Mass, or weight which is what mass BECOMES when
    you are getting real, does not matter, per them. Absurd!

Last week, in article <6kl07u$> The Zetas stated:
> The theatre of the absurd is about to open.

And it has!