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icon Difficult Call

In determining Service-to-Other from Service-to-Self, you've got problems. The Service-to-Self are clever. In my experience, very clever. They have the ability to worm their way into almost anything and for the time that suits them can fool even the best of us. Granted, they always reveal their true colors, but by then the damage could be done. Another aspect is the Service-to-Self ability to control others, who can easily make a personal call and be swayed by the Service-to-Self without even realizing it. Often those so controlled find themselves slowly isolated by these techniques. Those people who have gone into isolation, either by their own design or through pressure from those who are Service-to-Self, may already seem aloof or self indulgent and this may have nothing to do with their being within the Service-to-Self orientation. They are aloof for their own survival.

Secondly there may be those who at this moment operate in the Service-to-Self mode but who will switch to Service-to-Other either during or after the event. There will also be those Service-to-Other who will switch during and after the event. These cannot be detected before the pole shift and can only be dealt with after the event. So detection no matter how good it is beforehand will be meaningless after any orientation shift. The Wolf will already be in the fold.

Offered by Brian.