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icon Mad Max Gangs

The cities are where the Mad Max gangs will originate and do their horrible deeds. The destroyed cities will offer the greatest opportunities for these types. They can endlessly shuffle through mountains of rubble in search of what they consider to be the most precious commodities - money, gold, fuel, canned food, weapons, abandoned vehicles, abandoned homes, people they can enslave. Destroyed, broken cities are Mad Max’s assets and source of entertainment. The sparesely populated countryside has nothing to offer. Boring, few assets, not worth it for Mad Max.

Some of us get guns to protect our families and some do not. However, 10 times more people in families die from guns being kept for their portection, as compared to people who do not choose that form of protection. In summary, your wife, your child, or your husband have 10 times more of a chance to be killed by a gun if you keep a gun in the house. Certain people may have good reason to keep a gun in the home. But, when advising it for the general population, it is clearly preposterous. Your chances of being killed by a gun go way way up when you put one in your home.