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ZetaTalk: Light Illusion
written Nov 29, 2003. Note: seasons mentioned are appropriate for the northern hemisphere.

We have explained that Planet X comes in from the direction of Orion, from the mid-point between its two foci where it stood at a virtual dither for over a millennia, at a high speed approaching the speed of light in the scant years preceding the passage, and then slowing as it approaches the Sun due to the Repulsion Force setting in. These statements of ours are supported by the need for the IRAS team to go above the atmosphere to spot Planet X at the dither point in 1983, observations by three teams visiting their local observatories in early 2001 when it had started its plunge toward Earth, capture by observatory infrared equipment in early 2002 when it had come closer still in its approach, capture by amateur CCD equipment in the full light spectrum in the fall of 2002 when it had again come closer, and finally naked eye sightings of a red light blur winking in and out by late March 2003.

We have explained that Planet X assumes at first the direction of turn the other planets in your solar system take, where they are swept along in front of the sweeping arms of the Sun, but assumes a retrograde orbit when coming closer due to the skip and push back effect instituting. This is supported by the Planet X body being found at our coordinates, consistently, in line with our original path laid out in 1997.

We have explained that in order to fool the establishment, those members of the elite who would enslave mankind during the coming shift and turn the globe back into the Dark Ages of oppression and kingship rule, May 15 was selected because at this time Planet X was coming into view from the opposite side of the Sun, what astronomers term ‘in the Sun’, so that mankind on Earth was blinded in exacting determination, the Hubbell useless, the SOHO too narrow a view, and all probes sent forth for triangulation disabled by ourselves. This is supported by the May 15 admission by the US government: Operation TOPOFF involving 100 agencies initiated on May 12, operation Planet X in Iraq unfurled on May 15, and Homeland Security going to level Orange for two solid weeks after specific dates of May 20-27 were given by ZetaTalk on the Lou Gentile radio show.

We have explained that Planet X dips below the Ecliptic to be 32 degrees vs the 11 degrees on initial approach, to avoid the crowded Ecliptic and position itself for a clean cut through the Ecliptic. On May 15, per our coordinates, it was nowhere near that placement below the Ecliptic, a clue that this date was NOT the date, should one have noted. We declined to clarify a number of matters during 2003. We declined to clarify the exact distance of Planet X from the Sun in the spring of 2003, allowing only human speculation and refusing to comment even upon that. We declined to give coordinates for Planet X past May 15, as these could be used for triangulation and the US and their chronies were planning to nuke Planet X despite our warnings that such an attack on an inhabited planet would not be allowed. To the extent we could arrange it, the elite, as well as the common man, were left scratching their heads, noting the Earth changes but uncertain when steps they were planning should be initiated.

We have explained that the Planet X complex is emitting light primarily in the red light spectrum, which as any school child gazing at the rising and setting Sun can see is bending round the globe as it passes over the gravity core, thus tends to bend more readily than other spectrums. We have explained that this causes most of the light from the complex to head for the Sun as the gravity draw in the neighborhood, only veering toward Earth due to scattering and Earth’s own gravity draw acting as a sink. This is supported by the wealth of photographic evidence from April to the present, all showing Planet X personas in the vicinity of the Sun.

Assume that on May 15 Planet X was not close to the Sun, but at a distance. It’s speed up to that point was rapid, and just when the brakes were applied could not be determined due to the complex being in the Sun. Being on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth, most of the light would come directly toward the Sun, thus like a flashlight pointed toward the viewer, light not being blocked would arrive in force. Thus an inner solar system placement might be assumed by the confused elite, who like the common man were seeing an increase in intensity, and a steady placement of the light from Planet X near the Sun.

Assume that during the summer of 2003, the dip to 32 degrees below the Ecliptic occurred, in conjunction with a retrograde orbit in the outer solar system. The light emitted is still drawn toward the Sun, and due to increasing closeness the quantity of light so drawn increasing, and until the end of summer, the angle of deflection toward Earth not that great. Like a flashlight turned at an angle from the viewer, only deflected or bent light arrives, an illusion that the beam is lessened. Planet X drew closer, while the angle from the Sun sharpened, so overall the light intensity seemed static, as though the complex had parked itself someplace, waiting.

Assume that the tail of Planet X, the moon swirls and debris and immense dust cloud, are directed toward the Sun or pushed directly outward by the solar wind. Swirling about under many influences, a lick of the tail would arrive at Earth only occasionally until the complex was placed between the Earth and Sun. Red Dust was noted in greater volume mid summer 2003 than in the fall, because the tip of the tail licked past the Sun toward Earth. Now that the retrograde orbit of Planet X is bringing it toward Earth from the side, what is visible from Earth are the moon swirls that stretch toward the Sun, the Surround Personas seen in photos and prophesied by late summer crop circles.

Thus, the light illusion is that the Planet X complex is disappearing, the blazing Sun of summer diminishing, the red dust disappearing, when the facts are that it is closer, and the debris and dust cloud about to arrive swarming toward Earth as the complex positioned itself such that the solar wind pushes it inexorably there. Where has Planet X been, in all the photos? An object only four times the diameter of Venus, which you describe as a star in appearance despite its closeness to Earth, and exuding only a diffuse light which heads for the Sun by its nature, is difficult to locate. What man sees, in the main, is that light that has bent toward the Earth, or light from the tail components which have placed themselves before or near the Sun to act as reflectors. Lest you be fooled by the illusion, this monster is still on a magnetic collision course with Earth.