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ZetaTalk: Booth Blunder
written Mar 20, 2004

Would the Zeta's like to comment on David Booth's visions, since he has a documented track record with the FAA of the 1979 AA DC- 10 plane crash.

Suddenly on the talk show circuit in 2004, a virtual unknown with only a single premonition as prophecy track record, David Booth became the darling of the circuit due to a series of prophetic dreams about cataclysms caused by a passing body as large as the Moon. He seemed sincere, the premonition and his reporting of it to the FAA in 1979 were of record, and as a millionaire it seemed his motive was concern, not money, despite the up front pitch for book sales. Suddenly the new Pied Piper, the man without a failed track record as yet, it surprised none of his hosts when he stated he was invited by Sister Lucia to visit when he was scheduled to be in Spain. So billed as delivering potential insider information on the 3rd Fatima vision, he reported on C2C live radio that a visit had occurred, a personal message relayed by the Sister, and a request by the Sister to keep the content private. Within a day, this report was dashed as the C2C producers announced they had called the Carmelite convent and found no visit had occurred, nor had the aging Sister entertained anyone for some time.

Why did Booth, and in particular Wayne Green, his partner in this matter, put themselves in this position? This was, of course, not the expected outcome, thus Booth anticipated other than this checkout by the C2C production staff, but rather cooperation, as the matter was arranged at a much higher level. Fold into this action a recent high profile visit by VP Cheney to the Pope, during the World Economic forum last January, 2004. Ostensibly to discuss Iraq and the search for peace, there was a request made by the VP to allow Booth to indeed contact Sister Lucia, who requires the Pope’s permission to see any outsider. The beleaguered Pope refused, having scandals enough to deal with, his primary concern the state of the Church. Refused, the scam moved forward anyway, in anticipation that no media exposure of the fraud would occur, and a new Pied Piper in the employ of the White House would have his mystique increased. This is, after all, the mode of the media these days, to not report the truth, to avoid facts the White House wants buried, so continued cooperation was expected.

What went wrong, then, for the C2C producers to have the balls to expose the scam? As we recently mentioned, ZetaTalk and ZetaTalk alone has been found, in trial focus groups worldwide, to be a known and respected source of information not only on what is happening, but on how to survive, and the true world powers, which are not merely the political puppets strutting on stage, have determined to promote this information source to better the chances of survival groups, as they, the elite, have discerned this increases their chances also. The scapegoats in the big lie will be NASA and the White House, who are not going down quietly. Sedna, and the Booth maneuver, are examples of rebellion and resistance. Who will win? This is no contest, with the powers that put the political puppets in place in the first place having the upper hand. Booth was savaged first, but expect more fallout soon.

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and Pope John Paul II briefly met at the Vatican on Tuesday as both sides worked to play down differences over the war in Iraq.

CNN, Jan 27, 2004