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Why would anyone want to murder Ron Brown? Brown was up to his neck in major scandals. At the time of his murder, Brown was under investigation by a special prosecutor in the Justice Dept., the FDIC, the Congressional Reform and Oversight Committee, the FBI, the Energy Dept., the Senate Judiciary Committee, and even his own Commerce Dept. Inspector General.

  1. How did North Vietnam recently get us to drop our trade embargo against them so suddenly? Easy. As a Vietnamese businessman and official later revealed to the press, the Communist government paid Brown $700,000 to do it. The money went into a Singapore bank account, the embargo fell, and Clinton squashed a feeble FBI attempt to investigate. He and Brown also neutralized a federal grand jury probe later.
  2. The 1/23/95 U.S. News & World Report broke the news that Brown had bought a $360,000 townhouse for his girlfriend, Lillian Madsen, a prominent political player and whorehouse madam from Haiti.
  3. Brown used to receive $12,500 a month as the PR flack for Baby Doc Duvalier, the much-loathed dictator of Haiti. Brown also managed Baby Doc's $50 million investment fund, most or all of which is now in Vietnam firms.
  4. Brown okayed the sale of a new U.S. gas turbine engine to China for use in its cruise missiles.
  5. Brown irked Congress and most of Europe by acting as point man for Clinton to bring Iranian Muslims and their weaponry into the Bosnia war.
  6. Janet Reno appointed Daniel Pearson to prosecute Brown in a grand jury probe of an Oklahoma gas company's large money payments to Brown's son, Michael. The president of the company told a Tulsa grand jury that the money was to be routed to Ron Brown, who was expected to "fix" a big lawsuit for the company. When Reno gave Pearson blanket permission to investigate anything, Brown angrily demanded that Clinton force her to withdraw Pearson. When Clinton said he couldn't comply, Brown angrily told Clinton he wasn't going to take the rap. He was going to finger Bill and Hillary instead. From that point on, Brown was dead. Like Vincent Foster before him, he knew too much. More than any man in Washington, he knew where all the money went for the payoffs, bribes, scams, money laundering, cover-ups, participation fees, hush money, and side deals--all the way from one-man operations to vast multinational trade treaty fixes.