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Re: ZetaTalk and Spaceguard UK (D3)

Inverse Square for gravity pull at distance between Earth and Moon,
using real, not abstract, figures.
    Article: <6j9jcm$>
    12 May 1998 13:38:30 GMT
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In article <> Paul Campbell writes:
>> You're saying that your equations balance, but then only
>> balance because you've CALCULATED the weight of the
>> Moon using the orbital mechanics formula, right?  So if
>> you would enter any other weight for the Moon into those
>> equations, then the Moon either plummets or ejects into
>> space?
>       Nancy wrote
> Mass is not based on speed but mass can be solved by
> F=GMm/r^2 and solving for m. The weight of the moon is
> zero, the mass can be calculated by the above formula. If you
> change the mass of the moon then the Moon's orbit as
> presently observed would not happen. Therefore the moon's
> mass must be what it is regardless of it's composition.

So you CALCULATED the mass of the Moon to match the other factors in
your orbital mechanics!  No wonder they balance!  You are cheating!