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Post Pole Shift

After pole shift: Shot taken for each 1/8 turn of the planet. Rotation was counter clockwise facing down on the new north pole. Rotation starts facing the old north pole, Step 9, Step 10, Step 11, Step 12, Step 13, Step 14, Step 15, Step 16. My comments on the results: Looking at the slippage of South America of about 75 degrees or over 5000 miles. Realizing that Europe will also slip and that not all of this will take place by north and south America. For ease of construction this was not shown. Yet even if it is half or 2000-4000 miles, this is still a lot. I once calculated that during the shift the planet surface could get up to speed of 12,000 mile/hr. 5,000 miles is a long distance, there must be some other factors I don't yet understand at work other than the inertia of stopping of the planet that could cause this.