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Survival Site CD

A CD set containing the content of the Troubled Times website, as well as the first page of external links, has been produced and will be made available to the public at cost. One CD can be read by Adobe Reader in PDF format and the other by a browser in hypertext format. In the words of the volunteer who produced the CD:

Version 1.0 (10 Nov 03) HTML and PDF off line reference for Zetatalk, Trouble Times and Nonprofit has been completed. A CD-ROM was made for HTML and a separate one for PDF. The full website with one off site link was done for each. They both will autostart and open when put in the CD-ROM drive. Each CD has 3 separate ways to get at the data (Zetatalk, Trouble Times and Nonprofit). The PDF Version has a full word index and makes it easy to find all pages that reference a given subject. The HTML CD-ROM uses 595 MB of disk space and has 54100 files and 9308 folders on it. The PDF CD-ROM uses 467 MB of disk space and has 50 files in 12 folders.

Note these CD's can be reproduced en mass and distributed to the public, as long as these CD's are reproduced in total with no change, and there is no charge to the public whatsoever for reproduction or distribution. Duplicating facilities can mass produce these CD's from one secured from the nonprofit, with ease, as there is no degradation in CD's during duplication. The $4.10 fee the nonprofit charges to distribute these CD's is at or below cost. This small fee will simply allow us to produce more CD's. Sorry, no discounts on group orders. Questions? Contact: Troubled Times, Inc. To order the CD set via PayPal:

A combo order of the CD's plus Survival Booklet, normally $11.60, can be mailed at cost for $10.00. To order the combo via PayPal:

For those preferring paper payments, in USD as cash, checks against a US bank, or a Money Order, order via snail mail to:

Troubled Times, Inc.
PO Box 10
North Freedom, WI 53951