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ZetaTalk: Newman's Machine
Note: written on Jun 15, 1999.

This is not what it seems, but is a measure of some other reactions which are being interpreted as free energy. Man does not understand the atom, or atomic interactions, well enough to interpret correctly. If one did not understand fruit, that fruits contain juice, but that this juice is finite, then a juicer would seem like a magical generation of fruit juice! Put in this round ball, press the lever, and out it comes! This may seem overly simplistic, but a quick glance back into man's past will show that concepts that are taught, today, to children in grade school were not known to adults just a few hundred years or so ago. How disease caused by germs is spread, so that epidemics could be prevented rather than suffered or considered a curse. That the Earth revolves around the Sun, not that the Sun is moving about the Earth. That the Earth is not flat, but round, and could be sailed around. How recessive genes can express, so that the occasional blue eyed child from brown eyed family lines was not magic at all. All these were concepts unknown to man in the past.

So Newman, in the construction of his machine, is pulling electricity from the surrounding area, but this would occur on a depreciating manner, less and less over time as the surroundings are being depleted. Thus, this is no more than a curiosity, not a solution to energy needs.

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