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Film Adaptation

I had a thought that this technique of curved marked up plastic overlays might work well with video. One could focus in on one continent at a time and gradually move the overlay showing the shift of the continent. Take some frames shift it by hand and take some more frames. The jerky effect this would produce would simulate the bumping effect of the continent sliding. Also the rotation of the shift and the final rotation of the planet could be shown more realistically. I don't have the equipment to do this.
It seems to me that the changes that pole shift will make on the planet can be programmed, so that a study in motion of the change, as the Zetas describe it, can be visually studied, zoomed in on, slow-motioned, etc. My limited end-user computer skills don't, unfortunately, include this kind of thing. All you computer whizzes on the list: do any of you think it is possible to write a program of this kind, so that we could see the changes unfold accurately and step by step?
Yes this is possible. This is a matter of design and not of possibility in today’s world of software. You are asking for a wheel and that it must be able to spin around, and it is up to the designer to decide what type of wheel is needed. Creating such a program can be done in REALbasic, which is a MacOS program for making programs for the MacOS and WindowsOS. I have no experience with that program though.
A program that could be used is flash, where the contents (selfmade) can be displayed on the internet in a dynamic and interactive fashion. Flash is interactive and has animation. A flash file usually is smaller than the average image on the net (80k). I am very familiar with flash, and the activeX needed for windows users installs automatically. To see what flash can do, go to and choose 'flash gallery'. I could create a spinning earth with old and new geography, changing geography, pole shift and the lot, all in 3d and by using maps. These can be loaded into flash, where I could put content and meaning to them. With the addition of text and sound, animation and interactivity, the whole concept of the pole shift can be visualized.