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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK

Jonathan TATE wrote:
>> The approach of this giant magnet is what is causing your
>> volcanoes to become active,
> Volcanoes are always active somewhere in the world - there is
> no increase in activity.

From the Quake Patterns TOPIC of Troubled Times:

    Volcanic activity seems to be up too, also doubled. I don't have
    quite as good a resource for this information as the USGS, but the
    site I referenced is at least supported by NASA. According to the
    information posted on this website, we have the following upward
    trend occurring over the last five years.
       Year   # Eruptions
       1996   10
       1997   13
       1998   16
       1999   14
       2000   26 - so far (as of Aug 10, 2000
    As I understand it, this is counting only eruptions that have
    begun in a particular year, not ones that have continued through
    multiple years. 

Jonathan TATE wrote:
>> your weather to defy prediction by your forcasters,
> It always has done, it's a chaotic mechanism.

From the Weather TOPIC of Troubled Times:

    The Washington Post reported on July 2, 1998 that:
        In 1984, the number of storms with hail at least three-quarters
        of an inch in size was 2,749 at the National Weather Service.
        In 1996, there were 9,636 reports. From 1991 to 1996, the
        number of severe thunderstorms reported grew from 6,504
        to 9,175.

   Earth warmest in 1,000 years?
   Researchers cite evidence for records in 1998 and entire '90s.
   MSNBC Staff and Wire Reports, March 4, 1999
      The federal government has already declared 1998 the
      warmest year since temperature recordings began 120
      years ago, but several researchers say other evidence
      "strongly suggests" 1998 was the warmest of the last 1,000
      years. Using tree rings, ice cores and other indicators,
      the scientists also dubbed the 1990s the warmest decade of
      the millennium.

Jonathan TATE wrote:
>> and your magnetic field to become rapidly diffuse.
> Sadly it isn't.

From the Geo Change TOPIC of Troubled Times:

    I am not familiar with the article by Barnes in the SIS
    Review, but the decrease in the earth's magnetic field
    to which he referred is well-known. That is not to say
    that the strength of the magnetic field is decreasing by
    the same amount everywhere. Measurements of the
    magnetic field strength are routinely made at different
    places on the earth show, and show different rates of
    decrease; in fact, some places show an increase. However,
    mathematical analyses of the observations, which are
    routinely done every few years, show an overall decrease
    in what is called the "dipole moment" of the magnetic
    field. (See for example, C.E. Barton, Journal of
    Geomagnetism and Geoelectricity, v 49, 123-148, 1997.)
    This decrease is approximately linear, not exponential.
    If it were to continue, the dipole moment would become
    zero in about 1250 years, but Barton points out that the
    dipole appears to be recovering from an historic high
    that occured about 2000 years ago, so there is no reason
    to believe that the decrease will continue indefinitely.