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icon Instinct

I have a knack for knowing when someone is not a good person. The hair stands up on the back of my neck. I can just tell if someone is bad, usually. I can't give you any other details other than that. Telepathy, maybe, or bad vibes. Nothing scientific or explainable. I'll bet there are others who have these same instincts.

Offered by Clipper.

For me, determining a Service-to-Self nature starts as a feeling that something isn’t right with the person (in the case where a Service-to-Self person is attempting to deceive me). I have explored this and trained myself to look deeper into another person by reading their body language and watching their eyes and paying attention to my own emotional cues. I can determine, with astounding accuracy, whether a person is acting in a manner that is true to himself (not putting on a shell, etc.). In the case where a person is making no attempt to hide his nature, I feel a repulsion.

Offered by Roger.

This is a sensitivity or a sixth sense, and you can't teach someone this anymore than you can teach them to hear or see or taste. Everyone has potentials and we are often taught not to use them - to deny them. For instance, if you can see auras, and you keep talking about that kind of thing as a child, then the adults around you may insult you for such "nonsense" and you will not only stop talking about it, but you will stop seeing it.

Offered by Jeff.