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A Service-to-Self individual dominating a community may soon be a thing of the past. A very important factor would be the orientation (including human relationships) within the community. If a leader can divide a community against itself (history provides numerous examples of the criminalized, demonized minority), then the leader can direct the members in violence. If not, if people remain Service-to-Other, is there vulnerability to the manipulation of a leader in whose footsteps you do not want to follow?

The issue may be the intelligence of the whole, the network of life on earth and beyond. I used the term network because of our familiarity with the Internet and so on. Consider that you cannot divide the Internet against itself. It doesn't make sense. You can classify its parts (user, ISP, phone lines, hardware, software, etc.) but you cannot divide it against itself and have it work. We face precisely the same issue now on earth, in our divided networks of selves and nations. But let's say that one chat group hates another - there is no physical violence on the Internet, only energy exchange. Yes, people can be dominated, but not groups, not the Internet, not the network.

Offered by Jeff.