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The pole shift will be a great equalizer when the survivors emerge to their flattened neighborhoods. At that point there will be no one who will feel anything but the need for help, and when no help is available even a child has to realize that the ability to survive will require the cooperation of everyone. This is not conjecture, but what I have personally witnessed time and again. One has to only look back a couple years to when a huge area of southern Florida was flattened by hurricane. Or look back to when LA was stricken by a 7.2 earth quake. If you are trapped in a 2 foot space between the upper and lower decks of a bridge, who cares who is responding to your cries for help? And who were the people who risked their own lives to initially respond to those cries? It was people from the lowest strata of society, that's who. The pole shift would wipe the culture clean and a new one would start to be established.

Offered by Ron.

The environment had nearly returned back to normal for them. There was no threat to them personally. Civilization was under control for those of the lower strata of society that were heroic that day. The sun was shining and the earth had not stopped moving. There was the possibility of aftershocks but they considered this worth the chance, since most after shocks are less damaging than the original. There was the obvious future of repair and life would return to normal. These persons were not still living in a continuing situation (hell on earth) as one would be after the pole shift so to speak. This is comparing Apples and Oranges, but does point out the heroic qualities that mankind has.

Offered by Mike.

A very good point, and I must admit that I am forced to agree. An initially good population reduced to savagery by starvation, deprivation, and hopelessness. Now I'm getting depressed.

Offered by Ron.

It's a dangerous practice to attempt to predict human response under a crisis situation. History has repeatedly demonstrated that the unlikeliest of people rise to the occasion while the established leadership fails miserably in the hour of crisis. On the Titanic the overwhelming majority of men aboard that ship willingly sacrificed their chances for survival by allowing women and children to board the lifeboats. The cowardly acts of a few men (rich or otherwise) does not distract from the bravery of the majority, who stood by while their wives and children entered the lifeboats. You cannot predict these matters.

Offered by Ed