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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 22, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Greetings from Amursk! On August, 19th in the Far East on Wednesday there was a state of emergency - as a result of explosion of household gas the part of a many-storied apartment house in Amursk Khabarovsk territory has fallen. As a result of tragedy three persons, among them children were lost. Explosion has seemed to many eyewitnesses strange, there was no fire and a gas smell, and also amaze incident scales. It is a lot of guesses and versions and the official version seems to much not plausible. You could not tell that actually has occurred that day? What the real reason and what processes have caused this tragedy? And whether we learn the real reason and whether similar incidents still will repeat? You after all spoke that the situation will worsen only.

Authorities of course point to what they hope is a plausible explanation, a normal cause, hoping to keep the extent of the current Earth changes from the public for as long as possible. Booms are assigned to be a sonic boom, even if no planes were in the vicinity. Imploding building incidents point to some crack in the façade, as though this could bring a building down. Sinkholes are almost always assigned to water moving underground, perhaps a broken sewer pipe, even if there is no such break. Natural gas has an odor producing substance included, to alert those in the vicinity if a leak has occurred. Methane gas likewise stinks, in and of itself, of rotten eggs. Nevertheless, this was a type of gas (not from pipelines or methane pools) which alite and exploded so quickly as to consume all the available oxygen in the vicinity, thus snuffing itself. This is a technique used to extinguish oil field fires, known to those working with pipelines and oil fields. There are many types of oil products commercially available, made from refining crude oil. Likewise, there are more than one type of natural gas, methane gas being only one of them. The cause of this explosion was movement within the ground beneath the building.

I have understood to wait for evacuation of the population from the authorities is useless, and you advise to be in a safe place before shift of poles by separate groups. And what unless it is impossible for usual people to generate group and to evacuate all population in a safe place? That is I wish to ask you, this plan is doomed to a failure?

Most of humanity, even if they have heard rumor of the coming cataclysms and noted the increasing Earth changes, will not be able to escape to what might be considered a safe area. Most of humanity must work day to day to survive, and cannot quit their jobs or stop their farming until the last days, else they starve. The advice we give, to be 100 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level, or out of a city that will crush them during the quakes, still applies. Unless one is physically incapacitated and cannot walk, they can put themselves in such a place during the last weeks, the 3 days of darkness and the weeks following. Your plans should include this necessity, if only as a backup plan.

Whether you comprehensible consider returning in a city after earthquake to rescue survived and to fill up stocks?

The first thought of those who have vacated the cities and suburbs will be to return to shopping, in a manner of speaking. It is easier to turn back to the grocery store, the hardware store, the Walmart, than to press forward through rural lands into unknown country. This is true because those who linger in the cities and do not educate themselves about gardening or saving seed and the like, and who have not developed the skill sets necessary for self sustained living, will return to the old and familiar. What's wrong with this approach? Looting will be rampant, and when goods become scarce, as they will almost immediately, looters will get vicious and steal from one another. We also raised the specter of canibalism. This is in any case a short term solution, and then you will have to turn outward into rural or wilderness areas.

Whether it is possible to help somehow to the person that it had spark and his soul it was lighted? This person needs to tell or show or push something on any actions and acts? It would be desirable to "create" as much as possible souls and to participate in their training.

Humans do not have the capacity to cause a soul to spark in another. Unsparked souls in those humans not carrying a reincarnated soul appear normal to others, and might even have strong emotions and aggression. Your interaction with them would be nothing their live has not delivered to them previously.

Can the zetas put to rest the disinfo rumors that the human PTB that run earth really aren't fellow earthlings but 'reptoids', 'reptilians', 'dracos', etc, or am I the one that's mistaken? Seems like the guidelines are that earth is in control of humans, even if they are liable to alien influences.

The term "shape shifting reptilian", ascribed to those in power such as the royalty of England or former President Bush, is ludicrous on its face. One has only to read the rules by which aliens visiting Earth must abide in order to see this. Those in the Service-to-Self can only counsel humans during visitations, when called by those humans, or herd about their essential "dog packs" such as the Brujas of Monterrey or Mothman or the dragons of the past. Beyond that, they are not allowed to do UFO sighting displays, not allowed to interfere with human society which of course Bbecoming a queen or a president would entail.

How fast does the pole shift happen? Is it going to be very windy?

This is described in full in the Pole Shift section We suggest you at least read this section before asking questions during the weekly chat! An hour, and yes, moving land under the blanket of air causes hurricane force winds.

How long will it take for the new land to form between South America and Africa. Could the Zetas give a time frame in which this land will be hospitable?

The land will appear during the hour of the pole shift, as it is that side of the Antarctic plate which will be shoved up between the tip of S America and Africa that is the new land. As we stated in ZetaTalk, it will at first be muddy and need to have the sea salts washed away by many rains before vegetation can grow. Just what habitation means is variable. If one wants to have a fishing village, then immediately. If one wants to grow crops, then years must pass.

The average water temperature worldwide was 62.6 degrees, according to the National Climatic Data Center, the branch of the U.S. government that keeps world weather records. That was 1.1 degree higher than the 20th century average, and beat the previous high set in 1998 by a couple hundredths of a degree. The coolest recorded ocean temperature was 59.3 degrees in December 1909. [and from another] I know that the core is affected by Planet X. But now the temperatures have set a new record I think this will have some impact on the weather also. Am I right? And is this one of the reason that the Zetas gave a warning for the Netherlands in the last session?

Underground volcanoes are the cause of an increase in ocean temps. The implied warning to the Netherlands is not due to ocean temperatures, but to the relative sea level elevation in that country. Obviously, warm water takes up more space than cool water. But it is the wobble that will cause sloshing, thus danger to the Netherlands, and the wobble will get much worse.

Is the 'new' MJ12 still functioning at this time with the new goverment in power? If so, what are some of the things they do nowadays? Are they helping with preparing for the shift?

The new MJ12, as we stated in ZetaTalk, is composed of humans who were allowed to see aliens in their conscious, as they were inducted into MJ12 which had this exemption. They are almost exclusively humans who do not have family ties by which they could be blackmailed. They do not live in human society, but with ourselves, the Zetas. To discuss their activities would be to arm our enemies with information, thus, we decline.

According to a guest on the News radio show NPR there is ample evidence that the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 in Lockerbie Scotland was not in fact the actual bomber. Is this in fact the case? If this is in fact the case why was he the one indicted for this crime?

Correct. This fact will shock those reading it, but there are more innocent people in prison than guilty. Police like to wrap up a case, and pick on someone who cannot defend themselves, forcing a confession for a lesser sentence. Even when the guilty party is known, if they are expected to put up a fight, cause the prosecutors a lot of money and effort with a likely loss in court, this is done. Then there is outright collusion between someone wanting to commit a crime like robbery or the murder of a spouse, bribing the police to look the other way. Despite the media, which portrays investigators as being ethical, this varies by district to such a great degree that in one district no justice is performed while in others, an impeccable adherence to justice is held.

Will zeta souls incarnate into the hybrids as well as human souls? Are the hybrids currently 'soul-less', awaiting human souls to incarnate into them? Or are the hybrids in a sort of stasis, not conscious?

Hybrid bodies are grown when the souls to incarnate them become available. They are not on the rack, so to speak, in waiting. Meanwhile, the souls are between lives.

"Humans will join our communities after the pole shift, primarily those of hybrids though we all live together, in small numbers at first, and in isolated places. Those humans already know who they are, and are anticipating this in their plans. These humans must be highly Service-to-Others, meaning they are almost exclusively willing to sacrifice themselves for others if the situation calls for it and is deemed important enough. These humans must also have a strong track record of being able to deal with the unknown, the gray area, without causing others about them to be distracted to attend to them. These humans must be able to focus on a mission, and achieve it, to be part of the hard working team they will join. As an example, look to Nancy, as she has had such an invitation extended to her." ../hybrids/h34.htm [and from another] Did most of those who got such a invitation accept this invitation. Or are there also those who declined?

This of course varies and is in such a state of flux that any statement we would make at the present time would be incorrect a moment later. Nancy at first felt she should live with those in her community or who came to her area just ahead of the shift, but as her health has declined and she sees herself a burden rather than an asset to a human community, she has reconsidered.

In watching videos and interviews of Charles Mason, he claims he's never murdered anyone but if he did there would be no one left to murder. Watching him is like watching a show. It was all pure manipulation which I believe all STS hardened souls have perfected. Watching STS people like Cheney and others, their number one quality beside ruthlessness is being manipulative right? They can be very convincing. Is manipulative the one single best word to describe the STS here on earth?

There are many means by which the Service-to-Self seek to have the world around them serve their needs. They seek control, and prefer direct dictation to having to manipulate others in some manner. They seek slaves, rather than peers. They use fear as an inducement over having to use bribery, as bribery implies the subject has the freedom to ignore their commands.

Are these legitimate sightings? Are the long neck creatures aliens? If so, are they STO or STS?

We mentioned that sightings of alien bodies would be allowed, but this is not an actual alien. These are humans on the roof, though in odd dress, playing a hoax.

Has Cheney figured out yet that the last "Bush" he served with wasn't one of his kind? Was the last clone switch enough for the Puppet Master to conclude "decapitation" wasn't necessary, as the clone that left office with Laura Bush on Jan. 20th was essentially the STO clone?

Cheney was aware of the Bush clones, but cannot use this in his explanation to the public on why his influence wanned. He can only say Bush changed, and refused his advice. Indeed, inserting the third clone was a move to continue to decapitate the Bush administration, and this move succeeded.

I understand that the pole shift will happen well prior to the established date of Dec. 2012, and set to happen in one specific trimester. I am assuming there will come a day when there will no longer be any question of the presence of PX in the sky. That it will be visible regardless the more rarer sightings at Dawn and Dusk. A time when even the media can not disregard the need to report it. And this will no doubt be different depending from where any one around the world looks to the sky. My question is whether the Zetas can comment or approximate on the time frame between it's unquestionable/undeniable appearance, regardless the time of day, and how much time is left for us to prepare for the three days of darkness and the eventual shift.

You are asking timeframe related questions, which we are not allowed to address. Even our previous statements about the 2012 date are some that, pre the rule, are not allowed, as has been admitted during these chats. No time frame details can be relayed, period. We are, however, allowed to relay the sequence of events, which include details about the last weeks and general statements on the state of upheaval the world will be in going into the last weeks. We have made the statement that the Planet X complex will be seen by all in the skies during the last weeks, but now and then Second Sun sightings are occurring today, and appearing on SOHO images regularly these days. About this we can say no more, as the Council of Worlds wants to discombobulate the establishment so the cover-up breaks.

The healthcare debate hasn't exactly been a debate. I think these emotions coming out are more subconscious that the world as they know it will soon end. They realize the country is collapsing and want someone to yell at. These right wing nuts jobs comparing Obama to Hitler care less about the healthcare but are really just scared? As the majority of Republicans are insecure and easily subcome to scare tactics. These people aren't really just scared about the healthcare debate, they realize something isn't right and they are terrified?

Most of the uproar over health care is orchestrated by the Republicans who simply don't want Obama to have a victory long sought by Democrats. This was a campaign promise, so would be a big victory, as the public knows it will be difficult to pull off, given the strength of the insurance company lobby. Beyond this is the false information that has been pushed by Republicans and insurance industry - death panels, socialism, poor quality care and the like. Remove the Republican lies and insurance company opposition and there is no uproar.

Not sure if was answered before, but could the Zetas give an advice on how to handle those with mental or physical disablities during the shift and afterwards. As especialy those with a mental disabilty need an other approach. Like how can one explain the pole shift and what comes next to someone who function like a 10 year old or younger?

You treat them like you would a child, speak to their level of understanding. For a child, the effect of a tornado or a pole shift is the same, everything gets tossed around.

What it has come down to is the "haves" and "have nots". Why don't people with the "haves" realize that their fellow Americans should be equal? Why don't they realize we already have death panels and rationing of care? It's call the insurance company! they do it daily, at this exact moment I bet someone who needs life saving surgery is being denied by their insurance monopoly. And either way we are paying for those uninsured americans because we have the ER, so we already have a type of "socialism". I'm a person with "haves" but believe everyone deserves health care and it feels good driving in my lexus and seeing the less fortunate people living on the streets exchanging thumbs up when they see me obama signs. I'm a "have" but don't understand why it isn't common sense that everyone should get healthcare?

You are dealing with people who do not care, who have the attitude that if they have what they need, then who cares about others. They protect themselves from any empathy they might be inclined to feel by insulating themselves from the raw reality of what their attitudes bring. If there were a starving family, they would avoid going to the neighborhood and hearing the baby cry, for instance. If there were those without insurance in the parking lots of hospitals who are declining care, they would not park in that area, or be delivered by ambulance so as to avoid the waiting room where the poor are awaiting care. These individuals obviously are not headed in the direction of becoming Service-to-Others, while your attitude does exhibit that.

How long do the Zeta's believe that the U.S. collapses and also will the elite use a combination of religion and aliens to gain control of the population before Planet X is known to the general population?

We have stated that the economy will not recover from the essential depression the world is in, as the Earth changes will continue to undermine mankind's infrastructure and the weather will continue to create crop shortages. A domino effect occurs, as we have explained in detail in these chats. Currently the establishment is controlling the population by the cover-up, and when this breaks and the truth can no longer be denied, they will bunker themselves. Disclosure on the alien presence is being done lately not only because sightings have increased to the degree that to deny is to be obvious, Sajano-Shushenskoj will land can help care for the populace after the pole shift. This is not correct, of course, except in those situations where a community is highly Service-to-Others or under the control of highly Service-to-Others individuals, but those promoting disclosure within the establishment are hoping that they might benefit.

It is written in the Zetatalk website: "Love may have a blooming going into the shift, as it ought, those with great love in their hearts responding to the realization that little else matters, ZetaTalk." and "The soul does not require food or nourishment as physical life forms do. The only outside reach required is to acquire more of the stuff of souls, present everywhere in the Universe, when growth in bulk is occurring." My Q. is: Has Love something to do with the stuff of souls, is it the best nourishment that makes it grow? Can intense love one gives another human being help his soul to spark or grow faster?

Souls learn empathy by being incarnated, as when they have a life of pain, they recognize this pain in others in later lives and sympathize. Being Service-to-Others obviously involves being empathetic, regardless of what form emotion took during their incarnated years. Mammals are emotional, where reptiles are not, but souls that have evolved in reptilian bodies are just as Service-to-Others as those evolving in mammalian bodies. Shedding love toward others does induce that soul to consider loving others. This is a decision of the soul, a growth of the soul, taking action to help others. A Servide-to-Self soul, for instance, would only take advantage of love being thrown their way, and this would hardly help them realize the error of their ways.

If a benevolent group can survive the poleshift and there are no STS trying to take control in the group then what are the guidelines for contact with STO aliens to occur? Would the group only be found if they were a contactee before the PS?

The Call is given almost continuously during the last week, by many. It is almost inconceivable that a group would not have given the Call.