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icon Books on Electrical Energy

[The] The 12 volt Bible and The 12 volt Doctor
How to operate on 12 Volts.
Alternator Secrets
$4.50 How to modify car alternators to work with windmills.
Back to Basics
by Reader's Digest, shows a methane digester and a storage tank for methane.
Battery Book for Your PV Home
By Fowler Solar Electric for about $8.00. It's short, concise and well worth the money. There is a really good discussion on batteries in the book.
Brakedrum Windmill Plans 2000
by Hugh Piggott. $14.95
[The] Complete Battery Book
By Richard A Perez. Published by Tab Books Inc., Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214. ISBN 0-8306-1757-4 (paperback). 185 pages, illustrated. Written for the layman. Talks about what is a battery, lead acid, ni- cad, edison cells, primary cells, methods and machines to charge, using batteries effectively, inverters, energy management, and new battery technologies (the book was written in 1985), formulae and conversion factors. Will teach you the basics of batteries. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
Die Technik
A German book containing 290 diagrams explaining how everything from an iron to a nuclear reactor works. Where this book is in German and the 608 pages of text may require some translation, it is highly recommended for those who may have to make it work, with or without instruction. Distributed by Langenscheidt Publishers, Inc., 46- 35 54th Rd., Maspeth, NY 11378, $35, (800) 432-6277.
Direct Current Fundamentals
By Orla E. Loper and Edgar Tdsen. Publisher Delmar Publishers Inc., 2 Computer Drive West, PO Box 15-015, Albany, New York 12212. ISBN #0-8273-4146-6. More of a text book but very needed information. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
[The] Electricians Toolbox Manual
By Rex Miller, 1989, published by ARCOS/Simon and Schuster, distributed by Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-247701- 7. A small sized book full of good information on electrical wiring. Seems especially good for do-it- yourselfers who are unsure about the specifics of wiring. Section on tools, NEC, etc. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, How to Make Cheap, Clean Fuel from Free Vegetable Oil
By Joshua Tickell, from Greanteach publishing of Sarasota, Florida. Step by step instructions. If you are serious about learning all the ins and outs of this alternative energy source, it is very cheap at 19.95, and very well written for details.
The Homebuilt Dynamo
$50, from England. A Diary with photographs, detailed working drawings, and text of how to build a direct current generator.
Home Power Magazine
Magazine and catalogs from renewable energy dealers for energy needs.  
How Electronic things work ... and What to do When They Don't
By Robert Goodman. It covers very basic electronics, but also things like TVs, VCRs, radios etc.
How to Build and Operate Your Own Small Hydroelectric Plant
By George Butler. Covers obtaining material, building the dam and laying the pipe, building the powerhouse, the economics of small scale micro-hydro, and examples of small hydros. Appendix of DOE reports and guide to hydropower equipment manufacturers and hardware suppliers.
Hydraulic Ram Pumps - How and Where They Work
(ISBN 0-9631526-2-9). It describes how to design, build, and install a simple, efficient hydraulic ram pump. ...
Independent Energy Guild
Order from Backwoods Home Magazine (800) 835-2418, 280 pages, $22.95. A guide to planning the ideal independent power system for your home, boat, or RV. Covers the basic theory, as well as the nuts and bolts of AC and DC, photovoltaics, wind, water, generators, energy storage, system operation, and more.
Living on 12 Volts with Ample Power
By David Smead and Ruth Ishihaha. Published by RIDES publishing company, 2442 NW Market Street #43, Seattle, Washington 98107, USA. ISBN 87-92194. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
More Power To You
How to operate on 12 Volts.
Motors as Generators for Micro-Hydro Power
By Nigel Smith. Available from Pico Turbine for $14.95, shipping included. How to convert a 3 phase AC motor to work as a generator. Very informative and easily read, and full of information for home brew hydro power. Illustrated step by step plans for building a 300 to 500 watt wind turbine using junked car and truck. These plans have been used all over the world to build simple but reliable wind machines that stand the test of time and weather extremes.
Pumps as Turbines, a User's Guide
$13.95 How to take a water pump and turn it into a hydro-electic generator.
Real Goods
Environmentally friendly products and alternative energy. 966 Mazzoni Street, Ukiah, CA 95482-3471, (800) 762-7325, Fax: (707) 468-9486.
[The] Solar Boat Book
How to operate on 12 Volts.
Survival Scrapbook #3 ENERGY
By Stefan A. Szczelkun. ISBN 0-8052-0449-0. This is a good book on basic ways to use/make energy from a variety of sources including sections on solar, wind, fires, water, heat, electricity generation, animal power, and meditation. This book has a very good section on bio-fuels, especially the extraction of methane from wastes. Recommended by (Richard A. De Castro), on misc.survivalism.
Wind Energy Basics
$17.95 How to choose and place your windmill. How to build windmills in general.
Wind Energy for Sustainable Development
Published in 1992 by the American Wind Energy Association, Washington D.C.
Wind Power Workshop
By Hugh Piggot. Has information about the construction of horizontal axis wind generators, along with blade construction, hub construction, pitch mechanisms, and much more. Mr. Piggot is a tried and true expert on the construction of home made wind generators.
By M. Hackleman. Mr. Hackleman's Wind and WindSpinners is full of the pertinent information one is most likely to need. There are chapters which explain how to construct a rotor from 50 gallon drums cut in half, from top to bottom. This chapter also shows how to place them in a stacked array for better performance and ease in starting. Another chapter shows how to put together a charging system and battery bank for domestic consumption. Highly regarded in the windmill field.
Wiring 12 Volts For Ample Power
How to operate on 12 Volts.
Whole Earth Catalog
Offers a Catalog full of environmentally friendly tools and supplies. One can order the Catalog in paper form, also.
Wind Power for Home and Business
Order from Backwoods Home Magazine (800) 835-2418, 414 pages, $38. A comprehensive guide to modern wind machines, featuring rugged, low-cost designs suitable for homes, businesses, and ranches, both on and off the grid. It shows how to measure the wind and how to choose, install, and operate your system.
Wind Power Workshop
by Hugh Piggot. $22.95