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It will be rough after the pole shift, but some of this will happen every where, even away from the cities. In my opinion, there is no appropriate thought pattern in the cities, programming would be more the case there. Like, I am used to doing this or that, like eating at 5 PM everyday or going to the store to get supplies. Do not be near the programming, be near the thought patterns like the farmers, the ranchers, the self supporting folks who are used to this method of survival. Thought patterns like feeding the kids at some other time of day because that is when they can eat or bathing once or twice a week because that is how it is due to the amount of water or the chores have to be done first.

Always be cautious, hunger will do strange things to people. Even a farmer could slit your throat for your bread if he is hungry, but the "thought pattern" is there. The first thing any business would tell you when starting up is "Location, location, location". Ask any car lot or grocery store. They are there because of the crowd they want to attract. If you want to attract programming, be near it. If you want to attract survival thought patterns ... well. Remember, your mind is your best defense.

Offered by Clipper.