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Now is the time for preparation, for forming our survival camps, to get in a position to help ourselves and those close to us who are willing to listen and heed the warnings concerning what is to come. Do not fall into the trap of worrying, now, at this moment, about who you should help or who you should not help; this will all come out in the wash. If you have formed a community and you are on the flow lines, there is bound to come a time when the life boat is full, and the community simply can't absorb any more people without detriment to itself. In this case, why not make up some "care" packages containing things like non-hybrid seeds, things that will help the unprepared to start their own camp, or at least survive until they can find a community that can absorb them.

Most important of all, we must remember that we, as a group and as individuals, can only do so much. What we can do we must do; and what we can't do, should not concern us to the extent that it inhibits preparation. We could tear ourselves apart as individuals and as a group, trying to decide how to determine who is Service-to-Other and who is Service-to-Self; who should be helped, and who should not. Dwelling on the fact that we cannot do it all, for everybody, can be psychologically crippling and will do nothing but distract us from our primary purpose. Let's get on with the work in hand.

Offered by Helena.

One could, as a bare minimum, hand out a small packet of basic survival information on finding and eating bugs and purifying water etc. In this way one could help all who come to the door. So the bottom line would be we as Troubled Times members would need to pull this basic information together so that it can be used in this fashion. Possibly small water-proof paper booklets or pamphlets (one for each subject) printed and distributed during the last year, or months. Each would outline the basic do's and don'ts. All this information, put together, could comprise a Pole Shift Survival Bible or some such concept. If one runs low on copies to hand out, a quick verbal training session could be held. In this way we help.

Offered by Mike.