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Signs of the Times #1215
Virginia Crews recover all 10 bodies at Hendrick crash site [Oct 25] ‘10 people killed in the crash of a Hendrick Motorsports plane that was carrying family and friends of one of NASCAR's top syndicates. Investigators will try to piece together what happened from the wreckage, radar data and communications between the pilot and the airport.’ [and from another] Small Planes Crash in Missouri [Oct 26] ‘A small private plane crashed while approaching the airport here, killing two of three people aboard. The cause was not known.’ [and from another] Marion, WI [Oct 26] ‘A small airplane crashed in the woods in the central Wisconsin town of Marion.’ [and from another] Pilot dead in Leominster plane crash [Oct 27] ‘Plane crashed into a shop shortly after it took off from Fitchburg Municipal Airport.’ [and from another] Arlington Hts. Pilot not hurt in Crash [Oct 27] ‘Engine trouble at about 1,600 feet in the air.’ [and from another] Investigators examining cockpit voice recorder San Diego area crash [Oct 24] ‘Federal Aviation Administration are trying to determine what caused the jet to crash into the mountain shortly taking off from Brown Field on Sunday.’ [and from another] Los Alamos Couple Hurt In Utah Plane Crash [Oct 26] ‘Witnesses say visibility was very poor, but investigators still haven´t determined the exact cause of the crash.’ [and from another] Atlanta Students Witness Plane Crash [Oct 27] ‘Most students were still in a state of shock after the plane met its fiery end, moments after it was seen spinning out of control.’ [and from another] Fatal Kansas Plane Crash [Oct 27] ‘The cause of the crash remains under investigation.’ [and from another] Plane crash in Glenwood, SC under investigation [Oct 26] ‘Pilot tried to make a second landing attempt after he flew past the airport.’ [and from another] Small Plane Crash in Aiken County Kills Pilot [Oct 25] ‘Pilot was preparing to land when the plane crashed.’ [and from another] Deadly Plane Crash Still Under Investigation [Oct 25] ‘National Transportation Safety Board investigators were still working Monday to determine what led to a deadly plane crash near the Crawford County town of Chester last week.’ [and from another] 3 killed in Florida air ambulance crash [Oct 20] ‘There was no distress call then and no further communication with the helicopter.’ [Note: this represents 13 small plane crashes within a week that were reported in the news, in the US alone. The worldwide average is less than one a day. Something is up.]