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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK

Jonathan TATE <> wrote:
>> Having taken that orbit, it was caught, perpetually, to
>> continue it.  In the past, is passed in its swing past
>> your Sun through the Asteroid Belt, the results
>> apparent and worrysome to you now.
> The NEA population evolves through well understood
> mechanisms that do not involve a rogue planet, so I
> am unsure about the results to which you refer.

Oh?  Can you describe?  How did they “evolve”?  Here’s what the Zetas
have stated.

    Indeed, the last passage was closer than the pending one
    in 2003. This is why we have stated that the crust shift
    during the prior shift was less than will be anticipated in
    2003, as no sooner had the core started to shift, it moved
    to align with the passing Planet X. What happens on such
    close passage? There is a great deal of trash that trails
    behind Planet X, caught in its gravity field. Several moons,
    and lesser objects such as boulders and dust. There are
    likewise asteroid from the Asteroid Belt which attach
    during a passage, but can be torn away when a passage
    close to another gravitational object occurs. These minor
    objects assume new orbits, in many cases around more than
    one planet if they are in close proximity to each other at
    the time, and finally to become disconnected or to assume
    what is termed a Near Earth Orbit object. How do you
    suppose they got into those orbits in the first place?
        ZetaTalk™, Near Earth Asteroids

Jonathan TATE <> wrote:
>> As your Sun shrank in mass and consequently shrank in its
>> gravity pull, this planet has passed closer in, and now
>> passes between the Earth and your Sun.
> The Sun loses mass all of the time (E= mc2), but this is
> too small a loss to be significant.

Well, we’re talking a LONG time frame here.

    The term, 12th Planet, is not scientifically exact but
    relates to the historical and widely read book that Sitchen
    wrote, titled The 12th Planet. In this book he explains
    that the ancient visitors from this traveling comet
    considered the Moon to be a planet, and counted the Sun
    as the first. The periodic Earth cataclysms caused by the
    12th Planet have been in place for eons, since the Earth
    was cold and without life. As this statement will raise
    questions in some minds, let us explain. The Earth was
    cold as the Sun had not yet lit. All this is a matter of
    astrophysics, and not relevant to the discussion at hand.
    The 12th Planet, or giant comet, assumed its orbit around
    the Sun due to gravitational and motion issues, which
    were at play coming out of what some Earthlings refer
    to as the big bang. This was in fact only a little bang, a
    local affair, however.
        ZetaTalk™, 12th Planet