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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK (D10)

Escape by avoiding Newton, Inverse Square, or familiar examples on the
same page.
   Article: <6l91d8$>
   5 Jun 1998 15:04:08 GMT
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In article <6ko22i$> Eric George writes:
>> Eric has kindly calculated the pace of your Moon at some
>> 1023 meters per second..  Your Concord flies at less than
>> HALF the speed that the Moon is traveling, and it is scarsely
>> about to fly off into space due to centrifugal force!  In fact, it
>> requires a full tank of fuel and a shape to eliminate air friction
>> as much as possible in order to stay above ground!  Would
>> your Concord fly off into space if the speed were doubled?
> The fact that the concord flies in an atmosphere makes whatever
> comparison you are trying to make irrelevant.  But to answer
> what I think your trying to get at, ..  let's assume that the
> concord flies at 40000 ft.  If there were no atmosphere you
> could orbit a satellite at this altitude.  It's period would be
> 84.7 minutes and it's velocity would be 7897.873415 m/s.
> This is almost 15 times faster then the concord, so you can
> see that the concord is in no danger of going into orbit even
> if it wasn't in the atmosphere.  The closer you are the faster
> you have to go!

So, you are saying a satellite, which does not have the jets the
Concord does, would have to move at that speed to stay in orbit?  Then
how come the MOON can poke along, at its HUGE weight, at only 1/7th
this speed?

Last week, in article <6kl07u$> The Zetas stated:
> The theatre of the absurd is about to open.

And it has!