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This is a list of skills that would benefit one to learn before the crisis hits. Hopefully, this little solution for many questions will help those who do not know where to start. This is in no way inclusive, but I thought it might help stir up some imagination and give some of you a checklist to start from.

Skills List

  1. How to level a spot of ground with no leveling equipment
  2. How to make and use a block-n-tackle from nature
  3. How to make a simple pulley with Nature's materials
  4. How to use vines as rope and tie proper knots for the purpose
  5. How to utilize natural terrain for the best benefits
  1. How to make your own tools and/or where to acquire them
  2. How to fell a tree to make it fall exactly where you want
  3. How to build a mule harness for moving your logs
  4. How to skin a tree and cure it for making lodge poles
  5. How to cut firewood with no power or fuel and how to split it
  6. How to notch poles by hand into "Lincoln" logs
  7. How to build temporary and permanent shelters by hand
  8. How to build utility buildings and animal shelters
  9. How to build a root cellar for efficient storage
  1. How to know where there is water by plant identification
  2. How to use willow to witch for water on a piece of land
  3. How to incorporate flowing or standing water to develop power
  4. How to build a watershed to collect natural water
  5. How to collect and filter rain water for survival
  6. How to build a condensation pool for gathering water from the atmosphere
  7. How to recycle used water to serve many purposes
  1. How to create additional lighting in nature
  2. How to build a wood-burning stove with rocks
  3. How to build a fireplace and heat system with adobe bricks
  4. How to make your own mortar from natural ingredients
  5. How to make your own bricks from straw, clay, and sap
  6. How to make and use sun-dried mud (adobe) to build
  1. How to attract and repel various kinds of insects
  2. How to create a worm-bed and incorporate it into your garden
  3. How to prepare soil for many different purposes
  4. ow to grow your own food and medicine in any kind of ground
  5. How to grow produce for high yield in limited space
  6. How and when to harvest your crops for specific purposes
  7. How to repel gophers, deer, or other animals that can destroy your crops
  8. How to plant and maintain a garden for high yield, low yield and seed stock
  9. How to recognize edible, non-edible, medicinal and poisonous plants in nature
  10. How to gather and create fertilizers for your gardens and yards
  1. How to cook, bake, and roast on an open fire
  2. How to cure and preserve various kinds of food
  3. How to dry produce naturally for storing
  4. How to store foods naturally for later use
  1. How to make cloth from natural fibers
  2. How to make your own candles from items found in nature
  3. How to make liquid, powdered, and bar soaps
  4. How to make warm clothes and shoes from natural materials

Offered by Shekhina.