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ZetaTalk: 10.5
written May 4, 2004

What the significance of the mini series 10.5? Is somebody in the know giving the public a last minute heads up?

The list of movies depicting sudden and horrific events that simulate what we have predicted for the pole shift has now, in the month of May, 2004, increased by the count of two. We are frequently asked to compare our description of the pole shift to what is being depicted by those stunned by what they view. Will it be this bad? How will it differ? The prime difference is that the movies, being fiction, are single thread, with one theme, where the pole shift will be a web of disasters, all interconnected and affecting one another. The second difference is in the reaction of people to the disaster. They function. They keep their heads. Political appointees rise to the occasion and help those they swore to serve. All fiction, again. The third difference is that there is seldom a cause given for the disaster, which thrusts itself suddenly upon mankind. The movie makers are nervously avoiding a Planet X scenario for fear of awakening the public too soon. Thus, each of these movies is like a clue, a piece of the puzzle the public is not to see put together until the last days of disaster, at least this is the plan. Let us step through some of the movies released recently, with this in mind.

The Day After Tomorrow

Unlike the real Ice Ages, which do not just inexplicably freeze a spot on the globe, this is presented as a climate change solely, not a crust movement to put a part of the globe in the position of being a new pole, the true cause of Ice Ages. During the last Ice Age, which laid atop Europe, Siberia was warm enough for mammoths to graze on grass year round far into the polar circle. Did the Sun turn off when it shown on Europe, and blaze doubly strong when over Siberia, on the same latitude as Europe? This obvious fact is avoided. It just happens, so get prepared for climate change to occur suddenly and inexplicably. Of course, this will happen as a result of the coming pole shift, for India and the Bulge of Brazil, and sudden cold from lack of sunlight for these spots will bring freezing cold and death from exposure quickly, as we have stated.


Unlike real quakes that rearrange geography, this series of quakes stands alone. Where are the collateral quakes along the plates affected? Where are the adjustments elsewhere in the world? For over a year now, in the real world, gas lines and refineries have exploded, water mains have burst, trains have derailed, bridges separated and dropped, roofs collapsed, and factories have exploded in clouds of chemical poisons, but none of these phenomena that in fact accompany rearranged geography were included in the movie. It was deemed too horrific, so the theme was a single thread only so that recovery could be the presumed outcome. Will quakes topple cities and tear down bridges and create new inland bays where none existed before? Absolutely, and we have predicted that such a tear will occur through Pakistan into Russia and a widening of the St Lawrence Seaway and Red Sea will occur.

The Core

Unlike the real core rotation, which is driven by molten parts constantly chasing that which they are attracted to but cannot reach because of the momentum this chase creates, in this movie rotation just stops. As with the real rotation stoppage, there was in this movie an association with the Earth’s magnetic field, but there reality ends. The Earth’s magnetic field is in synch with the Sun’s field, and is not at all reliant on a rotation in the core, nor does a magnetic field turn into a killer laser during rotation stoppage. Is the public to presume, when rotation stops the week before the shift, that man can fix it? At the time this movie was released, this was the hope, as there were no plans to inform the public if rotation suddenly slowed to a stop. We have stated that rotation will grind to a halt, with the Earth intact, prior to the shift. But this will be accompanied by increased quakes and moaning of the Earth, and no manmade fix will be at hand.

Deep Impact

Unlike real bodies that sling close to Earth, and cannot be deflected, here NASA comes to the rescue. Primarily a sociological study, cities remain calm and the wheels of commerce turn, because the President says so. Myth one. Inclusion in survival bunkers is determined by lottery, not by the power mad elite who serve themselves only. Myth two. All citizens are deemed equal during this lottery, unlike the real hopes of those wanting to impose Martial Law, which is to select out the strongest specimens for their future worker class. Myth three. The public passively waits until told to head for the hills, and then waits quietly in their cars on a stalled highway, expressing no more fury at certain death behind them than an occasional honked horn, unlike the real reaction of a public seeking safety in the hills, which is to tear through any barricade and grab any safety line in sight. We have predicted that the public will start slipping to safety in stages, so that in the last days only those unwilling or unable will be in direct danger such as in coastal cities, and that governments will resist any announcement.


Unlike real volcanic activity, which makes itself known in a steadfast manner, this volcano develops inexplicably without any warning. The motive here is to warn those living on fault lines, and especially those living in LA, that they should anticipate having their life disrupted with unpleasant surprises. The reality is that those living in danger zones already are aware of their danger. Volcanoes erupt, but usually rumble their way into the news well beforehand. Fault lines are quake prone, and quakes strike like lightning, unpredictably. High tides roar in along coast lines, only occasionally after an alert has been issued. Where cities have been built near active volcanoes, they do not survive atop them. After the pole shift, when all volcanoes active or recently dormant should be presumed to explode, life atop or downwind from volcanoes will be impossible. Fumes, lead heavy ash, and gloom will prevail.

What is missing from these single thread movies, depicting disaster akin to the coming pole shift? It is the net, the web, of problems, happening all at once. Communications are invariably intact in these movies, but in reality, phone lines and satellites will be down, and all transmissions fighting interference. Communications will be dead. A stalwart military plods along like Boy Scouts, full of idealistic resolve. Collecting pay for a job is not the same as dedication to an ideal, and those with a strong need to control their environment, such as top commanders invariably have, are the first to crumble when this control is gone. They rage. They bark orders. The mission at hand is not to rescue the public, but to regain control. Where one disaster is afflicting the public in these movies, the others politely hold back. Quakes without fire storms from broken gas lines. Volcanoes without exploding factories from overheated ground. Life threatening circumstances without fight or flight in people and their pets.

In the real pole shift, all will hit at once. There will be no rescue, no roads or railroads supporting travel, no communications by any means, no electricity or hope of power restoration, and certainly no functioning government. Survival groups must rely on themselves, cooperatively, and be practical. The real pole shift is not fiction, as are the movies.