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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 4, 2014

In Seattle the Big Bertha Drill ran into a humming box from Zeta's and the scientists and ecologists are dumbfounded why the drill cannot penetrate it! The news report is below. It may be the first time I've seen mainstream media recently admit to something. It was on CNN! Wow! 
[and from another]  The tunnel boring machine was experiencing resistance and eventually came to a stop. The tunnel route was tested before boring began, but test shafts didn't strike an object. [and from another]  They can bore through anything from hard rock to sand. The former largest diameter hard rock TBM, at 14.4 m, was manufactured by The Robbins Company for Canada's Niagara Tunnel Project. The machine was used to bore a hydroelectric tunnel beneath Niagara Falls. The machine has been named "Big Becky" in reference to the Sir Adam Beck hydroelectric dams to which it is tunnelling to provide an additional hydroelectric tunnel. In soft ground, there are three main types of TBMs: Earth Pressure Balance Machines (EPB), Slurry Shield (SS) and open-face type. Both types of closed machines operate like Single Shield TBMs, using thrust cylinders to advance forward by pushing off against concrete segments. Earth Pressure Balance Machines are used in soft ground with less than 7 bar of pressure. The cutter head does not use disc cutters only, but instead a combination of tungsten carbide cutting bits, carbide disc cutters, and/or hard rock disc cutters.  In 2013, Hitachi Zosen Corporation delivered an earth pressure balance TBM to Seattle, United States for the Highway 99 tunnel project.  

Big Bertha is a boring machine designed for Seattle subterranean soil, which is not solid rock although it does include rock. Big Bertha’s boring head includes cutters capable of eating through solid rock, as all soft soil boring heads include this option. In soft soil, rock is encountered. What then would be an object that would stop Big Bertha’s progress? All speculation by historians aside, the only substance that could halt, rather than merely slow Bertha’s progress would be metal, and it would have to be one of the hardened metals in use today, not the type of metal such as pig iron that might be found in land-fill from the past.  Thus there is no logical explanation for Bertha’s dilemma.

When the humming alien boxes placed along fault lines on the Oregon coast were discovered in early 2012, we stated that their discovery had been by accident, an oversight by the aliens placing them. But as these boxes were also discovered in the recent past in Sri Lanka, and as in both instances these boxes were placed on the surface with full visibility during discovery, there was more than oversight involved.  Big Bertha’s halted progress and the discovery of humming boxes in the past have a common nexus – the Awakening to the alien presence.

Big Bertha’s blockage did indeed hit the press, but the media chose to emphasize nonsensical speculation rather than serious discussion. Of course a boring machine like Bertha would not be stymied by a wooden boat, or a rock of any size, or pig iron from a ship’s boiler. Even mankind’s hardened metals, in use today, would eventually melt from the continuous friction, and give way. The decision to withhold this from the news was made at a high level, and in keeping with the ongoing cover-up over the alien presence. Some other excuse will be proffered, involving a failure in Bertha’s bore head, while the humming box encountered is quietly extracted or simply disappears. This attempt to gain traction on disclosure, enlightening mankind, failed, once again, due to the grip the cover-up over the alien presence has in the US. 

Several days ago, in Houston Texas, I went outside to find my car coated in a thick layer of red dust after a very intense rainstorm the day before. I looked for information on the internet on the matter and found that the official position was that it was picked up by the weather system from Mexico. I am dubious.  Most cars that I saw around Houston had been covered by it. Are we seeing the effects of the tail lashing? If so are we going to see the respiratory illnesses that my friends and I have been suffering to any greater degree than existed during this dusting? [and from another]  Folks in southeast Texas awoke to find their cars covered with a "mysterious" red dust. Calls and Facebook posts by the hundreds poured in about the red dust covering cars. No matter how hard the-powers-that-be (TPTB) try to cover up the approach of Planet X (Nibiru), there are just some things you just can't hide, like a mysterious red dust appearing overnight. Of course, theories abound as to the source of the red dust – all 100 percent inaccurate.  The first is the red dust is cedar pollen that came in from the Texas Hill Country. The second is the red dust blew in from West Texas (too bad the winds were blowing in the wrong direction). The last is the red dust is the result of mud showers from Mexico.

Where we appreciate the banging of the Planet X/Nibiru drum, this was not in the main the cause for red tinted dust deposited on cars in Texas. Of course, there is a constant drifting down of red dust that has wafted into the atmosphere from the vast tail of Planet X, which has increased red Moons, red sunsets, and shown up in tinted deposits here and there. But the heavy red dust that will precede the Pole Shift, occurring during the Last Weeks, will be unmistakable. As with the blood red river depicted in the Jewish Exodus legends, heavy red dust will kill the fish, leave a bitter taste, and indeed color all the rivers and ponds in the vicinity a deep blood red.

The fact that this red tinted clay dust deposited on cars in Texas created such a furor in the alternative media – the Internet and Examiner story – shows how close to the surface are the deep doubts the public holds. They know they are getting lies from the establishment, increasingly ridiculous lies, a cover-up over what is showing on SOHO images, on magnetosphere graphs, in filtered photos the public can easily take, and in the distinct and measureable Earth wobble. The establishment has begun to feel like a fireman stomping on fires that seem to arise spontaneously from the ground. For many, there will be a sense of relief after the pending announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru.

As far as RT is concerned, one of the most under reported news is Aaron Swartz, the founder of Reddit (he also founded - a campaign against the internet censorship bills SOPA/PIPA) committed suicide on Jan 11 2013 just weeks before he was to go on trail for being indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly downloading millions of documents from JSTOR (digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources) through the MIT network with the intent to distribute them. Now Swartz pleaded not guilty and he has yet to attend the trial. Technically speaking, we could even argue that his actions haven't breached any laws yet and so there isn't any real need to commit suicide for something that he hasn't been proven guilty. Did he actually commit suicide or has he been assassinated? What did he find from JSTOR?

Aaron did indeed commit suicide, but not for the reasons supposed. Long an activist for information sharing, he felt he had made his mark in that regard, being a model for others and showing the way forward. Was there something he discovered in the JSTOR documents, a state secret that the US alphabet agencies wanted suppressed? He was doing a search in the area of the Planet X cover-up, but JSTOR does not contain any information not available publicly elsewhere. But the reason for his brutal prosecution, where he had in fact not broken any laws, was to send a message to others of like mind. It is a well-known adage: “don’t kill him or he will only become a martyr”. This is what Aaron had in mind, during his suicide.