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The success of a group in the Aftertime is greater if

This analysis of a strong team casts the soft wife of a rich man in the same category as a welfare mom, and the bum on the street in the same category as a stock broker. Both potentially lack qualities that would make them a strong team member in the Aftertime.

Offered by Nancy.

Team selection is very important, since integrity of the survival group would mean success or failure. People do not realized how important it really is. Some members are bringing their personal problems and it would be a good idea if they get some help before this “shithouse explodes” to quote Jim Morrison.

I used to do rock climbing and in our club we made sure that everybody understood that other person that you climb with is responsible for your life. It was said over and over again. Despite of this I have seen people walking away from their partners in a snow storm just because “I called him and there was no answer”. Nobody would go anywhere with them after such incidents. There was no indication from them in normal conditions that they will behave like that. The point is that you never know what the other person is going to do in difficult situation. You can minimize it by asking questions and trying to find out as much as you can. After all 50% marriages end up in divorce.

Offered by Chris.