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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 29, 2011

I am told that the earth is being manipulated to continue our seasonal changes and not alert the general populace. How long will this continue? Will they continue this practice until the pole shift or after the 7 of 10 where the world is shocked and knows something is up anyways? What is the plan?

The establishment is most likely to panic, and mow their citizens down in the streets, if the presence of Planet X is seen as merely theory, as at that time life seems to be normal to the establishment, and the possibility that their normal existence can continue likely. For instance, if Obama were to have announced the certain presence of Planet X near the Sun when he first took office, the elite would have reacted strongly. Those likely to raise questions at press conferences would be harrassed or frankly assassinated, and in those countries with few civil rights, arrested and never heard from again. Any gathering of citizens in the streets would result in harsh police suppression and if this did not succeed, mowing citizens down in the streets. Martial law would be quickly called, inciting rebellion among those not willing to live with this yoke, many deaths following.

This would all be because the elite would be living with the illusion that their life would continue, with themselves at the top of the pile and in control. Any sign that they are losing control would result in a knee jerk reaction from them to suppress the trend. Up until now, with the many excuses for the presence of Planet X supported by government controlled scientists, it has been cast in the light of a conspiracy theory. The USGS alters quake statistics, Global Warming is asserted to cover rising seas, and NASA goes on TV to declare that Nibiru is just a myth. The common man may be nervous, but the burden of proof is on the "conspiracy theory", which struggles under the burden of paid disinformation teams, who, as Nancy has stated recently, jump up and down shrieking like baboons and throwing feces.

Then the day arrives, perhaps suddenly, perhaps gradually, when Global Warming does not cover the rising seas, as has already happen in Indonesia. What is claimed to be a migrating N Pole on Earth, disrupting landing planes in Tampa and elsewhere, is faced with explaining a violent Earth wobble, the pushing away of the magnetic N Pole of Earth on a daily basis. More than the Sun arriving a couple days early in Greenland, Norway, and Alaska will be noticed by the public. The evidence that Planet X is in the inner solar system will be on more than a few SOHO images and amateur photographs, but in the skies for all to see. Then the plates begin serious movement, in a manner only predicted by ourselves, who speak of the presence of Planet X and the pole shift to come.

At this point, the elite have a different view of their future. Where they had been hoping that the Earth changes would be slight, a few earthquakes and tidal waves, so that they posture of control, on top of the pile, could continue, they see something else unfolding, something they cannot control. The value of assets along coastlines, worldwide, disappears. The banking and insurance systems dissolve such that unless supported by a government those who assumed themselves with paper assets or coverage by an insurance company are left bereft. And this includes the elite. The assets of the elite wash away beneath their feet, who are stunned. Public order is no longer controlled by the police or the military, who themselves are in panic and distracted. Certainly the demands that the elite be protected first and foremost are ignored during the choas. The elite increasingly run to their bunkers and hunker down. Then, not only is the Element of Doubt no longer needed, it would not even be possible to maintain.

Can the ZT's please comment what will happen to both archipelagos of Azores and Madeira during the tearing of the north Atlantic and Euro tsunami? Will they vanish from the map? (Although both have some higher mountains between 6->8.000 feet, but probably not higher enough in the middle of the ocean.)

The Azores are in a stretch region, so their tiny plate will not be pushed down. As the plate is lighter than the magma, it will continue to float throughout all trauma the region will experience. Tearing will occur during the 7 of 10, and during later phases of the Earth changes, but all will simply present an increasing stretch for the Azores. The Madeira islands likewise are not on a fault line but go for a ride on the high-riding African Plate. In all these matters, island safety involves surviving the sloshing of the oceans. It is often difficult to be 100 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level and to avoid tidal bore when mountain ravines are close to the coastline.

align="right" height="221" hspace="0" width="259">My question when Africa roll after South America roll Red Sea will be larger and larger will this bring EQ for this area? Sorry for repeating but to be more specific I mean the Red Sea itself will have EQ? And my brother is a geologist and he told me if it is so there will be eruption of new volcano in Red Sea and will have a new volcanic island like Hawaii is it true? [and from another] Violent Seismic Activity Tearing Africa in Two [Jan 20],1518,740641,00.html The fissures began appearing years ago. But in recent months, seismic activity has accelerated in northeastern Africa as the continent breaks apart in slow motion. Researchers say that lava in the region is consistent with magma normally seen on the sea floor - and that water will ultimately cover the desert.

Like the great crevasses that have been opening up in this region, the 7 of 10 stretch will not be accompanied by great quakes. The stretch zone is silent, in the main. Jiggling and shuddering might occur, with minor quakes jolting now and then, but basically a silent process. Of course there will be lava, hardening into a new surface, as the plates are being pulled apart and beneath the plates is magma. And where the surface is thin, magma may bubble up. But the Red Sea will not be an explosive or erupting volcanic region, as Hawaii is, because it will not be under pressure from colliding or compressing plates.

align="right" height="252" hspace="0" width="256">Can Zetas explain this mystery crop circle, appeared in Yogyarta, Indonesia? This is first crop circle in this region. [and from another] Indonesia Space Agency Pooh-Poohs Idea that Aliens Behind Crop Circle [Jan 24] Hundreds of curious visitors have flocked to a small rice field in central Java to witness what could be Indonesia's fist documented crop circle. According to several residents, they saw a tornado. Budi Waluyo, head of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geology Agency (BMKG) in Yogyakarta, said the agency had no records of a tornado in the special province or its surrounding areas. He said even if a tornado did occur, it would leave a distinctive snaking trail, not a crop circle.
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When the sinking expected for Java completes, there will be many refugees pouring into the highlands from both coasts. This will affect the people of the province of Yogyakarta and the highland town of Slemen where the circle was laid. The narrow waist in the island of Java will drive refugees toward this area, particularly as major roads lead there. Be prepared to host these refugees, was the message this crop circle relayed.

align="right" height="182" hspace="0" width="160">A video was posted by moderator staff to the ning that looks very much like a Planet X capture by an individual in Los Angles. The only confusing aspect to the video is that PX is at 2:00 o'clock. I suspect the camera was at an angle while filming. I've posted a screen shot below truncated a bit to remove the obvious lens flares you can see moving about, however the bright spot next to the Sun stays with the Sun as the videographer moves the camera about while filming. Here is another take by the same videographer. h Would the Zetas care to comment on the veracity of the video?

Many Moon Swirl orbs have been captured recently on film, and seen naked eye. What causes the Moon Swirls to turn such that light funnels down the length of their swirl to focus like a laser toward Earth? The Moon Swirls normally trail behind Planet X, when traveling out in space. At present, Planet X is outbound from the Sun, where it must contend with the solar wind in all its complexity. Man understands little of the particle swirls that flow into and out from the Sun, both at its poles and around its middle. We have described the Earth as caught in an eddy flow as the particle flows come from behind Planet X and then wash around Planet X. These are more than the solar wind, but the solar wind is a term, a concept, man is familiar with. There are also particle flows that emerge from the poles of the Sun, creating pressure upon their return to the Sun at its middle such that the planets are forced into a ring around the Sun's middle.

We have described the first 270° roll of Planet X as one where it turns its N Pole outbound, away from the Sun, and toward the Earth. We stopped describing the process when this horizontal turning in space reached the point where the N Pole had moved 150° around. We stated that the Last Weeks would commence when Planet X had turned 195°, pointing its N Pole directly at the Earth. This point has not yet arrived but progress toward this point has swept the massive charged dust cloud, sweeping out from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X, more toward Earth. During the Last Weeks, the Planet X complex has been described as a dragon in the skies, the Moon Swirls writhing. They writhe as they are in a dance with each other. This same dance is in process at the present time, and thus, when the Moon Swirls point their long tubes toward the Earth, bright orbs around the Sun are seen.

Several buoys in the Pacific are showing a rising seafloor. These buoys to all the way to just under the Aleutian Islands, down along Japan, and wrap around to New Zealand and Fiji. This covers 3 of the 4 plates an earlier ZetaTalk stated were sub-plates of the Pacific Plate. What is causing this rise in the seafloor, and what will be the outcome of this?
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We have described the Earth wobble as a violent push away of the magnetic N Pole of Earth, on a daily basis, when it comes up over the horizon to face the Sun and the approaching Planet X. Where the globe as a whole moves at this time, the magma, being semi-liquid, can move independently to some degree. Of course the magma is magnetically sensitive! It is not just the core of the Earth, and the surface of hardened lava, that has magnetic characteristics. The magma likewise is attempting to escape the hose of magnetic particles coming from the tail of Planet X. This is the primary reason that the plate movements described for the 7 of 10 scenarios start in Asia. Imagine what happens when the magma rushes northwest, under the Pacific plates and against the plates along the Pacific Rim. The plates bobble, and this bobbling action loosens the rock fingers preventing the plates from moving against one another.

We have described the Pacific Plate as being composed of four different parts and during this magma bobbling three of the four parts are lifted. These three plate parts - the eastern, western, and northern - are all subducting under the Pacific Rim in Asia, pushing under the Aleutian Islands, under New Zealand and Samoa, and under Japan and the Mariana and Philippine Plates. The four Pacific plates are also overlapping each other and compressing in the center, such that the northern and western plates are raising the Hawaiian and Society islands. This allows the Pacific to compress, but what of the western edges where the Mariana and Philippine plates are expected to fold, and Indonesia buckle and sink? The bobbling north Pacific plate causes the Mariana and Philippine plates to rise on their eastern edges, facilitating the tipping and thence the folding that are beginning to occur.

The lifting of the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate, where it is lifting at Samoa, is also facilitated by the bobbling, which breaks any rock fingers along the plate edges when the bobble lifts, daily, and again when it drops. Where bobbling in the north Pacific plate meets resistance in Japan and the N American Plate borders, it does meet resistance at the Mariana and Philippine plates, which lift and drop, daily. The plate tongue holding Indonesia is thus assaulted on all sides by this bobbling, which is the cause of the start of the 7 of 10 scenarios. The Philippine Plate and the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate lift and drop, daily, while the Indo-Australian Plate near India remains held in place. As anyone who has discovered they can tear cardboard like paper if they simply bend it back and forth repeatedly knows, this would result in a loose plate edge. Thus, the plate tongue holding Indonesia slides and sinks!