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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 28, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Hello to all of the Kursk, a pity that there were rain and condensation tech! My question stems from the fact that I read from Fomenko (Soviet ufologist). The only question today, and now I have an idea, and the other derived from it. (Pity that the last time came too late - yet winter.) What about the robot, which people with the help of vines communicate something (where the ore body and buried treasure)?

We are interpreting this question to be about some kind of divining rod, which can locate metal underground. To the extent that such machines work, they are documented in human literature as being successful. The proof is in the pudding as you say. If nothing is located by these machines or techniques, then this is a fallacy.

How do souls interact with each other during daily human interactions? Are they 100 percent aware of the agenda of others? Does it keep the human mind ignorant of certain things? This is the type of question that I can't quite express. I sometimes just literally get the feeling that more than just meets the eye happened. Sometimes, maybe when I'm completely focused on someone else.

A soul can be particular about what it tells the human it is current incarnating. This is dependent upon how comfortable the soul feels with the current incarnation, as some humans are stubborn, or very emotional, or hold grudges or whatever, so the soul feels they cannot trust the human's body and mind to align with its wishes. In these cases, the soul keeps the human in the dark, and is immune to any pleas from the human to do otherwise. The problem may also be with the soul, which may have had bad experiences in the past and simply be shy about sharing. Nancy on occasion is denied information her soul is aware of, because she is so very public during chats and the like, and any slip would be caught by her public. She expresses this resentment at being the last to know by stating she does not want to be 'just another incarnation'. In Nancy's case, she is trustworthy, but badgered with questions, and to be on the safe side is kept in the dark about many things. Souls likewise chose whom they want to communicate with, soul-to-soul. Just as humans pick and choose their friends, or whom they confide in, souls likewise pick and choose.

So many dolphins and whales beached of late. i.e., in Australia:,2933,503184,00.html Does this have anything to do with the heavy magnetosphere or quake activity? What is it that drives entire pods to beach themselves? Would the Zetas comment on what's really going on here?

The compass is unreliable for the past few years, and lately has gotten very extreme in its variance. Many animals and insects have a biological compass, recording during migrations where that compass laid, and when taking a return trip relying on the recording to guide them back. If the Earth's N Pole swings away from the press of Planet X, which is increasingly pointing its N Pole at the Earth, then these animals are not given correct clues and aim for land or up a river. Sad to say, this will only get worse as the last weeks and the pole shift loom on the horizon.

Do the Zetas have anything to say about the upcoming North Korea missile launch? [and from another] Can the zetas comment on the noise that North Korea is making lately with missile tests and the like? If they are still throwing tantrums for food do they not understand that the cupboard is now bare?

North Korea rattled its sabers in the past because it was starving. We stated at that time that North Korea was only trying to negotiate for food deliveries, and eventually this is what they received. The Bush administration was busy with Iraq, with claiming the oil fields, and did not want to divert military resources to North Korea, so gave into their demands. Once again, the world is suffering food shortages, and once again North Korea is saber rattling. Regardless of whether they get their new demands met, they do not pose a threat nor will they succeed in their intimidation attempts. The world will call their bluff.

Recently Zetas stated that Putin is Service-to-Other person. Much time ago they also stated Russian establishment was going to wait through the pole shift at their shelters at Ural. If Putin knew about that plans why did not he try to oppose them as being Service-to-Other person? It seems to me he might know something because he was a head of state!

We stated that he was leaning toward the Service-to-Other, not that he was a highly Service-to-Other individual. In any case, Putin does not represent the entire Russian government, any more than Obama represents the entire federal bureaucracy. Plans were made decades ago that are still in place, and the resistance to any change within a federal government is immense. It is what that person puts into action that is proof of that person's integrity and intentions. Not what they inherit from prior administrations.

I hope the river really is receding in Fargo. This is the latest!

We warned in 1995 that drought and deluge would exacerbate, that temperature swings would exacerbate, and all this has come about. This will not be the last such flood that will afflict the N American continent prior to the last weeks. All this has a silver lining, however, as those individuals who would be affected by the flood during the hour of the pole shift will be aware of the danger of their locations.

Is all of the carbon tax and green push a cover for a political and financial move to "renewable" energy sources that will be around after the shift?

There is no question that Obama has multiple agendas for his push for renewable energy. On the face of it, this is a wise push because the US is a glutton for oil. The US has been encouraged by the Bush administration and prior administrations to simply assume that the US as the largest military in the world could demand that oil flow and demand a reasonable price. Obama intends to solve this by more fuel efficiency and renewable energy projects. Many countries around the world have done this in the past and achieved their goals. This is his plan, where Bush went to war for oil. Will this help survival communities after the shift? Obviously.

Can Zetas explain what is meant under the phenomenon of "mentality"? Why gypsies are considered to be thieves, Japanese - punctual, Scandinavians - sluggish etc.

This is obviously relative to those assigning such characteristics. If you are not punctual, then the Japanese appear super punctual, compared to you. If you are hyper, then the Scandinavians may appear sluggish, to you. Some characteristics are ascribed to a group due to no fault of their own. The Gypsies were indeed forced to always be on the move, not land owners, so any item missing after they passed through was ascribed to their theft, whether or not it was true. Some characteristics are ascribed due to cultural practices. In some countries, bribing the police or government officials is the standard way of doing business, as these offices do not pay enough for a comfortable living. Thus becoming a standard practice, individuals from these countries assume this the mode elsewhere too.

Any predictions for this year's batch of crop circles? [and from another] Considering crop circles. Maybe you don't hear or read about new crop circles cause the time of the pole shift is getting closer day by day and that most have been told by those who makes the crop circles. Is my assumption right? I would like the Zetas to comment?

We spent some time in years prior explaining what the crop circle symbols meant, for instance magnetic trimesters, or the serpentine magnetic dance that the Earth and Planet X assume, or time lines. All this is recorded by Nancy in the Awakening section of ZetaTalk. We have not been aggressive in analyzing recent crop circles because our prior comments are still applicable.

Can the Zetas say anything regarding Mt. Redoubt? It errupted again today.

This is a volcano that erupts periodically, and has erupted many times in the past few years. The point where more volcanoes were erupting than in the memory of man was passed some years ago, so this should not be a surprise. It is the number of formerly inactive volcanoes, those which had not erupted in thousands of years, or even ten thousand years, that should raise eyebrows. However, this seldom hits the news as it is a news item to be suppressed.

I reread the part "Pole Shift" at the ZetaTalk site and was astonished Zetas paid little attention to the problem of breaks in Earth ground during the pole shift. Or maybe that's me who pay too much attention to something is not so dangerous? But after the destruction of Cologne archives I became worried imaging people falling in ground breaks and cracks in spite of them well prepared for pole shift and sitting in ground ditches with metal roof above.

People will not die in trenches due to a stretch in the ground beneath them. They are more flexible than buildings and their plumbing, which are rigid. Yawing open of the ground does on occasion happen, but the risk is so miniscule, just as the risk of being hit on the head with a large boulder or falling debris in the tail of Planet X is miniscule. If you read Nancy's short story, the Passage, which she offers for free on her website as a PFD download, you will find a yawing Earth presented as one of the phenomena depicted during the hour of the shift.

Will the government people and rich folks that go under ground when the problem arrives survive?

As we have often detailed the plans of the elite will not work out as expected. Originally they hoped for an escape to Mars or the Moon, and have been disappointed that the Service-to-Self aliens making promises in the past proved to be liars. The Service-to-Self lie. One of the alternatives encouraged by the Service-to-Self aliens was to go into underground bunkers, so many were built. In the past few years the elite have tested the premise, sending crews underground to live for weeks, and discovered many of them dead from increased emanations from rock under stress. The elite have explored large yachts or private submarines, but the whirlpools and tidal waves will destroy those vessels, pulling them out to sea or pulling them under or running them aground. Now their best option is considered well manned enclaves, but this also will not turn out as expected. Why should the guards respect and take order from the wealthy when money is useless and there are no courts or police to prevent their crimes against their former employers? Their guards will turn on them, and loot and maim.

Tthe disinfo artists are claiming that we have "averted" the catastrophe. Do the elite believe that bullc**p or is that just for popular consumption?

Regarding what others say, as the rules of the chat explain, we do not comment on what others say unless they can predict with accuracy. You can assume that the elite, with all the brains their wealth can buy them, or all the brains they themselves have in order to accumulate wealth in the first place, think along the same lines. Would you buy what someone says, just because they are saying it?

Is something affecting Venus' orbit? Venus did not transit SOHO C3 camera-field last March 27th, could the zetas tell us if Planet X is altering/affecting Venus' orbit? [and from another] The transit of Venus is outside the view of SOHO.

This subject has come up several times recently, in the chat. We have explained that Venus is caught in the cup, being squeezed along with the Earth and dark twin, but that we are maneuvering Venus in order to simulate an orbit. Nevertheless, it will be the practice increasingly to allow mankind to get an increasing number of clues that things are not right. The last weeks will not simply burst upon mankind, taking most by surprise. Those who are not too frightened to look or think will have their clues, from many sources.

My question is about why some people dream, truth dreams and why they happen at all. Is it the soul showing the future or trying to warn about things that will happen?

The soul does not communicate via dreams. It can talk to any part of the brain, and anytime of day or night. Dreams are most often not remembered unless the human awakes in the middle of the dreaming process. Some people sleep light, others do not.

Man is not suitable eating meat. Eating meat had a negative impact on health. That so?

Man is an ominvore, as human scientists know. We have stated that man does best with his digestion if he is a meat eater, and then a vegetarian, in turns. Eating both at the same time is problematic.

Recently an updated photo of Charles Manson was released. He looks subdued, that arrogant and menacing persona that seemed to be his face to the public, is gone. There is much controversy about the death penalty versus a life sentence. In general, do serial killers or other extremely dangerous people, who serve life sentences, reflect on their crimes? Do they regret anything other than being caught? Many people who reject the death penalty often are convinced that the life sentence allows the prisoner to reflect and become a better person. I believe that both the death penalty and the life sentence take a dangerous person out of society.

Even in cases where a serial killer is deemed insane at the time, the soul is the source of their rampage and lack of empathy for their victims. The soul of a hardened Service-to-Self does not change merely because it is incarcerated. This is likely to be an act, as all other attempts by Manson to be paroled have failed.

Can zetas neutralize chemical plants before shift? That would be cowardly. Survive after floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, starvation. But to die from any chemical. You can also save a lot of animals and plants. Is it not in the rules of the Council of Worlds - to protect life?

There are many steps to be taken during the hour of the shift but these are plans that are still in motion and in any case not to be revealed to an anxious population. Our statements have been that if any human is concerned about nuclear power plants, or industrial cess pools, then they should be pressing the officers of these companies, or speaking to the operators of these plants. Take action. This is your Earth, your society. Why are you sitting idle waiting for rescue? You can only be certain of one thing, and that is what your own hand has wrought.

Obama is not withdrawing troops, instead he is sending more. I feel we have been duped in to electing Obama. Was this all part of a plan to usher in the New World Order?

Obama ordered the US military to leave Iraq, keeping his campaign promise there. He also stated he was going to increase pressure in Afghanistan, and is doing so. If you are feeling uneasy, you are listening to the wrong people.

I am asking a simple question. I 'sense' many things I 'see' many things. Are they all leading up to a quickening right now or some kind of further rehearsal/ 'stop and start' mode?

Are you asking that we consider you a source that predicts with accuracy, and thus one we should comment upon? Please revisit the chat rules wherein Nancy states our rule that unless the other can predict with accuracy, we will have no comment.

Will the winter Olympics happen in Vancouver next year?

We have stated that we will give no indications of when the pole shift or the last weeks will commence. This is an attempt to trick us, obviously. It failed.

Lately CNN and MSNBC have been floating good news that the economy should start turning around later this year or early next year. Music everyone wants to hear. Is there truth to this, or as I (think) the Zetas previously stated, that it will only get worse up to the pole shift.

We have stated that the economic downturn will stay down, and the downward trend only continue. We are not responsible for what the news chirps. Obviously, confidence and hope make for a better chance at recovery, as people hire employees, go shopping, and leave their savings in struggling banks. Thus, the chirp.

Are whether the land rises in the Arctic after the shift? I am about Hyperborea.

We have stated that new land can be expected to arise between the tip of Africa and the tip of S America. The Arctic is centered on a fault line that runs between Russia and Canada. This fault line is firm, abutting these countries together tightly, and not expected to rise of fall. The tightness of this fault line is the reason the New Madrid fault in N America rips, as the N American continent is being pulled at a diagonal.

I have spoken to many abductees over the years and most of them say they have no fear of being taken. Most of them are older now and say they miss them ( their takers) even though they partially remember their experiences but know they have been prepared for something. What is this all about?

They have been prepared for the coming changes, the pole shift. Contact occurs because the human requests it, and if the human has had their curiosity statisfied, they may give the Call less frequently.

This file contains recent Allsky camera footage: The North Star is visible in the upper half of the circle. Even with a sequence of several of these videos no earth wobble relative to Polaris can be discerned. Could the Zeta's comment on why is no wobble shows in this footage?

What are they fixed on, the North Star? Of course the North Star is not going to move, it's the anchor!

The whole prison planet and 4th density planet thing smells an awful lot like Christianity Heaven/Hell - be good and you will be rewarded in the end. Be bad and you will be punished in hell/prison planet. Is this just Zeta's pushing their religious beliefs on us? They claim not to know the will of God, yet they tells how to behave with promises of rewards and punishment. And if we were all kind and treated each other well, then how would we learn? Since people grow in times of adversity, don't we need the "bad people" to grow? Isn't it more likely that an advanced soul might take on a bad/service to self persona to help others grow?

You have this backwards. The reason your movies talk endlessly about the battle between good and evil is because this is your lesson to resolve. The reason Christianity is obsessed with this battle is because this is the major issue to resolve for humanity. It is true that dealing with the Service-to-Self teaches people how they operate, and prepares them for future confrontations with the Service-to-Self. But the migration of young souls toward being Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self occurs regardless of this exposure.

Chinese Premier Zhou recently stated that an IMF issued global currency is required. Will his prognostications come true? And if so, will the IMF or the BIS become some kind of uber-money-beast or will it have a net positive effect on humanity?

The concept of a universal currency to replace the dollar is not new. Russia recently proposed it also. China is hoping to convert the many assets it has in US dollars into another more stable currency, before the dollar starts plunging again. Under Bush, it dropped to half its former value, though has temporarily stabilized. Although this is in the hands of man, such a proposal affects so many countries that it is unlikely to succeed in the time remaining between now and the last weeks.

During the hour of the pole shift will the torrential rains begin before the actual shift or after?

This depends upon location. As we stated, drought and deluge will continue to exacerabate. Those areas that have deluge will not get much relief. Those areas that suffer drought might not experience the torrential rains until the hour of the pole shift.

We always hear about the division of two sides in a war in "heaven"/space. Can you tell us the names of the two opposing fractions? Who exactly is squared off against who? I'm not talking STS vs STO. What planetary groupings are allied together?

Just because you are "always hearing" about such nonsense does not make it true. Consider the source. Can this source predict with accuracy? Anyone can make up a story. These are rumors or claims designed to get individuals on radio stations such as Coast to Coast. Read the Rules section of ZetaTalk where we talk about how the Service-to-Self battle with each other, as these are the only battles that occur. And we can assure you, they do not take place where impressionable 3rd Density souls would be intimidated by them.

I have a question on the use of drugs or really any kind of intoxicant. How can they be "skipping out on lessons" when people will use intoxicants while socializing, which is presumably used to teach lessons, or use intoxicants when they're bored and would be doing nothing other than zoning out to TV? They would still learn things, right? What about things like hallucinogens (esp. in the face of watching TV, etc.) where people report motivation to change their life for the better - leaving fear behind and other useless aspects of one's psyche as well as learning what one loves or has the urge to do in life. How do prescribed drugs factor into this? Legal drugs? (Caffeine, tobacco, liquor, etc.) Things like anti-depressants and other medication taken consistently reputedly warp one's base layer of awareness, from which (I assume) is the best vantage point to take on lessons.

You failed to include food, which makes one sleepy after a large meal. We are speaking of drugs that put the user into another realm, out of the reality they are in. If one has a drink or a smoke and still is engaged in their life's troubles, in the troubles around them, then they are not skipping out of school.

My last question has do to with integrating, becoming aware and learning lessons. Is meditation the best way to go about this? Or is a high awareness in daily life good enough? How does one develop this awareness if so? It seems like everyone just bumbles through life. But I feel like there's got to be a way to staple things together, so to speak and move on, without wading through the same things over and over again.

What meditation gains you is self awareness. Unless you take action on matters involving others, to assist others, or to run away from such responsibility, you are not learning. You are staring at your navel, so to speak. This is a type of avoidance. Some souls do this for millions of lifetimes, not progressing. We advise against this.

How powerful are the Freemasons? Richard C. Hoagland says they are running NASA?

We have described the Masons as a type of training ground for future astronauts or civil servants as the Masons require that their rules be followed without hesitations. Silly rules. What type of individual does this? The type who can be trusted with secrets as they are unlikely to leak or to question the secrecy in the first place. NASA is an agency that has been closely watched, and infiltrated at the higher levels by the CIA for decades. They see UFOs and the alien presence is to be denied. They see Planet X, and its presence is likewise to be denied. Thus, they mine the Masons for new recruits, or consider membership in the Masons favorably when it appears on a resume.