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Book for Midwives: A Manual for Traditional Birth Attendants and Midwives
By Klein. Hesperian Foundation. ISBN 0942364228 Best book of its kind. Safe childbirth in a low tech environment with minimal backup.
[The] The Complete Book of Dental Remedies
By Flora Parsa Stay, DDS. In addition to traditional dental remedies it includes homeopathic remedies, herbs, and nutritional supplements, dental first aid and mouthwash recipes. The book is published by Avery Publishing Group: 120 Old Broadway, Garden City Park, NY 11040, 1-800-548-5757, ISBN 0-89529-657-8, $11.98 at Vitamin World, or $15.95 Publisher.
Ditch Medicine
By Richard L. Coffee. Published by Paladin Press, Boulder, Co. 1993 ISBN 0-873464-717-3. $25 An excellent guide for pre-hospital care givers in treatment of trauma associated with conflict, especially penetrating trauma and burns. Covers wound closure, infection control, chest injuries, pain control during operative procedures, burns, etc. Not a first-aid book, and presupposes a fairly broad medical exposure. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
Do-It-Yourself Medicine
By Ragnar Benson. How to find and use antibiotics, painkillers, anesthetics, and other drugs without costly Prescriptions or Hospitals. How to secure the latest antibiotics, painkillers, anesthetics and other drugs - as well as needles, IV kits, splints and equipment - from animal health centers, foreign pharmacies, military dispensaries, mail order houses, dentists and other unconventional sources. Instructions for using these supplies to treat cuts, burns, gunshot wounds, fevers, broken bones, infections and other maladies. 128 pages. $20.00
Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured
By the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. The classic textbook for Emergency Medical Technicians, sometimes called the "Orange Book". Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
Emergency War Surgery
Bowen. 1994 ISBN 0788102915 $60 Excellent book but very technical.
Emergency War Surgery : US revision of NATO Handbook
G.P.O 1988 $50 ISBN 9999814328. The do-it-yourself surgery guide. Designed for junior doctors with minimal trauma experience going into a war zone. Starting to be a little dated, but the basics don’t change.
Gray's anatomy
A very good text on human anatomy and physiology, highly recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
Home Chiropractic Handbook
By Dr. Karl V. Holmquist. An understanding of how to attain and maintain better health through the principle of Chiropractics in a way that can be applied in their home. 194 pages. $22.00
How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies
By Therese A. Rando Ph.D., Bantam Books. Includes topics on loss of a child, helping children cope and sudden versus anticipated loss. Offered at Amazon.COM.
Hypothermia: Killer of the Unprepared
By Theodore G. Lathrop, M.D. A thin pamphlet published by The Mazamas, a climbing group. Case studies, warning signs and prevention advice. Quick, effective way to become clued about this lethal problem. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
[The] Joy Book
Effective step-by-step instructions on how to reprogram the subconscious to heal yourself and control the psychosomatic part of any physical illness. For when traditional medical treatment may not be available. Prem Raja Raba, PO Box 100, McCloud, CA 96057.
Management of Wilderness and Environmental Emergencies
By Ed Auerbach $175.
Mosbys Medical Dictionary
By Anderson 1993 $30, a good medical dictionary.
Mosbys Paramedic Textbook
By Sanders $50, an emergency medicine reference, textbook of paramedic care.
[The] Official Pocket Medicinal Plant Survival Manual
By Robert W. Pelton. Compact and profusely illustrated. 250+ pages. $12.00
[The] Official Pocket Medical Survival Manual
By Robert W. Pelton. A compact, practical, quick reference guide. Profusely illustrated. 280 pages. $12.00
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties
By Collier. Oxford University Press. 1993 $25 as above except covers the specialties including OBGYN, pediatrics, orthopedics and anesthetics.
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
By Hope. Oxford University Press. 1995. $25 excellent coverage of basic medical principles aimed at the junior doctor level.
Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine in General Practice
By Lawrence. Oxford University Press. 96. $30 good coverage of the basics of emergency medicine in easy to read format.
Ships Captains Medical Guide
Her Majesty's Stationary Office. 1983 Covers the management of most common problems in an excellent format, designed for ships isolated at sea. Also good description of drugs and when to use them.
Special Forces Medical Handbook
This is a reprint of a US Army training handbook, and covers many medical techniques as they apply to unconventional operations. Chapters on sterilizing under field conditions, and field dentistry and obstetrics are especially good. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
US Special Forces Medical Handbook
Paladin Press. 1987 A little dated but still an excellent book. Even the new edition is still not completely up to date. But its strengths overcome this. Good coverage all areas including surgery, dentistry and preventive medicine.
Where There is No Dentist
By Murray Dickson. Published by The Hesperian Foundation, Palo Alto, CA, 1983. 188 pages. Paperback ISBN: 0- 942364-05-8. $9 A companion book to Where There is No Doctor. It contains information on basic dental procedures for non-dentists. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism. An Online Book is also available, to be printed out.
Where There is No Doctor
A village health care handbook by David Werner, revised English edition, may 1992. Published by The Hesperian Foundation, PO Box 1692, Palo Alto, CA 94302. Intended to assist those in third world countries, the book is comprehensive and assumes no doctor's assistance is possible. An Online Book is also available, to be printed out.
Your Own Perfect Medicine
By Ms. Martha Christy. Colloidal Silver. Ms. Christy compiled her research and experiences into a 250 page book called which can be ordered for $21.90 by sending check or money order to FutureMed, Inc. Box 14161, Scottsdale, AZ 85267 or by calling (800) 800-8849.