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A catalog of survival kits. P.O. Box 11249, Carrollton, TX 75011-11249, (214) 418-9771.
Backpacker, Wilderness 911
By EricA Weiss, M.D. ISBN #0-89886-597-2 A step-by-step guide for medical emergencies and improvised care in the back country.
Basic Bows
By A.S. Clarke, a 2-part article published in the July/August and September/October 1986 issues of the Australian archery magazine Archery Action.
[The] Book of the Longbow
By R. Elmer and C.A. Smart, published by Doubleday
[The] Book of Outdoor Lore
By Clyde Ormond. A great book full of survival skills, equipment needed (nothing high-tech: this book is from the 1950's), edible plants and animals and how to gather/hunt/prepare them, etc. Even includes making and using primitive weapons (e.g., a hunting sling). Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
Building Robin Hood's Longbow
By Jelen Maciek, a 2-part article fromthe US magazine Traditional Archery, 1985.
By R. Graves. Written by a trainer of the Australian SAS, survival manual Australian style, with a superb array of improvised traps and snares, including fish traps. Limited amount of plant information, and that mainly useful to Australians, but some universally applicable good things to know, like identifying cyanide and oxalates by flavor. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
Camping and Woodcraft
By Horace Kephart (1917). Reprinted in 1988 by the University of Tenessee Press. This book contains over 800 pages of outdoor skills, from different types of fires for different purposes to diet and cooking to how to build temporary and permanent shelters and furniture. The hardcover costs $29.00. While outdoor technology has improved in the past 75 years, most of the skills the author teaches have not changed in 1000 years.
[The] Complete Outdoorsman's Guide to Edible Wild Plants
By James A. Duke. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1977. 
[The] Essential Wild Food Survival Guide
By Linda Runyon. Introduction to living off the land. Field guide to plants including descriptions, uses, nutritional analysis, collection and storage. Recipes. How to cultivate them in a home garden. 707-459-6410 Fax: 707-459-1925 323 pages. $20.00
God’s Free Harvest
By Ken Larson. An amazing guide for anyone who appreciates and enjoys nature. It will teach you how to garden with wild foods, learn to pick trailside. Wild foods are free and nutritious. 239 pages. $13.00
Handbok Overlevnad
By Armen. 1988. 228 pages. Well illustrated, pedagogic. Swedish military survival handbook. Rather low initial level required. Particularly strong on plants. Well researched. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
Handbook of Edible Weeds
By Thomas S. Elias and Peter A. Elias. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 1992. 
How to Stay Alive in the Woods
By Bradford Angier, 1956. Among other things, discusses insect swams and how to deal with them. Considered an excellent book by the experts.
Longbow - A social and military history
By Robert Hardy
Naked into the Wilderness, Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills
By John and Geri McPherson. ISBN #0-89745-997-0 Exactly what the title implies - into the wilderness with nothing and living well and good.
Naked into the Wilderness, Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied & Advanced
By John and Geri McPherson. ISBN #0-89745-984-9 Exactly what the title implies - into the wilderness with nothing and living well and good. Building on the lessons taught in book 1 in the series.
Native American Bows
By T.M. Hamilton, edited by Nancy Bagby, published by George Shumway, York, Pennsylvania, 1972.
Official Pocket Edible Plant Survival Manual
By Robert W. Pelton. Did you know, for example, that the inner bark of sometrees can be eaten raw, cooked, or pounded into flour, or that the sap of many trees other than Maple can be made into delicious syrup? All of this and much more is included in this unique book. 275 pages. $12.00
Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills
By John and Geri McPherson. Covers friction fire, shelters, trapping, hide tanning, primitive tools, containers, food preparation, sinew backed bow and arrow and lots more - an excellent how-to book. Prairie Wolf, PO Box 96, Randolph, KA 66554. The book tells you how to live, not just how to survive. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
Sling Braiding of the Andes
By Adele Cahlander, ISBN: 0-937452-03-3, softbound, 96 pages, profusely illustrated, purchase at: Unicorn Books and Crafts, 1338 Ross St., Petaluma,Ca. 94954 - 6502. (707) 762-3362 or (800) 289 9276. $12.95 each and $4.00 for shipping and $.60 for each additional copy.
By Xavier Maniguet.  
Survival: A Manual That Could Save Your Life
By Chris & Gretchin Janowsky (Paladin Press). This book is geared toward long- term survival in typical North American environments. Chris runs the World Survival Institute in Tok, Alaska and is a regular contributor to the American Survival Guide. The WSI can be reached at (907) 883-4243 or by writing to Box 394C, Tok, Alaska, 99780. He also produces videotapes, including a set of 4 wilderness survival tapes.
Tracking, a Blueprint for learning how
By Jack Kearney. How to follow people's and animals tracks, and by exclusion, how to avoid being tracked. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
[The] Traditional Bowyers Bible
Bois d'Arc Press, P.O.Box 233, Azle, Texas 76098 tel.: (817)237-0829. about $25-$29 each
Wilderness Living & Survival Skills
By John & Geri McPherson. For surviving by starting with nothing.
Wildwood Wisdom
By E. Jaeger, 1947. Among other issues, discusses insect swarms and how to deal with them. Many recipes for insect repellent using natural or attainable ingredients.