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icon Oil and Water

I remember reading from Autobiography of A Yogi, Parmahansa Yogananda mentioned several times life with his teacher Sri Yukatswar. He mentioned that devotees who were not meditating and devoted were asked to leave the ashram. By this I'm trying to infer that sometimes people separate themselves. Sometimes oil and water do not mix. There may be people that you cannot deal with.

Offered by Martin.

I suspect that most large and small communities will shortly be able to communicate and thus receive over time a pretty good picture of the state of the world, and that this information will one way or the other find it's way to each individual. Individuals within any type of community will be able to assess and decide their own fate within the community, be it Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other. We are rightly concerned about Service-to-Self personalities in contact with Service-to-Other personalities because by their nature. Service-to-Self personalities tend to dominate and take advantage of Service-to-Other personalities. For an individual of Service-to-Self orientation, the world is defined and limited to what benefits that Service-to-Self personality. Such a view by definition works against a Service-to-Other view. The common overlap of two such views is indeed small.

Offered by Ron.