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Nancy's Map

I would be very interested in how Nancy came up with this graphic in the first place. My assumption had been that she just copied this type of map (forget it's name) from somewhere else. Were that the case, the map would not indicate any shifting of the continents as you show on your globe experiment.
I took a bitmap of the world, which showed the continents in their right proportions (not where Greenland looks as big as the North American Continent, etc. Then I took the globe and revisited the vision given to me, and spend days. The first cut had a big "map spacing" red wedge in the middle of North America and up into Russian from India, as the curve of these large continents was hard to lay flat. Now I know that both these places split a bit. But I did not subduct India and Central America. Mike did that, for the first time.
I am not sure how much of Central America gets subducted. To me it would be logical that North America or specifically Alaska should slide over the top of Russia to some extent. This theoretically could put clipper or some of Alaska slightly in the southern hemisphere. Then the amount of subduction of Central America would be much less. I also went round and round with the islands around Australia. In an attempt to match your intent I ended up sliding 3 different pieces of overlay, each one slid separately.