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OK, I checked as to what the Zetas said, and indeed they said the triangle is drawn starting at the sun, starting at Earth, etc. So since this conversation started a couple days ago, I've been getting from them that there is a missing piece we've not discussed yet, during the passage, so there goes.

Like bodies on the dance floor, and as Velikovsky has pointed out in his record of ancient astronomical observations, planets can get disturbed from their orbit by the close passages of an object as large as another planet, though they then return to the orbit appropriate for their size and composition, within the solar system. Thus, where the this triangle represents an analysis to aid in determining the approach, it does not represent, completely, the position of the passing bodies during the actual passage. They draw near each other, during the approach, where the north end of the 12th Planet is pulling toward the south end of the Earth. At this time, as the 12th Planet is moving, it does the moving, the pulling toward. The shift itself is preceded by a jerking away of the Earth from the 12th Planet, the north end tipping up but also the Earth sliding sideways, a bit. Then, as the south pole pulls up and toward the passing 12th Planet's north pole, there is a pulling back, toward the 12th Planet. As friction in space is not a factor, these motions do not influence those on the surface of Earth. It is the shift that is the disruption, not the movement in space. In the end, the Earth is essentially in the same place, vis a vis the Sun, when the passage has completed, but during these attraction and repulsion movements, the passage has been closer than would be presumed from the approach of the 12th Planet.


I think the movement toward the Earth, as a rapidly moving magnet approaching the south end of Earth with its north end, would be a slight change in the curve line it is already taking.

At what point does the path change? It is now, on the approach, retrograde to hop over the sweeping arms of the sun and positioned at a 32 degree angle to shoot through the ecliptic rather than line up with the other planets in it, and positioned a length away from the sun that its repulsion force demands. It is not until it is approaching the Earth, within the last week, that any change moving the 12th toward the Earth occurs. As you might imagine, seeing this slight change will put panic into those humans calculating the passage. As humans do not ascribe to the repulsion force that we detail, they will be missing a large piece of the puzzle. When the Earth itself starts to move away, just prior to the shift, they will ascribe it to motion in the 12th, or perhaps a doom or the Earth being sent out into space, out of orbit entirely.

Thus, for your calculations, use the triangle we have described as positioning the 12th on it's approach. Detailing the exact position during passage, given the drama of that last week, is unnecessary. It will be rock and roll, as we have described in the pole shift area, and few on earth will be dealing with other than the immediacy of survival at that time.